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What Love Letter Is the Most Appealing to Each Zodiac Sign?

Unless you have never been in a relationship, even as a teen, you will have written a love letter to your partner at the time, and your partner would have written one to you. Maybe you are now married, and you still enjoy exchanging love letters on special days such as wedding anniversaries. Have you been disappointed by the reaction of your partner after sending them your love letter? Perhaps they wanted to be nice but did not like it because it did not suit them. Maybe you received love letters that you did not care for either. What type of love letter would your partner (or you) appreciate? That depends on your zodiac sign. Let’s go through it.

Aries – It Has to Be About Them

Aries is the sign that is naturally self-centered because those with the sign love anything that is about them. That does not mean they will not put your needs above theirs. They can be pretty protective, and if you are in a situation where you need help, they will make sure that you will receive their help before they look after themselves – and they will make sure they succeed since they are passionate. However, when it comes to anything else, they want you to focus on them. So, therefore, if you write an Aries a love letter, be sure to write about how amazing they are and why they are so incredible. They will love it.

Taurus – It Has to Be Sensual

Those with their sign in Taurus are very particular about what they like and don’t like, and they will let you know. However, you have to remember that Taurus is all about sensuality. So, if you write anything about that in the letter, they will appreciate it as long as it is positive, of course. Therefore, when you write Taurus a love letter, write about how wonderful their hair smells and add how much you love their perfume or cologne. Don’t forget to add something in there about how much you enjoyed time with them at their favorite gourmet restaurant as well. Don’t forget to mention how delicious the food was too.

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Gemini – Make it Funny

Gemini people do not care if you stroke their ego. They care more about comedy, and they will appreciate love letters that make them laugh. So, add some jokes in there, even if they are corny dad jokes. Or, add some slapstick humor in there. That will still get them to laugh. If they did something funny, or if you did something that made them laugh one time, why not add something about that in there too. Whatever makes them laugh is what they will appreciate because the love letter is bland; they will toss it away, guaranteed!

Cancer – Write About a Specific Day That Has Sentimental Meaning

Your Cancer partner is the most sentimental around as that is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Your Cancer partner does not care about how much you love their appearance. Therefore, you do not need to write them a love letter fussing over their appearance or what is so wonderful about them. Instead, a love letter that consists of the timeline of the most sentimental days you had with them will touch them more than you can imagine. You will want to start the letter by going over what you did on the first date and any other special days you both had between then and now. They will love that.

Leo – Be Complimentary About Their Appearance

You know that Leo is all about loving others, giving them focus and attention as they love to be in the center of the spotlight. The best thing you can do is make a fuss over their appearance, and even if you don’t mean it, do it anyway. If you are critical about their appearance, they will never let you hear the end of it. If you want to make your partner Leo happy, send them a love letter emphasizing how lovely they appear. Compliment their clothing, their hair, and their style. If you write a love letter about how fantastic they look, they will appreciate it.

Virgo – Tell Them About How Perfect They Are for You

If your partner is a Virgo, you know how hard they are on themselves. That is because they want to achieve perfection, which we all know is not realistic. However, your Virgo partner will appreciate a love letter that explains why they are perfect for you! Go over their physical attributes, personality, and the way they care for you, cook for you, and whatever else you can think about – add it. Be honest but be creative too. You don’t want to exaggerate, or else they will know that will upset them. Give them an explanation for why they are perfect for you, and that will make their day.

Libra – Tell Them About How Much You Love Spending Time with Them

If your partner is a Libra, you will know how much they cherish their relationship with you. They are also romantics, and when you write them a love letter, tell them how much you love spending time with them. Nothing makes them happier than you telling them that you value your time with them and surprising them by writing about your first date with them. Write about the details of what you did with them and don’t forget to add the date for when it took place. Add the times you loved with them when you had romantic dinners, took bubble baths with one another, and enjoyed some bubbly with them too. Your Libra partner will be touched by that letter.

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Scorpio – Tell Them How Much You Enjoy Their Passionate Side

There is one thing you know about your Scorpio partner, and that is they are highly passionate. They love hearing about how much you appreciate their passionate side, which is why when you write them a love letter, ensure that you make that the theme of it. Don’t be shy about talking about the steamy times of your intimate moments together, and they want to read about those details. You also want to write a letter that talks about that and make it short because they will not want to read a long letter. If you do that, they will love it and remember it for good because Scorpios always remember the good and bad things.

Sagittarius – Create A Scrapbook of Your Travels with Them

If your partner is a Sagittarius, then there is a good chance you have traveled a lot together to many places. There is one thing about Sagittarius that you probably know, but here is a reminder. They want anything to be fun and exciting, and a love letter for them just is not that. So what they would appreciate instead is if you created a scrapbook containing pictures of exciting moments you had together on your excursions. They will be touched that you did that because even though they don’t come off as emotional, they will show that side to them if you create a scrapbook.

Capricorn – Write About Their Wonderful Work Ethic

Capricorns are all about their work and achievements. They do not care about romance even if your Capricorn partner has arranged to have some romantic dinners with you. What that means is if you write them a love letter about the romantic times you spent together, it will not move them. They will not be impressed even if they say they are just not to hurt your feelings because Capricorns do their best to be considerate. What kind of love letter will a Capricorn appreciate? Ensure that when you write one, you write about how amazing you think their achievements are and how you admire their work ethic. That they will undoubtedly enjoy and love.

Aquarius – Emphasize on How Unique They Are

If you have an Aquarius partner, consider yourself lucky because that is the one sign that can cause someone not to want to make any romantic commitments. They must have appreciated your unique ways to wish to hook up with you, and the one thing that they love it when you acknowledge their eccentricities and originality. What type of love letter will they want to read from you? If you guessed one that points out how you think their uniqueness impresses you and why it does, then you are correct. If you focus on that and that is the main thing you write about, they will definitely love it.

Pisces – Write About Their Soul

Pisces is a highly spiritual sign and dreamy too. If your partner is a Pisces, you may think that they would appreciate love letters that point out how much you love their romantic side the same way you would write to a Libra partner. That is because Pisceans are very romantic. However, that is not the type of love letter that will impress them. As mentioned, your Pisces partner would love to read anything related to the higher realm and spirituality. If you write about how their spiritual ways impress you and write about their soul in your love letter to them, that is a love letter that they will adore and appreciate.

If your partner is a Pisces but would not be the type that would be impressed with a love letter like that because they are more of the type to love romance, then maybe their Moon is in Libra. Therefore, the kind of love letter to write your partner may depend a lot more on their Moon sign rather than their Sun sign.

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That is because the Moon represents their emotional and instinctual side. The purpose of writing a love letter on their birthday or your anniversary with them is to touch them emotionally that they may cry some happy tears. If you don’t know their Moon sign, you can find that out easily on some sites with astrology software by plugging in their date, place, and time of birth – then surprise them with a love letter they will love!

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