July 23, 2024
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Learning to Love Yourself

Learning to Love Yourself

It’s important in life to feel a lot of love for people, obviously starting with those closest to you. A loving attitude helps generate positive vibrations that attract Luck to you. But often, the intention to love remains unheeded for one simple reason: to love others, you first need to love yourself. That’s the basis for a simple and happy life. So, starting now, learn to love yourself!

A Wonderful Resolution

You must have heard many times that love is the greatest and most powerful force there is. Many traditions affirm it.

And the assertion is completely true if you can manage to “impregnate” all your thoughts, words and deeds with love. Do that and you’ll have a very pleasant life, attract more love to you, solve your problems more easily, and succeed in attaining all your goals, in all areas of life! The affirmation is true… except that in practice, it’s not always easy to apply such a wonderful resolution.

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Although most people would agree that loving others and/or being loved by others is a good thing, when it comes to materializing that good feeling in the real world, a lot of people get bogged down, and can’t seem to translate into acts their feelings of love, which really is the most positive and constructive kind of energy that exists, and which can enable you to transform all your desires into reality.

But to love others, you first need to love yourself, and that’s often the most complicated thing to do. In fact, very few people love themselves, or know how to make it happen, even though loving yourself is the basis of all your love for others.

Since most people can’t love themselves, they can’t love others either. They may try to force themselves to love someone, but it’s always artificial and it never lasts. Forced love never did anyone any good, and sooner or later always withers and dies.

Learning to Love Yourself 

Learning to love yourself is both easy and complicated, but if you decide to follow our recommendations, it will soon become child‘s play for you.

Fundamentally, learning to love yourself consists of accepting yourself the way you are. Accepting yourself means being aware of your strengths but also your weaknesses. It means not trying to attain perfection, but simply being human.

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Human beings have weaknesses, and that’s precisely what gives us our strength! To love yourself you need to accept and work with your weaknesses and transform them into strengths.

If you put these recommendations into practice, not only will you love yourself more, you’ll also be able to feel sincere love for the people close to you, and for humanity in general. Then you’ll really start generating positive vibrations. Emitting positive vibrations will make you feel a lot better, keep your spirits high, help combat disease, and attract Luck to you!

Don’t Refuse Who You Are 

The main step in loving yourself is not refusing who you are… including your faults. That’s not always easy, because accepting your qualities is one thing, but it’s often much more difficult to recognize and accept your weaknesses.

Detecting weaknesses can be simple or complicated, depending on the state of mind you’re in. If you “resist” by denying or refusing to accept that you have faults, you won’t make any progress, and you’ll continue not loving who you are. Under such conditions, you won’t be able to love anyone else either.

Always remember that to love others isn’t just a piece of advice, or even a moral obligation, but a practical and very effective way of improving your life, both physically (better health) and materially (resolving your problems and having more money). Loving yourself is one of the secrets to happiness.

When You Accept Yourself You Accept Others

Loving others also means accepting them the way they are, and admitting that, like you, they have weaknesses that make them human, and therefore as loveable as you are. And like you, they are sensitive.

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Accepting your own weaknesses enables you to accept the weaknesses of others, and not look down on anyone. Accepting yourself allows you to remain humble.

Being humble and accepting your own and others’ weaknesses makes you human, compassionate, and sincerely interested in other people and their problems.

It’s an attitude that empowers you to develop real compassion for others, be conscious of their cares, and recognize them as fellow brothers and sisters. It’s a concept that fosters the flame of humanity in each of us.

Flame of Humanity

Maintaining your inner flame of humanity prevents you from falling into indifference and being egotistical, the two main signs of dehumanization in a person.

Loving others consists in recognizing that they can have faults and weaknesses just like you while maintaining the subtle link that exists between all human beings.

Being aware of the link uniting all human beings makes the love you have for yourself stronger, and vice-versa. It enables you to always be aware that the people around you (your fellow citizens) and people living in other countries (citizens of the world) are human beings like you, with their qualities and weaknesses, dreams and desires… just like you!

Other people aren’t any better or worse than you are. All human beings have desires and want to be happy, as you do.

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