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Why Your Zodiac Sign May Suck at Relationships

Why Your Zodiac Sign May Suck at Relationships

Ever got surprised after watching a couple still living happily after 5 years and wondered why isn’t your relationship working out?

Or are you tired of all the regular fights between you and your partner? Ups and downs are customary in each relationship, and all are connected to both individuals in a couple.

They explain what goes wrong where and who can’t tolerate what. So, if you are in need of that guide then go ahead and check what we have!

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Relationships by Zodiac Sign

To create a better understanding of why these little problems arise between couples, astrology helps to identify certain habits or negative sides of each Zodiac sign.

Aries Relationships

Aries are all creative and independent, but when it comes to relationships, they don’t like someone clinging on to them.

If you are with them, then you better have your own social circle, and own interests and should be able to deal with your needs yourself because they’ll despise you if you want them to babysit you!

Moreover, Aries and their explosive tempers and aggressive behavior can’t be ignored. They don’t have much impulse control, so you better be strong!

Taurus Relationships

Taurus tends to be very straightforward, and their frustration arises when someone is overthinking or being indecisive. It may be because of their stubbornness because they just can’t accept they are ever wrong!

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Compromise is a must for a healthy relationship, but a Taurus finds his own way perfect. There is not even a chance for the middle ground, and you’ll have to be a great diplomat to deal with them.

Gemini Relationships

Gemini is all bossy, and this is because they can’t stand rudeness and attitude. They may sometimes deal with it stupidly and not realize their own behavior.

Besides this, they can be really confused and indecisive about commitment. This is because they change their minds a lot which may question their loyalty sometimes too.

Cancer Relationships

Dating the Cancer zodiac sign might mean suffocating yourself because they want your love for 24 hours. They’ll act as your bodyguards, so you might have quite a hard time peeling them off you.

It’s not only for their partner, but they also love their families. If you are with Cancer, then you better be ready to celebrate all weird family get-togethers because cancer finds comfort in them and you better deal with them too!

Leo Relationships

Leo is proudest of all signs and for a partner they need a clone of themselves, loud and fabulous! This is because of their egoistic and self-centered behavior.

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Like a lion they love chasing and after getting into a relationship, they may be bored. Their self-obsession means they don’t like listening to your details and it’s hard to keep them intrigued!

Virgo Relationships

Virgos are more critics and perfectionists, which can surely destroy their relationships. They will create impossible standards for you and may make your life hell trying to transform. This can be very demoralizing for their partners!

Moreover, their obsessiveness doesn’t end here. They are clean freaks and hate any half-done work be it your house cleaning, job project or any task they assign!

Libra Relationships

Libras are sweet and sympathetic people and will agree with anything you say as long as it keeps you happy. It’s only until they realize they didn’t actually want it. It’s difficult for them to stand on their ground which can surely make things go wrong in relationships.

Libras are loyal and would do everything to please you, but they expect the same in return. They will expect similar support from you, and if you are unwilling then you better be prepared for the circumstances because they won’t continue the road!

Scorpio Relationships

A Scorpio’s mood is all broody and sulky and dark moods can take over them anytime. Sometimes melancholy can often last for days if they are crossed with you and it can get too frustrating for their partners. They can give a hard time with that!

Moreover, dishonesty is something, which a Scorpio never forgives! For them talking behind backs is also dishonesty and if you ever try deceiving them, then not only your relationship is crippled, but you will also have to save yourself from the Scorpio’s terror!

Sagittarius Relationships

Sagittarius is an optimistic Zodiac Sign, so they try to stay away from any negativity in any form. They hate complainers, and if you are used to whining about your problems to your partner, then a Sagittarius is not for you!

They believe and expect the same in their relationships. That is why after a while, things get boring for them, and if you want long terms with them better keep them interested in you!

Capricorn Relationships

Capricorns can make great, stable partners but their little obsessing habits may ruin the flow of a relationship. They try to micromanage everything in their life, even when to get romantic with you!

Their obsession also causes them to dislike anyone opposed to that like lazy behavior and irregularity in any part of the routine.

Aquarius Relationships

Aquarians are believed to have very moral and ethical characters, and they believe in fairness to everyone. They can’t tolerate prejudice even in a relationship, and this can make a thing go bad!

Sometimes they are also very careless about their relationships because of their independent behavior. Their absent-mindedness can surely make you feel ignored.

Pisces Relationships

Pisces have self-doubting personalities, and this can lead them to believe they might not deserve you. These insecurities can make them act unlike their real selves, and they may end up cheating or breaking up.

Sometimes they may also get disturbed because of the emotional unavailability of their partner. They are sensitive about their feelings so you may find them touchy, A LOT!

Each Zodiac sign has its own bad sides, which can mess relationships up. Since you know the issues now so you can ponder on how to deal with things between you and your partner and make things right now!

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