June 23, 2024
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Libra Who to Date and Who to Dump

Libra: Who to Date and Who to Dump

When it comes to the dating life of a Libra, no one is truly off the roster! That’s because this air sign is a big time lover and a full time romantic. Libras are the kind to start planning their wedding day in elementary school and they always seem to have about 5 crushes at any given moment in time.

If you have a prominent placement then you’re a lover not a fighter. You believe in balance and beauty and see the world through rose tinted glasses. However, the best way to utilize this article is to see if your Libra Venus or Mars clings on to or clashes with the Venus and Mars placements of your beau, so scroll down to the list below and see if it’s a match made in heaven or a fast ride to hell.


This love is intense, fun and wild–Libra is the Bonnie to Aries’ Clyde (no really, Bonnie was a Libra sun and Clyde was an Aries sun). To make this love last and not end in a heart breaking shoot out in middle America Libra will need to learn some good boundaries in order to create a healthy relationship with this spicy fire sign.

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Both Libra and Taurus are Venus ruled signs, so love truly does rule everything around them! Because of this, these two signs tend to be a really good match. Normally air signs and earth signs tend to clash because they move through life at such different paces, but so long as you both work on your communication skills this could be a beautiful love affair.


Gemini and Libra certainly do make for a fun, bright and bubbly pair. Both of these air signs love to socialize and they have a lot of good times making memories together. Gemini does have a little habit of making playful jokes at the expense of their lover and there’s only so far a Libra can be pushed until they get offended, so Libra will need to set down clear ground rules when it comes to teasing in order to keep the peace in this relationship.


This is definitely a couple that has a tendency to fall in love hard and fast. Cancer has a big heart and plays the role of the nurturer, which is something that makes Libra feel very safe and deeply loved. These two also balance each other out nicely with Libra helping to get Cancer out of the house more and Cancer helping Libra to be more emotionally expressive.


Libra and Leo are power couple goals, for real! Both of these signs are beautiful and the life of the party, so imagine the sheer magnitude of excitement and glamor you’ll have when you link up with one another. Leo shows love in a really big way and Libra is a hopeless romantic, so you are equally matched in the powers of love.


A Libra Mars or Venus can fall in love with most people, but Virgo energy can be a tricky one for their hearts to tame. At the end of the day there is very little that these two signs have in common, Libra is a romantic with their head up in the clouds and Virgo is practical with two feet firmly rooted to the ground.

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I’m not going to say that Libra is vain, but I will say that a Libra will fall in love with a fellow easily! There’s going to be a fun, natural rhythm that these two fall into once the sparks of the love are set aflame. One thing this pair will need to work on is making decisions. Libra isn’t so indecisive as they are anxious about making the best choice, which may be harder with two minds at play.


Scorpio and Libra are an unlikely pair that seem to be drawn to one another. There is a sexy intensity that a Scorpio Venus or Mars brings to the table in a relationship, which love obsessed Libra is enticed by. However, the smoldering heat of this couple sometimes burns out too soon if Libra isn’t ready to bear their soul and make a blood oath with their water sign partner (I said they’re intense!).


This is an adventurous and flirty pair. In a lot of ways Libra and Sagittarius make for great friends and lovers, there is a certain amount of thrill and passion that is quenched by the other. Unfortunately, Sagittarius can sometimes bolt before things get too serious, so you may have to heal from heartbreak shortly after you fell head over heels.


Yes, daddy! This is such a sexy partnership dynamic. Will it last forever? Perhaps not. Will it be fun while it lasts? Most definitely. Capricorn plays the dominant role in this relationship which inspires something sexy and new in their Libra partner. If you want to lock this one down for life you just need to show up on time and always be honest with your word.


Libra makes for a good match with most of the other signs in the zodiac, but Aquarius just isn’t one of them. Libra looks at life through rose tinted glasses, so when a crush starts to form it’s really all you’re going to be able to think about. For an Aquarius, nothing is more of a turn off than coming on too strong, but it’s just not in Libra’s nature to hold back their feelings!


There is definitely some big potential for love to grow strong and deep between this water sign and air sign. Libra tends to have a very idealized version of what love should be like in their mind and, for all intents and purposes, Pisces is just the type of romantic to fit perfectly into their wildest day dreams. Even if it doesn’t last forever, they will always be the muse to the Pisces artist!

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