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Pisces All-Time Greatest Love Matches

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is in dire need of true love. They dream about it constantly, but sometimes these connections do not come at the right time. For Pisces, it is about timing in life. There is no right time, but whatever time it is that Pisces is ready for the one. This usually take a lot of maturity, self-work and growth. What are Pisces All-Time Greatest Love Matches?

Pisces and Scorpio

This is meant to be the ultimate match of all time. These two will get along swimmingly well in the bedroom and outside of it. They will be able to talk about everything under the sun. They will become each other’s “person” rather quickly. Scorpio actually trusts Pisces, which is why Pisces has to be careful, one wrongful act of disloyalty and Scorpio will leave Pisces without word or hesitation. They love hard, but should love carefully, this bond is so epic that if it gets tainted, its loss will cause a world of pain, especially for the Pisces.

Pisces and Cancer

These two are empathy junkies. They can’t help but care so much for each other. The difficulty is that they are both ultra-sensitive, which can cause problems. On a sole interest level, they have much in common and enjoy many of the same things. If together, they will likely be a codependent duo in that they will always be together (like you just know they talk about a lot of stuff in private). Pisces is looking for a prince or a princess, and Cancer is the sensitive, romantic to sweep them off their feet. Cancer man is usually pretty domestic, so messy Pisces benefits from Cancer’s homemaking, care-taking ways. The creative energy and emotional intelligence here are very high. These two signs can dive deep into their feelings for each other, just as they will get deep about their feelings for you. Love is the drug here, and it keeps both these water signs floating happily.

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Pisces and Virgo

This is a difficult one. A lot of Astrologers would caution against this opposite sign attraction; however, it does prove to be a favored union. Virgo is logical, critical, methodical, and intelligent. They think with their head before they think with their heart. Pisces is all heart, and Virgo can help Pisces find a sense of control over their emotions. In turn, Pisces can help cold, stubborn Virgo become more in touch with their feelings. Pisces is the sugar to Virgo’s salt, but the chemistry is generally explosive and long-lasting. Opposites repel, but they also attract, and these two signs can truly complement each other nicely.

Pisces and Capricorn

Everyone who generalizes the zodiac would describe your basic Capricorn as “boring” if, in fact, this proves true, a Pisces partner will keep Capricorn very interested. It is in fact this eccentricity that will attract Capricorn to Pisces in the first place. They have a way of balancing each other out. Capricorn shows Pisces a more grounded way of living. They may help them with practical matters like saving money for a rainy day. Capricorn still will admire Pisces’ generous and giving nature, even if they want them to be more future-minded. These two have the ability to really hit it off. Issues could arise if Pisces finds Capricorn to be too simple for them.

Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius make for an exciting match that has a lot of ability. Both have very active, intriguing minds. This pairing will have a lot of friendly and fun chemistry which will heat things up quickly. A lot of long talks, unforgettable adventures, and inside jokes. Pisces and Aquarius have a unique understanding. They just get each other. Both signs are so beautifully diverse that when they are together: they shine. Pisces brings the softness that emotionally challenged Aquarius is craving, and in return, Aquarius never leaves Pisces feeling invalidated or bored. If they connect emotionally, this could be a long-term match. Aquarius must be sincere with Pisces about how they are feeling because it is possible that Aquarius could want more than The Fish has to offer.

Pisces and Taurus

Yes, Pisces and Taurus can be the best of pals, but also the worst of pals. Pisces doesn’t like the stubborn side of Taurus. Pisces feels like Taurus always needs to be right. They won’t like being held down or treated like property. They will love Taurus’ tender heart, and ability to make them feel so secure, loved, and protected. Pisces is looking for devotion and Taurus is willing to offer this up with ease. Taurus will scowl at Pisces’ unstructured ways of life, but secretly finds them too adorable to try and change them either.

What are Pisces All-Time Greatest Love Matches? Now you know…

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