June 16, 2024
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Stay Warm This Winter With These Steamy Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign

Stay Warm This Winter With These Steamy Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign

Want to know the best ways to stay warm with your special someone this winter season? Look no further than these 12 steamy winter date ideas based on your zodiac sign! Scroll down and see which dates are best for you and your boo. Be sure to check for your moon and rising signs as well for more inspo.

Aries: Go Ice Skating

There’s nothing this Mars ruled fire sign loves more than competition and a bit of danger. So, while staying indoors and cozying up by the fire is the perfect winter vibe for some, Aries needs something that’s gonna make you break a sweat. Take your Aries lover on a date to the ice-skating rink and turn it into a game–whoever falls down the most owes the other a hot chocolate (or something even hotter!)

Taurus: Hot Toddy’s by the Fire

Even though Taurus season is in the Spring, winter is a season that every Taurus can get behind. From fabulous winter coats, fine festive dining and cozy fireplaces, there’s a lot for luxurious Taurus to love. Invite your partner over for a nice warm drink, like a hot toddy or warm cider, and light up a fire in the fireplace. A good date doesn’t have to be extravagant, with the right mood lighting any date can be steamy and dreamy.

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Gemini: Make a Gingerbread House

Geminis are the creative wordsmiths of the zodiac, always looking for some new craft to learn and things to try, which is why making gingerbread houses together is the perfect winter date idea for this air sign! There’s no end to the creative choices you can make, plus there are so many sweet treats to use and share while you and your someone special. Plus, once you’re done with the houses you can decorate each other, if you know what I mean.

Cancer: Bake Together

If there’s one thing big hearted Cancer loves to do most this time of year, it’s share holiday cheer with all their loved ones. Family is incredibly important for this water sign, so one of the best ways to spend time with your Cancer lover is to join them in baking their family’s recipes. Listen to their stories of baking sugar cookies with grandma and be sure to share your own too because Cancers connect through sharing memories of the past.

Stay Warm This Winter With These Steamy Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign

Leo: Holiday Movie at a Drive In

Every Leo loves a classic, so what better way to spend a cold and dark winter night than at a local drive in watching a classic holiday movie. You can amp up the fun by borrowing a vintage car for the occasion, just be sure to let your Leo lover know because they will certainly want to dress on theme for the occasion.


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Virgo: Go On a Scenic Drive

Virgo is used to sticking to the plan and picking the most efficient of routes, so let your hair down this holiday season by putting the GPS away and going for a scenic drive where getting lost is the point. Head to the trees, the mountains, the snow and stop at all the cute shops along the way. Don’t forget a thermos of hot cocoa before you leave the house!

Libra: See the Lights

No one appreciates the aesthetics of art quite like Libras, which is why you’ll need to take your Libra partner out to see the best Christmas lights in town this year. Put on our favorite ugly Christmas sweater and coats and hold your Libra’s hand as you marvel at the beauty of string lights and animatronic reindeer.

Scorpio: Build a Fort

Scorpio loves this time of year because any excuse to stay indoors and mind their own business is a good thing in their (little black) book. Instead of trying to pry them out of their cozy home this winter season, go over to your Scorpio partner’s house and build a living room fort together. Grab all the blankets, pillow, chairs, and even grab some twinkle lights to add a festive flair.

Sagittarius: A Rom Com Marathon

If there is one word to describe Sagittarius it would be “campy,” and what’s more campy than a silly holiday themed romantic comedy? Grab some popcorn and cocoa and dig into the endless titles of holiday rom coms to be found on any streaming site this time of year. Laugh at the cliches together while also not-so-secretly rooting for the couple to end up together.

Stay Warm This Winter With These Steamy Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: Take a Cooking Class

The thing about Capricorns is that they don’t like doing something if they can’t do it well, so sign you and your Capricorn partner up for cooking lessons this holiday season! You’ll be able to make some sweet new memories together while also learning or refining an important life skill. Do feed each other bits of food, but DO NOT smoosh any in your Capricorn’s face if you want to sleep in the same bed together that night.

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Aquarius: Cut Down Your Own Tree

Aquarius is the sign associated with the future and technology, but they also have a knack for relics from the past. While cutting down your own tree isn’t totally a thing from yesteryear, it’s not the common practice in a lot of big cities where many Aquarius’ flock, so put on your flannel and take your Aquarius out of town to a Christmas tree farm. Putting up your own tree in the living room this year will be a memory you can both hold on to for many years to come!

Pisces: Pretend the Power is Out

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which rules over all things fantastical and whimsical, which is why planning a fake power outage night is the perfect date night for you and your Pisces lover. Bust out the candles and put away the screens for a night of togetherness with your special Pisces someone.

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