July 17, 2024
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Twin Flame Relationships

How Twin Flame Relationships Change Your Perspective on Life

The concept of twin flames has been around for years. I don’t know if I’m young and naïve, or if I’m just immersed in the world of spiritualism, but there is a sense of revolution in the air. I think that the surge of twin flames walking the planet now has a lot to do with it.

Twin flames are not a rare thing, and there seems to be more and more of them. Each twin flame experience is unique, and many twin flames don’t give it enough thought to find the label ‘twin flame’ to tie to themselves. It’s the connection or pull that you feel to each other that changes everything the most.

When you meet your twin, your perspective on everything changes.

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You find your life path and reconsider your career

The connection between twin flames is indescribable unless you are one. When you meet your twin and you awaken to the connection, it makes you reconsider the way you view your whole life. The feelings that you feel for this person are a level of intensity that makes anything which isn’t in alignment with your soul’s purpose become impossible to go along with. Anything that doesn’t resonate with you becomes an obstacle.

At first, when you’re not used to it, you will likely try to resist it and will think that you’re going crazy. You’ll soon find that it’s much easier to trust your guidance and go along with what you feel.

Your twin and you will always share the same core values. Because of this, you become more aware of yourself and what you came to this planet to do. It will become easier to identify your life path as a result, and you will feel far more encouraged to pursue it no matter the consequences.

You’re forced to heal family issues

If you see a life with someone, it’s likely that family will come into the equation somehow.

If you have any issues with your family, or some things that you’re ashamed of/ grudges that you’re holding- you will be forced to let them go and heal them before you twin flame relationship can be healed enough to come into union.

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Your family may be used as a tool to help you heal your inner child too so that you don’t continue to react/ think in a way which no longer serves you.

Being around family as an adult can help you see things from a different perspective. When you’re younger, your parent’s word is gospel. When you’re older, you can see how the way they taught you to deal with your emotions/ the beliefs that they passed down to you might not have been the best way to do things.

To become your evolved self, the version of yourself that can have a good relationship with your twin, you will need to re-parent yourself in a lot of ways and change your mindset.

The way you see people becomes more forgiving and understanding

Your twin is a mirror to you, so they will not feed your ego. They will not do the things that you ‘want’ them to do because what you ‘want’ them to do might not be the best thing for either of you.

The journey is about self-development and shedding of the ego. That means leaving behind judgment and expectations of people. The romance is what keeps us on the journey.

The twin flame will trigger you like no other.

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A true twin flame will never set out to intentionally hurt you, but they will because the connection is so intense and you’ve never experienced sensitivity like this before.

You may be wondering why you’re so hysterical about a certain thing they’ve done. As I have said, the twin flame acts as a mirror; so, whatever they do is showing you what lies within you that needs to be healed.

For example, if you have abandonment issues- your twin might ghost you a lot. They have their own reasons for doing this, perhaps they are dealing with a lot of inner demons that mean they isolate themselves or maybe they have a really demanding job. You will be thinking ‘oh my god they hate me they’re never gonna talk to me again’ and might go a bit loopy.

With time, enlightenment, healing and practice the triggers will die down as you become used to playing the game.

Whenever you heal, your counterpart heals with you. You are always in sync.

When you learn to forgive and understand your twin, the way you see other people changes. You learn to not take things to heart, but instead, see people’s actions as a reflection of their own mentality.

You fall in love with yourself

There will come a point in the journey that the exhaustion you feel from being triggered by your twin will cause you to detach from them completely.

You cannot be together unless you are both healed, it’s too intense. You heal from learning to love yourself. Properly. Fully. Like you’ve never done before.

You respect yourself, you learn to love yourself and put yourself first. You care for yourself, your body mind and spirit.

You learn who you are, not who you were taught to be. You discover new interests and learn to live your life as you truly want to. Twin Flame relationships will trigger spiritual awakening.

You build strength and resilience

Once you’ve delved into the depths of your soul and healed, your twin will no longer trigger you. At least not on the same scale. As a result, your focus will be lifted from your twin flame onto your life’s purpose.

As union approaches, you will begin using the lessons you have learned from your twin flame connection and applying them to your real life.

How are you gonna make your money and help people?

You will thrive from the growth that has come about from this connection and all that it’s taught you.

You learn to pick your battles

Pettiness will no longer resonate with you. You will become so aware of your energy and your own power that, more specifically what you can create with it, that you’ll realize giving anything that isn’t important is just not worth it.

From picking fights with your twin to dealing with bitchy co-workers, you will find bliss in being sparing with your energy.

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