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Your Perfect Wedding According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your Perfect Wedding According to Your Zodiac Sign

Many of us dream of our wedding day, whatever our gender is. It’s not just something reserved for girly girls. And sure, some of us don’t ever want to ever get married. But wouldn’t it be nice to know what your perfect wedding would look like? Because let’s face it, planning a wedding is hard.

Your Perfect Wedding According to Your Zodiac Sign, you would wish to…

It’s one of the most stressful things we can ever do. From the cake, to the flowers, to who to invite or whether to elope- these are all questions weighing on our mind leading up to the big day.

So, if you’re someone planning a wedding, or if you just want some entertainment, read on to explore your perfect day according to your zodiac sign:

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Your Perfect Wedding If You’re An Aries

The truth is, you’d rather just get it over and done with, Aries. Sitting around and waiting for the big day will drive you absolutely crazy.

You’re decisive, so planning a wedding should be pretty straightforward, which your lover will appreciate – or not. You could become quite stressed when you don’t get your way, so be careful of being too pushy.

An impulsive, spontaneous wedding may be your perfect solution, where you don’t have to worry about guest lists or what color the flowers are.

Even better is a destination wedding to some adventurous place you’ve never been before. No one does elopement quite like your zodiac sign!

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Taurus

Being ruled by Venus, you’re usually the type to totally dream about the perfect day Taurus. You want it done the traditional way, with the usual rules and customs.

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You respect the institution of marriage as a whole and will want to look back and know that you ticked all the boxes.

Romance is ultra-important – the right flowers, music and vows will be things that you take your time to consider. You may drive a more impatient partner absolutely nuts as you slowly and carefully find the perfect colors and themes.

Number-one is the food: you’d never dream of serving bad food at your wedding. It’s almost as important to you as the wedding day itself!

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Gemini

The biggest problem with you and wedding planning is the fact that you’re going to change your mind about a thousand times, Gemini.

There are just too many options for you, making you feel quite frazzle and concerned that you’re not going to pick the right thing. Thus, you need a wedding planner more than any other zodiac sign.

Their ability to structure and whittle down the options will come as pure relief. Your biggest priority is the guests – you want everyone to come, acquaintance or family, so as long as that happens, you’ll be happy.

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It also needs to be a day where there’s plenty of laughter, fun, and play!

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Cancer

Oh, Cancer. You are a prime candidate for a dream wedding. A flowing white dress and soft pastel decorations under the light of the Full Moon whilst you kiss your dream Queen/King is what fairytales were made of.

Family is going to be a huge factor in your wedding – there are some you’re feuding with, and some you’re really close to, which may cause quite a lot of stress for you.

Just be careful not to try and overthink it, and don’t get too caught up in the drama. Invite your loved ones, but only if they have a real place in your life.

Your day needs to be cozy, intimate, and emotional, with a great photographer, homemade food and your mum sitting right up front.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Leo

There’s no one who does lavish quite like you, Leo. You’ll think nothing of spending thousands on a wedding that makes the stars blush.

You want the very best dress/suit, the yummiest and most gourmet food and gorgeous gifts to spoil your guests with. And for you, the more, the merrier, though family will take precedence over friends.

You generally love children, so they should feature strongly in your ideal day, along with the family pets. Holding your wedding at a stunning wine farm or boutique hotel seems right up your alley, with no expenses spared.

The romance will be off the hook as well, and your vows should be deeply meaningful and show the world how proud you are of your spouse to be. Just be careful of becoming a demanding ‘Bride-Zilla’.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Virgo

Oh, the details! There are so many to think of, right Virgo? You’re going to be stressed as anything, so best you accept that right away and have your plans ready long before the actual day.

It’s also a good idea to accept that you’re just not going to get everything absolutely perfect – there will be at least one small flaw that you can’t do anything about, so let it go.

The sooner you can do that, the more enjoyable the process is. You’re not one for grand events, but everything that you do decide on has to be the best, even if it’s simple.

A forest wedding or something in nature would suit you well, with everything made out of natural and sustainable materials. The food also needs to be healthy, yet yummy – nothing that will upset your delicate digestive system.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Libra

Being the classic relationship sign, you’re probably going to do weddings better than anyone else you know Libra.

You have such excellent taste and such a good eye for beauty that people are just going to be left awed by the utter gorgeousness of your wedding.

You love the ‘bohemian chic’ type of wedding style, where macrame and nature go hand in hand. Dreamy fabrics and delicate details are all going to make your wedding stand out, and the photos will be perfect.

You’ll do your absolute best to please everyone but be careful that you’re not leaving your own desires out in the process.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Scorpio

If it were totally up to you, you’d probably have a midnight wedding and have everyone dressed in black and/or red. If you can pull this off, Scorpio, go for it – it’ll be something to remember!

But if not, you’ll satisfy yourself with a wedding that’s lush, passionate, and deep. Your vows are going to be something very powerful and intense and will move guests to tears.

With all of this said, you’re probably less focused on the wedding itself than the actual experience of marriage – and the wedding night.

You’ll have the raciest, sauciest underwear and a whole bunch of wedding night tricks that will leave your sweetheart breathless.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Sagittarius

It’s a little surprising that you’re reading this Sagittarius, to be honest. Marriage isn’t really your thing, and if it’s on the cards, you’re unlikely to stress about it. A spontaneous, travel-based wedding is your absolute dream, without all the fuss and frills – especially the frills.

You dislike the soppiness of weddings and sometimes find them really boring so even if you’re not off eloping together to some foreign country, you’ll have a wedding that’s fun and different.

Fun is a major factor for you, so your biggest spend is likely to be on alcohol. You want your guests to be nicely lubricated for the Reception, which is something you’ll probably throw a great deal of effort into.

Also, the honeymoon needs to be somewhere amazing, and you simply will have to get on a plane right after the festivities!

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Capricorn

Tradition is going to be important to you, Capricorn. You want to follow all the rules and do it just right. You’ll have a lavish wedding, but not so much that it looks extravagant.

Everything will be understated elegance, and the quality of your food, décor and everything else are likely to be top-notch. You’ll probably also hire a top wedding planner and coordinator you can find to ensure that everything runs as planned.

You take the whole idea of weddings very seriously, but even more so, you take the idea of marriage as an institution to heart. When you make a promise, you make it for life and will commit to your role, duty, and responsibility as a wife/husband.

You may not be the most romantic type as practicality is more your thing. But your heart is in the right place.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re An Aquarius

You’re completely unpredictable, Aquarius, so the fact that you’re even getting married is a surprise.

You may decide to do it the traditional way, or you may end up having the weirdest, most unusual wedding ever. Probably the latter. You don’t want to be like other people, and you’d sooner hold your wedding at a local club or festival than in a church.

You just want all your best friends to be a part of it, to celebrate with you and have a good time. You’ll probably put quite a bit of energy into the stag or hen night, making it a night to remember! Just don’t do it too close to the wedding, as you may have a days-long hangover.

Your Perfect Wedding If You’re A Pisces

As one of the most romantic signs in the world, you’ll probably have the dreamiest wedding ever. Everything is important to you Pisces, from the venue (by the sea, preferably), to the music (extremely important) and the photography (you’ll have the most gorgeous photos).

Your vows will be very sweet, emotional, and meaningful and you may even do well having a religious wedding, where there’s something of the “divine” permeating every part of it. Your spirituality is important to you, so it needs to be a big part of your day.

You may have a small wedding but being a people-pleaser, you may also invite everyone, from your close family to the neighbor down the road. You just want everyone to share in your utter bliss, joy, and happiness.

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