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Lovers and Players of the Zodiac

The Lovers and Players of the Zodiac

In the zodiac, there are some signs who prefer relationships and then there are other signs that like to play the field. Each sign has a different dating style, capacity for love, and emotional language. This article breaks down, which sign is a “lover” or a “player.” Keep in mind, this is generally speaking, and you might disagree with your diagnosis, and that’s because you are unique and don’t identify with these patterns. If you are a cusp sign, read both horoscopes.

Regardless, just because you have player energy in you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find the right person to settle down with. When you meet the one, all bets are off, and I’ve seen dogs stop wagging their tails when they meet the right person. Lover or Player, for most people, at the end of the day, people are looking for love. If you don’t want love, consider yourself the exception.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries by nature is a player. It’s not even necessarily that they are trying to be a player, but that they are super independent and hard to please, which will only make you want them more. Aries has to want a mate, but they don’t need a mate. Generally, Aries has high expectations of what they want in a partner. They want someone that they can show off or someone who compliments them nicely and makes them look good on paper and in person. Aries likes to be chased and is rarely chasing unless you’ve really done a number over their hearts or their libidos. Some Aries people don’t care about marriage, but they can commit forever if they meet the right person. Aries does have a soft place; you just have to find it. In love, they are happy in the captain position, though they want their partner to provide interesting insights. Aries needs to know their love is right where it is and they should not let their mind wander to greener places. Aries needs a partner who can keep up with them, challenge them, and show them new ways of looking at things. A true Aries love with soften them emotionally and help get rid of some of their frustration and anger. When Aries lets love in, love can be the thing to save Aries from their own self-destruction.

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Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus is a lover in the zodiac, ruled by Venus (the planet of love) they generally have nothing but love to give. They make for excellent partners in a relationship. A Taurus will know how to take care of you and remind you that you are special by doing cute things, and surprising you with romance. Taurus is known to stay put when they meet someone they love. They are so loyal and invest so much in their partner, which is why it is such a slow mission of survival when love falls out. Taurus can become possessive, territorial, and jealous so be cautious of that. They probably won’t admit it, no matter how obvious it is via social media. When you fall for a Taurus, things become serious fast. They need to know, “are you mine?” Taurus wants to own their love and they will be proud to share with the world what they have. Someone who essentially is an extension of themselves.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Gemini is one of the world’s all-time players because they wear many faces and can be different people when they need Gemini will lay it on thick when they want a good conquest, and they love the flirting, the witty banter and the mind games. This is a sign that is prone to lying and believing their own lies. They could charm a stranded island with their demeanor. While Gemini might enjoy playing the field, eventually they look for relationships. Some might have the issue of having hooked up with a lot of people, making your dating pool even smaller, but it won’t stop Gemini from getting attention and finding the one. Know that when they do love you, there is nothing that they wouldn’t do for you so if you’re feeling unsatisfied, maybe that person isn’t the one. Overall, this sign is a smooth operator and will have many conquests if they desire them.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Cancer can and might try to be a player, only to discover that they always end up in relationships. Even if they’re cheating, they are usually doing while in a relationship. Cancer is a romantic, sensual relationship sign. They want to build a life with someone, have a comfortable home, maybe some pets and down the line maybe some kids too. Cancer is very paternal and nurturing, they have healing energy—they make excellent caretakers and parents. Cancer is loyal, and when they come into your life it’s probably hard to get rid of them. Cancer will stick around until the last plate drops. Sometimes they don’t value their worth enough in relationships and put up with bad mixes, but when they find someone who can laugh with them but also support them emotionally, they are on the right track.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Leo is a lover who has it in them to be a cheater because Leo needs a certain amount of attention from home and if they aren’t getting it they make seek elsewhere—in whatever form that may be. It could be striking up conversations with exes or talking to people you know have a thing for you. It could even lead to cheating, but when Leo meets the person they just can’t take their eyes off—consider the Lion a smitten kitten. Leo loves deeply, passionately, and feel very strongly about their significant other. They have a way with love, in that they instantly know what they want. For Leo, you caught their eye, in some light you shone, the shadow of your face upon theirs, it all seems so magical as love with a Leo is never dull. Leo is the sign you keep falling in love with over and over again. And if you’re lucky, the love you have for your Leo will only grow over the years.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Virgo is a lover, though I’ve met Virgo players. They are the type to have sex without emotional feelings and can do this with a string of people. Virgo is actually the opposite of the virgin symbol it’s associated with. Virgo is very sexual, kinky, and dirty. They could feel like one partner wasn’t enough and fantasize about other people. They could have a wandering eye or always stop to talk to the hostess or other attractive people you meet. On the flip of this, Virgo really is looking for their perfect mate. Someone who fits the bill. Virgo does have expectations and is looking for a mate who is going to honor their values. Virgo is a controlling sign and might work better with someone who is a little more submissive. Still, Virgo will be impressed if you are on the same intellectual level as them. A Virgo man is impressed by a successful woman, even if he is traditional about gender roles. Virgo will be an outstanding provider for you and your family. They will work long and hard to ensure that you have the things that you need and desire. As a sign of service, they can’t help but pay it forward.

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Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Libra is such a successful player. Almost an innocent one. They know how to earn the affection of many with their natural good looks and Libra charm. Surely, they’ve used that charm to get what they want. Libra can’t make up their mind so they will entertain all capable suitors until they know for certain that they want to be with one of them. Libra will take time to form a sincere connection with you. Where they feel like they need you on the regular, all the time, and can’t live without you. When Libra stops hooking up with or entertaining other people, this is when you know you’ve got their heart. With the right person, Libra won’t be so unsure. Libra can’t help it if they are attracted to more then one person at a time, they like pretty things, but it is possible for them to remain true to you. Air signs love beauty and sometimes get in trouble trying to capture it. Libra will learn it’s the substance of the character that matters the most and will find true love based on real chemistry.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio is a lover of the zodiac, but they are complicated and hard to get to open up. It’s not a shocker if you’re Scorpio and single. I have literally met a Scorpio who says three words only. It was impossible to have a fruitful conversation with him. Male Scorpios tend to be more introverted then female Scorpios. Even if your female Scorpio is energetic, intelligent, and talkative, I promise you there are some things they aren’t telling you. Scorpio is secretive by nature, sexy, and mysterious. It’s not easy to tell what they are thinking because they keep the focus on you. Sometimes Scorpio will just skip the words and show you what they mean to you sexually or through their actions like doing something sweet for you. Scorpio rules the groan, and this is a place of expression for them. A lot of Scorpios might be single, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sleeping with people. In many ways, lovemaking is the way that Scorpio shows you how they feel about them. It will be the thing that connects you to them.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius is a player at the root. I met one Sagittarius in a seemingly happy relationship with an attractive individual, but he would always flirt with my friend and asked her out in a really romantic way while having a girlfriend. Committed males of this sign have admitted to me that they have a wandering eye. It doesn’t prevent them from staying faithful. The adventurous Sagittarius will finally park their ship somewhere sunny. Sagittarius is an archer on the hunt, sometimes looking for something temporary and sweet, other times pleasantly surprised and catches someone that they want to keep. It is really important that Sagittarius find someone they can emotionally open up to. Sometimes Sagittarius is all business and games, they forget to feel things. Sagittarius will never win if they have to use their competitive spirit to find love. Chances are love is waiting someplace else. That isn’t a casino, a party, or on an airplane. Sagittarius loves to travel, but they need to learn to stay in one place, if they keep moving around all the time, love will never have enough room to develop.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn is very much a relationship sign and a sucker for the long-term relationships that happen one after the next. Capricorn is looking for a partner that just fits right into everything that they care about. Someone who can be a teammate and a best friend. Someone who shares the same morals and values. Capricorn will give anything to the one they love. They need energy, ambition, and excitement in a mate. Their mate has to be hungry for the wonderful things that life has to offer. Capricorn doesn’t like to ruffle feathers, which means they let a lot of stuff go. It’s important that you emotionally check in with your Capricorn. Ensure that they are communicating with you sincerely. Also, validate Capricorn. Don’t make them have to fish for it, they just want to know that what they did or made was appreciated because they did it because they love and appreciate you.

Aquarius (January 20-Febuary 18)

Aquarius is a player, alongside its fellow air sign mates Libra and Gemini. Air energy is fleeting, rolling, and unstoppable. Aquarius can detach emotions when it comes to sex. They’ve had their share of one-night stands. Truly, it takes someone special to win over the heart of an Aquarius. A sign that is highly independent and never conventional about love. Aquarius might want kids but might not want marriage. Aquarius usually find their true love later in life. Or you could be cursed by what I call “The Jennifer Anniston Complex”, which is switching from man to man over the years, but still coming up short on finding the one. Aquarius needs to be friends with their mate before they become lovers. Mental connections are really important here. Also, you must have a sense of adventure otherwise Aquarius will not be able to relate to you or tolerate you long-term.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

There are many different fish in the sea, some who cheat and never grow up, some who end up with the woman they knocked up accidentally, but for the most part, Pisces is a lover. When your Venus is in Pisces it means you have that “happily ever after” essence. They dream about perfect love with the perfect person. They are tender, sweet, sensitive, and empathic—they really try to connect with their mate inside and out. They struggle in love when they put up with foul treatment or sacrificed too much of themselves for a mate. Being selfless, Pisces might allow themselves to be the ones with the least power in the relationship. Pisces is thoughtful and romantic. They will know how to make you feel special. And while their track record is messy, and they don’t always mature as quickly as they’d like, Pisces really wants and needs love. A life with no love for a Pisces is a very depressing outcome. For some Pisces, finding true love is more important than anything. 

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