July 23, 2024
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A Sunday Night Kinda Love the Synastry Between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

A Sunday Night Kinda Love: the Synastry Between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

What happens when the world’s biggest pop star starts dating a hunky, All American football pro? Well, to quote Ms. Swift herself, sparks fly! So, while the news is all abuzz with every little detail of the pair’s budding romance, we’re all wondering whether this is a love story that will last or if Kelce will be just another picture to burn? Can astrology help shed some light on the future of this relationship, read on to find out about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce!


What is Synastry?

Synastry is a branch of astrology that looks at the relationship between two charts, and therefore the relationship between two people. When you take two birth charts and see how they interact with one another you can pinpoint the areas of conflict, as well as the ways in which the relationship will flow easily and naturally.

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A Venus Mars Connection Keeps Things HOT!

The aspect in Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s synastry chart that stands out the most is the powerful conjunction between his Venus and her Mars/ascendant.

A conjunction happens when two planets are in the same sign and almost, if not the exact same degree. Swift is known for being one step ahead of the crowd, calculated, and deliciously petty at times, and this is certainly a super power she gets from her Scorpio Mars on her Scorpio ascendant (that’s the rising sign).

Venus is the plant of love and it can give insight into what we find beautiful and valuable in others. This means Kelce is drawn to Swift’s intensity, which is good because dating Taylor Swift is not for the faint of heart! She deserves a partner who is supportive of her ambitions and not scared of her ultra high profile life and career.

Since Mars is the planet of sexual desire, it’s safe to say that these two feel an intense and mutual sexual connection with one another–I’m sure they’re having a lot of fun together!

Mercury and Neptune Promise Big Things for Their Future

One thing that has been hard for Swift in other relationships is how her partners handle (or don’t) her level of fame , which only seems to keep rising with every passing year. Not only is Kelce a good match due to his own level of superstardom in his field, but with her Mercury conjunct his Neptune they have the potential to help each other bring some big dreams into reality.

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Swift will help Kelce turn his ideas into a solid, clear plan, while Kelce will help Swift to dream bigger… if that’s even possible!

Kelce’s Saturn is also close to these planets which could add a layer of conflict in the form of tough lessons about authority and restrictions learned by both parties. So while this is a good indicator of this relationship paving the way for big dreams to come true, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that these will be dreams for their future together.

With His Moon on Her Sun, He Feels Like She Just Gets Him

Kelce has a Sagittarius moon that sits close to Swift’s Sagittarius sun, which is great for serious relationships. The moon dictates the vast quality and color of our rich inner worlds, so having an important placement in your partner’s moon sign is a good indicator that there will be a feeling of deep understanding between one another.

The sun sign represents our deep core values. It’s the structure upon which everything else is built in our lives, so Swift understands Kelce on a level he may not have experienced before. Who she is at her core is something familiar and safe to him, and it’s easy for her to relate to him and feel seen in his presence, and who doesn’t want that?!

There’s Unpredictability with the Moon and Uranus

Swift has a Cancer moon (in the 8th house, for those who are curious), which is why she is such an excellent and emotive storyteller, and while this is a key element in her chart, Kelce’s Uranus sits exactly opposite her moon, which will likely cause conflict over time.

Uranus is an outer planet, so its effects aren’t as tied up in our everyday life and personality in comparison to planets like the sun and moon. However, this is the planet of revolution, evolution and unpredictability, and if there’s one thing a Cancer moon needs in a partner it’s stability. This likely isn’t something the pair have experienced together in their budding relationship as of yet, but even if they have had some warning signs it may still be confused for butterflies.

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In the long run, this means that they will have to find some cooperation around navigating her need for support and control with his own spontaneity and independence. This certainly isn’t a nail in the coffin of their relationship, but more of a healthy talking point as they move forward.

They’re on the Same Path

The nodes of fate are mathematical points in our birth charts which represent the karmic journey we’re on in this life. Since Swift and Kelce are only two months apart in age their nodes of fate sit closely next to one another.

Since the nodes are exactly opposite one another, we experience two different kinds of returns (this is the term for when a planet returns back to its original spot in your birth chart). Every 9sih years you go through either a nodal return or a reverse nodal return. These are pivotal points in your life story when you’re learning to cope with the past and set yourself up for a bright and authentic future.

This means that Swift and Kelce will go through these pivotal periods of time in life together and will be on the same page when it comes to the important twists and turns in life. To put it simply, they are riding on the same wave as one another!

So, Will They or Won’t They?

While it can be tempting to lean heavily on astrology to tell us whether or not a relationship will sink or swim, it’s important to keep in mind that only time can tell. Synastry readings aren’t so much about whether or not a relationship is good, as much as it is about pinpointing what is easy and what things require some work.

So will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce marry each other with paper rings, or is he just another name to fill a blank space? Who knows, but what we can tell is that this is a steamy romance with room to grow!

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