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male zodiac love interest style

Your Male Zodiac Love Interest Style

If you are curious to know what your male zodiac love interest is like in love, read this article. In depth, it presents you with each of the male, zodiac types and what they are like in dating, relationships and love. If you’re interested, and wanting to make a move, this is a good read for you.

Aries Man (March 21-April 19)

Your Your Male Zodiac Love Interest is no incline to letting people in to begin with. It’s not to say that he doesn’t want love, he does, he might, but he’s also holding out for something special. If Aries Man is holding onto you—this is meaningful in itself! If Aries man decided to love someone he does, but it has to be done on his own terms. Sometimes Aries man does not “decide” but rather falls for you without his control. Regardless, Aries man will always require personal space. Aries man will always be a bit selfish. Aries man will always break the mold. He is very generous with his money when he’s got it, but he doesn’t always have the sappy words you might crave from a lover or a friend. Aries man has romantic moments, but he yearns for friendship, kinship, hot sex and intellectual stimulation. Aries man has many bedroom desires, but he also desires to be challenged mentally. If you take his slow-moving ways and disinterest in commitment, personally, you are a fool. This guy can take forever to crisp, but your loyalty of his unique perspective will only solidify why he asked that question in the first place. Even you never thought he would, and even if he said that he never wanted to marry. Aries man will magically “forget” about the plans he wasn’t that down for in the first place, he will sit out and focus on the few people that he trusts, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have his affection. He’s different, but once you stop sizing him up against the status-quo and appreciate him against him standards—you will realize that you’ve got a good thing!

Taurus Man (April 20-May 20)

There usually are no games with Taurus guy. If he’s into you, he will be on your phone before you even expect it. This Your Male Zodiac Love Interest is not scared off by sex on the first date. If he likes you sex will just bond him to you further. This guy can determine his like for a woman through the art of sex. He’s got basic needs and sex is one of them, but so is food, and sleep. The key to his heart is through his stomach, if you feed him, he will be more than pleased. He wants to protect you if he loves you. He can quickly turn into the Kevin Costner Bodyguard type. Taurus guy tends to possess things. And Taurus guy protects his prized possessions with a watchful eye. Taurus guy is manly and rugged with a very tender center. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is often in the mood for love. In fact, this guy will prefer having a love to call his own. When we say no games, remember this. If he’s not into you he won’t be on your phone all the time and he will leave you wondering. When he’s interested there are no wonderings except maybe: wow is he needy? He can be, but he can also be smothering if he is interested, and you are not. Taurus man is durable, dependable and prone to devotion. Taurus has the lowest divorce rate for a reason, they don’t like to let go and only will if they absolutely have to.

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Gemini Man (May 21-June 20)

So Gemini guy is not the type to shy away from daily texts. in fact, he might even be the instigator of them. And Gemini guy has a lot of feminine energy and therefore won’t be like most guys. If he says you are going to hear from him then you likely will. If for some reason plans fall out, this guy will have an explanation and a colorful apology, perhaps accompanied by dinner, flowers or gifts. This guy likes to impress his lady with hospitality. He will roll out the red carpet. He’s a communicator, but he needs to know he can talk to you, not just that you are using him to solve your problems, but that you can listen. This guy can be attracted to suitors from all walks of life, but he rests best with a person who attracts his mind. Mental connections are key, which is why this guy won’t be scared to call you on the phone or take you away for a well-planned weekend. He needs fun and stimulation too, which will involve separation and adventure. Gemini guy will start to snicker at the things he has too easily. He may manipulate them or betray them if partners become too centralized on the relationship itself. Gemini guy wants a partner, but he wants a lot of other things in return and will have friendships with other woman and many other people. Even if Gemini guy wants you to be jealous, jealousy and the actions that comes with it—will drive him away from you. Trusting him to go out on his own and do his own thing will prove to give the relationship air. An air that Gemini will need in order to breath in love; let him do whatever he wants on his phone. Don’t get it twisted, Gemini is needy of their mate, but it favors them best when their mates aren’t needy of them. Gemini is a sucker for wanting the unobtainable so even if they’ve already got you, create a world around the continent of your love; keep it interesting.

Cancer Man (June 21-July 22)

Truthabout this Male Zodiac Love Interest: Cancer guy is simply better when he is in love or has something to love. Cancer guy needs people and things to protect. He’s a homebody at the core. Sure, he loves film, music and good food, but he can probably cook that for you (at home). He’s romantic and a relationship sign. This is wonderful, but also his weakness. He’ll be waiting for your text. He’ll reply right on time. He’s interested even when he’s not. See, he just doesn’t always know which is which. The love of being in a relationship blinds the love of the actual love. Serial dating can be a crime here. Cancer guy: dating is not a band aide. Cancer guy will use potential partners to bandage the scars and keep his mood from getting crabby. Oh yeah, he’s crabby, but usually when his feelings are hurt, or he is hungry. Sometimes he needs a little babying because he’s really not the best at handling stress. He could use a strong partner to compliment his softness. This being said, when he meets the right person, it is bliss. The relationship moves in the right direction, and you never question his faith or his feelings. You shouldn’t. Cancer can’t fake love in the long run. You will know by the smile on their face, that this must be real. He’s no player even if he tries to be. He has a soft spot for having a somebody. As stated, he’s better when has something to protect, someone to come home and cling to.

Leo Man (July 23-August 22)

He’s a master of loyalty, which is why he won’t lead you on if he’s not into you. He’s charming and a flirty, but generally harmless. He’ll poke fun at questionable places with people—only because he can, and because they likely know the nature of his game: hilarious, but harmless. Despite this inherent loyalty, Leo Man loves attention and will entertain it even if he is in love. Leo man won’t physically engage in these flirtations if they are truly, truly in love. Leo man has ultimate devotion for the person he calls “baby” and would never cheat if he’s committed his heart. This is why Leo man will ignore the messages of girls he could care less for. Leo man is of the heart (Leo rules the heart) and can struggle to hook up with people without letting the heart get in the way. Truth, Leo man will contact you if he’s into you, he will. Leo man is consumed by what he loves: his job, his friends and his significant other. All of these things are an extension of the Leo and therefore require a great deal of attention. Therefore, if Leo is not around, you can take it as sign that they are not that interested in you. Leo stays true to their ambitions. Don’t fall prey to their drunken stupor. Leo is a different man when in the limelight of alcohol and adoring fans. Back at the Lion’s den, Leo will divide and conquer what really matters matters and what really doesn’t doesn’t. All things aside, this man does not want drama or bad energy with you. Leo man would much rather that you still love them, even if they hurt you or didn’t love you back. Being cool is the Leo man’s mantra. When this doesn’t occur Leo man may try to kill you with kindness. Leo man will ignore you as good as you ignore him—but it will be hard to ignore him, Leo man gets noticed.

Virgo Man (August 23-September 22)

He’s probably the most annoying about relationships because often he is all mixed up. At the root, Virgo guy wants a good girl. The type of girl that mom would like or the type who mirrors mom. Still, Virgo guy is attracted to beauty and can easily make drunk choices that do not root their character. Virgo guy is the best to watch mature because he can evolve over time, but never entirely. There will be something controlling about this man, in that he is often too afraid to give up control in order to ‘be’ in love. Virgo guy needs his space. He is the opposite of smothering. He’s not a sappy lover, but he will provide and protect the person he loves. He can be extravagant when he wants to be. Virgo is the sign of service so what he doesn’t tell you, he will shower you with. If he is seemingly trying to hold down perfection in real life, in the bedroom he will be a different story. Good sex is often what keeps women coming back to this man. Beneath all his criticism is kindness. He’s a navigator who can’t be told what to do. He hates superiority and answers to his own law. The more you try to get on his page, the less he will want you there. The more you have going on in your own life—the better, but you still have to be there when this man really needs you. Virgo guy is a realist. He doesn’t pay compliments just to be charming and he doesn’t kiss butt. This guy is all about modest confidence. While he may seem confident, rest assured that he is super hard on himself in private. Virgo man is often conflicted by the rationality of his thoughts and the complexity of his emotions. He wants to think he doesn’t want to feel, and he certainly does not want to empathize. He can however provide you with some moral insight. Remember that this man can’t stay away from what has a hold on him, he will try, but eventually he will fold and run back to who he feels most secure with. Looking for perfection is his bill, but once he gives this up, he can potentially find the most perfect person for him.

Libra Man (September 23-October 23)

Libra is usually Mr. Cool. If he’s not texting you, it’s because his phone is dead, he lost his phone or he’s too busy jamming to answer his phone. None of this is personal. If Libra guy wants to suddenly hang out with his friends or go for a ride on his long board—it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for. Libra guy needs a bit of personal time to breath and play because separating his couple time and his “guy time” is important to him. Libra guy will go into quiet mode when they don’t have anything nice to say. Or they will hide their hostility in humor, which usually is more hurtful than it is helpful. Emotions will scare Libra guy if he’s scared by his own emotions, and he probably is. Tying down a Libra guy can take time and patience. Even the Charming Libra will feel the need to exercise his own desires. A Libra guy will always have the whim to entertain others, which is why jealousy won’t be favored. Libra guy will simply ignore you if you get to be too much, but he will always be back if he loves you. And Libra guy returns to the place he feels most connected. Plus Libra guy knows that while a person can fulfill their playful aspects elsewhere that they need to be with someone who provides more of a balance; someone who provides a greater sense of control. And Libra guy doesn’t like to hurt people’s feeling so try not to think the worst of him. A younger Libra guy is more likely for wandering that leads to trouble. The maturity of any guy is marked by his years, but also through his own capabilities and his individual development. Libra guy isn’t the first to grow up, in fact he is often the Peter Pan, Lil’ Wayne, lost boy who never wants to grow up completely.

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Scorpio Man (October 23-November 22)

Scorpio man is one of a kind that is for sure. There are exceptions here, but usually this Male Zodiac Love Interesttakes in more than he sends off. Scorpio man is not about the words he is about the actions. If Scorpio man doesn’t text you when you expect him to it’s because he is not even thinking about texting, you. Scorpio man likes to saturate himself with the moment, whatever that may be. He’s prone to being silent but deadly. He’s an extremist, good when he’s good, bad when he’s bad, but usually very good or very bad. Scorpio man loves with the intent that it is forever. Storing their faith and trust in you is a big deal. Rapper Drake is a Scorpio, what does his music tell you? Scorpio man has massive trust issues. This man is not going to give up his heart unless he knows it is going to be taken care of. Showing love is the key here, but Scorpio male needs to work on communicating. Natural sex appeal is awesome, but when you get older this is not going to hold up. Scorpio can be hot and cold. Don’t take this personally. There are certain people Scorpio feels more comfortable losing it in front of, but even that is rare because Scorpio is all about control. Scorpio man hates for others to see him lose it. Simply put, Scorpio man does nothing without intent. Therefore, if Scorpio man isn’t returning your calls, let it be. If he wants to see you, he will be game to do so. If he’s here today, gone tomorrow, let him go. He’s not worth the energy. If he’s difficult to begin with that means he will only get messier. Look for clean cuts when shopping for a Scorpio. Try to avoid a Scorpio who is still hung up on their last chapter, and you will be hard-pressed to find a heartbroken Scorpio who isn’t. This is not the man who jumped back in the saddle with glee–or at least not for too long. Generally, Scorpio man is looking for someone to really be with. If you think this, is you, pay attention to his actions. If he’s paying attention to you then that’s your indicator, don’t let words have too much volume in your verdict.

Sagittarius Man (November 22-December 21)

He’s busy but it’s nothing personal. Sag man is a bit of a “businessman”, he’s chasing after that paper, and it’s mapped out in six different directions. This is to say that he does a lot or is involved in a lot of different things. You might think this means other women, which could be true, but a mature Sag man (in love) is generally loyal to his Boo. Sagittarius man doesn’t want to be pestered in love. He does the pestering. If you let him, he will be needy of you, and in spirit of helping you improve your flaws. Sag man can’t help but seek perfection, and when he looks at something he wants it to shine (as perfectly as he does–or at least as perfect as he thinks he does) he tries to communicate this. Sagittarius man can have a diluted sense of confidence or a diluted sense of sense, which can make emotional intimacy rough. You can’t be the one to falter at this. You have to master emotional intimacy or at least protection and security if you plan to love this man long-term. This being said, if he’s busy, he’s busy, just don’t bother him. Even if this means he is out at a party with other females—let it be. You will only wake the temper in this man, and trust. You do not want to do that. He’s part businessman, but also part gypsy. He wants to wander, and he wants to place his bets, but remember this man is The Archer, he is on the hunt for a rare find. What he can get easily will be disposed of. He needs random adventures and seclusion to feel agile—don’t take it personally, Sag man can only be aware of what is in front of him. If you aren’t there, he’s not thinking about it too much. If he’s with you, he trusts you, and knows that if he wants to, he can always see you later.

Capricorn Man (December 22-January 19)

He’s often timely and predictable, though Capricorn men born closer to Sagittarius tend to borderline on reckless. Capricorn man has a place, time and binary for everything. If he’s left you, it’s because he feels so attractive and powerful and wishes to explore his options. Though despite the sexual conquests available to him, Capricorn man will always return to the place where his heart feels most at home. This is important, building a sense of structure, devotion and loyalty, which this hard-working man can come home to. Capricorn man supports the goals of his partner, but when personally committed, he doesn’t need everyone in his life to be of a high caliber. In fact, this man is attracted to submission. In bed and in work he likes to dominate. He can be out dominated by beauty, heart, and charm. At the root he either wants someone as shrewd as he can be or someone who is much, much sweeter and will ignite his sensitive sappy side. A side that can get lost in his pompous exterior, which doesn’t always let people know that there is a softer side. Capricorn man is very much what he says he is. If he asks you for your company, he means it, and will take offence if you rebuff him on more than one occasion. He takes his time seriously and so should you. Mind you, a true testament to his love is whether he can relax with you. Snuggling up on the couch in comfy clothes and doing nothing. This is the most natural Capricorn can be and if he can be this way with you, well that is saying something because once this man decides to stick it is usually for great lengths, and often forever, if he can help it.

Aquarius Man (January 20-February 18)

He’s not the type of guy to do anything by the book. He wrote his own book. Aquarius guy has his own agenda. He will expect you to adjust to his ways. Aquarius guy does not change for anyone. He may settle down with the woman who tickles his fancy, but he won’t sacrifice his ultimate independence easily. He can be prone to disappearing or failing at communication in relationships. Let him be. He will be in touch with you if it is in his heart to do so, but he can’t be pegged down. He especially will not be held down by anyone who he questions. He’s a bit of a weirdo, but a loveable weirdo at that. He does things to the beat of his own drum, and usually this is a tune that everyone wants to dance along to. Don’t play the jealousy card with this guy. He doesn’t react well to “needy” in anyone, but you’ll find he has a soft spot for you if he feels like he “needs” you. Aquarius guy loves women and generally has many female friends. He can be a huge flirt, is great with the charm, but this doesn’t mean it leads anywhere later. Even if this man is capable, very capable of having charmed one-night stands, he’s also very capable of keeping his flirtations platonic. Either way, all the evil you imagine he feels towards you is likely not well fared. Aquarius guy is only mean upon reason to be. Otherwise, he wants to retain friendliness with everyone, including his exes or one-night flings.

Pisces Man (February 19-March 20)

There are probably no two greater opposites than the male and female Fish. It’s true to form here: there are plenty of fish in the sea and each fish type holds different attributes. Some are bad trout, and some are starfish, here’s hoping he’s the better of the bunch. Generally, this man makes the mistakes of confusing love and sex. Sometimes sex will create him a future, perhaps a child, an unforeseen marriage and then perhaps a divorce. It is not unlikely for a Pisces guy to be married more than once. Pisces guy has a good heart, but sometimes gets carried away in manipulations. Pisces guy is persistent when wants something. He will say all the right things and be a prince in the moment only to turn back into a toad. This happens. Don’t let it steer you. The Fish can be full of complimenting, generous passionate. A Pisces guy in his right flavor can make you feel like you are the only girl in the world, but they are moody. What goes up must come down. In order to truly love this man, you will have to be emotionally patient and emotionally strong. Like Scorpio, you may wonder why he hasn’t texted you, but it probably hasn’t even occurred to him to text you. Pisces guy also likes to saturate himself in the moment. Water signs tend to have this charming effect on people, which is why their lives are often a bit more unpredictable. If he’s a smart fish and a good-looking fish, he probably knows it. Tread with caution. Remember he doesn’t know what he wants yet and might rely on a partner to guide him because he still has so much growing up to do. Also, he doesn’t want to grow up, generally this man is a big kid at heart. He might know some of the things he wants, but much he is figuring out along the way.

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