July 13, 2024
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major arcana cards you want in your love reading

Major Arcana Cards You Want in Your Love Reading

Each tarot card and the combination of more of them bring forth all sorts of messages. You shouldn’t see any particular card as “good” or “bad” in and of itself. That being said though, when you’re getting a love reading, there are some Major Arcana cards that you’d want to see on the table.

The Sun

If you’re getting the Sun, then you’re going to experience a lot of joy and happiness. This card speaks about things coming together in the best possible way and positive, fulfilling outcomes.

If you’ve been hoping to see some progress in terms of the level of commitment between you and your partner or if you’ve been trying to expand your family one way or another, the Sun is the excellent news you’ve been waiting to hear.

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The Empress

Since it represents the Divine Feminine Energy principle, the Empress talks about emotional but also material abundance, luxury, thrilling the senses, pampering, creativity, and fertility.

It’s a great sign that a connection is on the path towards becoming something that thrills your senses and fulfills you emotionally and materially. As a sign of fertility as well, it’s an awesome sign if you’re looking to expand your family.


While passion is an amazing thing to experience, you want the foundation of your connection to be solid and well-balanced. That’s why it’s such great news to get the Temperance card: it speaks about reaching that point of balance within the connection and each partner within themselves.

It’s also a sign that whatever conflicts or tensions might have been going on are going to be resolved, and if you have any external influences on your bond, they’re going to be balanced out in a way that doesn’t affect your bond in any negative way.

The World

A sign of meaningful stages of your life reaching a completion moment, the World speaks about grand or very significant moments, sometimes of a ceremonial nature – think engagement party, wedding, baby showers, baptisms, that sort of vibe.

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Getting the World card is likely to mean that your connection is going to reach its height and become fully official and most likely officiated.

Divine Connections are manifesting in the 3D and becoming an active part of your human experience, if they haven’t already.

The Star

Getting the Star card is an awesome sign that you’re likely to connect or finally be together with your soul mate or even twin flame. It’s a sign that you’re fulfilling your destiny and connecting with The One.

It can also be a sign that you’re activating your Divine Counterpart frequency, and that you’re going to start walking on the path towards Divine Union.

In short

If you’re getting any of these cards in your love reading, it’s great news. Still, if they’re not coming up for you, it’s not necessarily a bad sign. When it comes to tarot, it’s all about the overall message and not so much about each of the cards separately.

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