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What Traits Does Your Ideal Boyfriend Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

If you are single and wondering what you want in a boyfriend, you need to sit and reflect on it because you want to be with a boyfriend who will fulfill your needs. You want to have things in common with him, and you do want to ensure that he shares the same values as you. And respect is a non-negotiable must! Even though there is no such thing as 100 percent compatibility, you want to be with someone you can enjoy. And on behalf of Boyfriend Day, on October 3rd, let’s review the traits your ideal boyfriend would have based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – A Boyfriend To Complement Their Bold Nature

Aries, your sense of self-worth is assertive, and you need to be in control. The ideal boyfriend for you is someone who supports the way you express yourself and will never interfere with what you need and do. You would get along well with a Gemini as they would intellectually stimulate you, and you could enjoy going on double dates and parties due to your social nature. The same would go for Libra, as Libra would bring you the balance you need in a relationship. Sagittarius and Leo would compliment your outgoing personality.

Taurus – A Boyfriend That Shares Similar Values

Taurus, you need predictability and comfort, and you are methodical in your way of thinking and doing, but you can be quite stubborn. That is why you need a partner who can be patient with you and share similar values. The ideal partners would be Virgo and Capricorn because they are very practical and value commitment like you. Both of those signs require stability in their lives, and Cancer is also a great option because of how devoted they are to those important to them.

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Gemini – A Boyfriend That Can Stimulate Their Mind And Social Side

Gemini, you are curious and need stimulation, whether it is intellectual or the need to explore. You do not like staying in one place as if you had a choice; you would be in two places simultaneously. You will go wherever you choose, even at the last minute, and you need someone who can appreciate your level of spontaneity. Libra is a great match for you because they can see various perspectives of any situation, and Aquarius can keep you intellectually stimulated as they are a freedom-loving sign. The same goes for Sagittarius. Leo can also provide you with the social stimulation and entertainment you need.

Cancer – A Boyfriend That Shares The Same Devotional Values

Cancer, you are the one who values anything important to you, and you are sentimental. And you want to have a boyfriend who will share similar sentiments, as you need someone who relates to and understands your emotions. Scorpio and Pisces would be ideal fits because both signs can appreciate the emotions you experience and are sentimental and intuitive. Virgo is also a great boyfriend as they would be highly nurturing even if they are not all that demonstrative, but their actions show they care. Taurus would be a good and dependable partner that you could trust.

Leo – A Boyfriend That Can Truly Appreciate Them For Who They Are

Leo, you love attention, but more than that, you love having companionship that will help make you feel valued, and you also want your boyfriend to appreciate who you are. You also want someone who will share the same enthusiasm as you. That is why the ideal boyfriend would be for you. Gemini and Aquarius can appreciate your unique traits, and Libra can give you the attention you want without asking for it. Sagittarius and Aries are great matches for you because they can share the same level of enthusiasm that you experience.

Virgo – A Boyfriend That Is Ethical And Hard-Working

Virgo, you are picky with the type of boyfriend you want, and it also takes you a long time to warm up to a partner, let alone a friend. You value hard work, cleanliness, and ethics, so the ideal matches for you would be Taurus and Capricorn. Taurus needs security, love their routine, are tenacious, and only gets close to people once they trust them and want to do the right thing. Capricorn shares the same traits. Cancer and Scorpio are also excellent matches as they are loyal and devoted, which is highly important to you.

Libra – A Boyfriend To Support Their Work-Life Balance

Libra, you need companionship as you are naturally highly social, but you also need balance, or you will be in bad shape. Being off-kilter gets to you more than it gets to anyone else. Therefore, you want a boyfriend who can give you the companionship you need, but you also want one that can support your work-life balance. Another Libra would help with that, but the issue is that you struggle with indecisiveness, so another Libra would make that challenging for you. Gemini, Aries, Leo, and Aquarius would be great partners who can give you the companionship you need and keep you physically and intellectually stimulated, which can help you maintain your work-life balance. The only challenge with Gemini is that they, too, can struggle with indecisiveness.

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Scorpio – A Boyfriend To Understand Their Level Of Intensity

Scorpio, you are intense, have profound emotions, and take a long time to trust anyone. Therefore, you need a boyfriend who can prove their loyalty to you before you can start opening up to them. You are very secretive and will only open up once you can trust anyone. Therefore, those who can understand your emotions the most are Cancer and Pisces, and they will also prove their loyalty to you. Virgo and Taurus are committed and devoted and do not want nonsense, so they would be great matches, too.

Sagittarius – A Boyfriend To Go On Adventures With Them

Sagittarius, you want to enjoy whatever adventure you go on because you are adventurous, whether traveling, trying new things, or getting out of your comfort zone. You do this because it is a way to learn about yourself. You want to have a boyfriend who will support you through that and enjoy some exploring for the same reason. Aries and Gemini make great boyfriends because they are outgoing and always ready to try new things, as they are always on the go. Aquarius loves freedom, and Leo and Libra can make fun partners that will also support you.

Capricorn – A Boyfriend With Drive

Capricorn, you are ambitious, the one with plenty of drive, and you value your accomplishments. The type of boyfriend you would want would support your goals and ambitions and has ambitions, too. Taurus and Virgo would not only support your goals but are tenacious and take their work seriously, which will mean there is mutual respect. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces would be great partners, too, because they would help you tap into your emotional side, which you have, and you would help ground them. You would be suitable for each other.

Aquarius – A Boyfriend To Support Their Free-Thinking Ways

Aquarius, you are a free-thinker, and you also enjoy your freedom. You do not want to conform to anyone and follow society’s expectations. You are into self-improvement, which is why you are also a free-thinker, and you know that if one tactic works for one person, it may not work for another. Like any air sign, you want intellectual stimulation, which will give you inspiration to keep thinking outside the box. Another Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra can help you do that. You also want to enjoy adventures as you value your freedom, so Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius would be suitable matches, too.

Pisces – A Boyfriend That Can Support Their Creative Side

Pisces, you are imaginative and creative, and anything spiritual or metaphysical interests you. You are also emotional and want a boyfriend who will relate and support you. Cancer and Scorpio would share similar interests, and you would get emotional support from Cancer. Scorpio will encourage you to use your intuition to solve mysteries. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn would also help you create goals and ground you, as they see the potential for your success due to your creativity.

October 3rd is Boyfriend Day, and if you are single and looking for a boyfriend, this is a good day to contemplate what you want in your ideal boyfriend. Remember, don’t get scared off by a guy who appears compatible because his sun sign is not. You have your rising, moon, and rising signs to consider and other aspects of the natal chart, which can show you how compatible or incompatible you are. For instance, if you are a Leo, and you go on a date with a Scorpio, and he seems like the guy that would support you and shares similar traits, don’t write him off because he is a Scorpio. Your synastry chart would show compatibility overall.

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