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Zodiac Signs Attitude about Sex

Zodiac Signs’ Attitude about Sex

Each sign of the Zodiac represents archetypical energy, the essence of energy in the psyche, and the incarnated world.  As archetypes, the signs have rather definitive ways they prefer to express themselves in all areas of life.

This article will look at how each sign, essentially, wants to experience and enjoy sex, as well as the shadow expression of this energy.  In another article, I wrote about Mars and Sexuality, which looked at the planet through the lens of each sign.

This article will consider only the sign and how each sign prefers to express itself sexuality.

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Aries is the archetype for action, independence, the self, and selfishness.  Sex needs to be vigorous, fun, new, and often.  There is no downside regarding sex unless Aries cannot “get some”.  A quickie or a more lasting encounter does not really matter to this archetype. The downside is usually for the partner who is not Aries, or another fire sign, or possibly an air sign.

Aries likes to come and go as he or she pleases.  While in the moment, Aries will be completely focused on having the best experience possible, but once the moment has passed, Aries typically “does not look back”.  Aries can also be a bit limited sexually since the race to orgasm, his or her own, can be a rather short distance for some.


Taurus loves sex, bodies, physicality, and sensuality.  Sex needs to last and be a complete immersion in pleasure.  There is no rush, and the quality of the sex needs to be the best.  The bed needs to be sturdy, the sheets 600 thread count, and the toys (if selected) need to be unbreakable and top of the line.  The downside to Taurus can be a relentless need.

Taurus can get lost in sexual pleasure, wearing out partners who cannot keep up and endure with their demanding appetite. Scents and tastes are part and parcel of the Taurean enjoyment; they can really enjoy sex as an outdoor activity, full of sweaty intensity.


Like all air signs, sex routes through communication and imagination.  Sex talk works for Gemini, as does experimentation. If Gemini can imagine it, then there will certainly be at least one occasion to give it a try.  Extremely creative and open, Gemini loves to learn about every subject in every way; sex is just another subject.

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As you might guess, this openness may not sit well with partners who prefer monogamy, routine, or familiarity.  Also, there may be many sex acts a lover would not want to try that a Gemini would have no problem learning or trying.  They are simply curious about sex in all its forms and thoughts.


Cancer is one of the most sexual of signs; you are not the mother of Zodiac without enjoying sex.  Mother in the kitchen; porn star in the bedroom.  If a Cancer trusts you, there really are no limits to the sexual experiences you can enjoy.  But that trust comes with a “do not share” policy so be sure you want a Cancer lover and no other.

Emotions run deep in this sign and sex is a powerful way to express and enjoy emotions.  However, this sign can also be possessive in an unhealthy way that can make sex another passive-aggressive punishment in an arsenal of passive-aggressive attacks if he or she feels slighted, taken for granted, or ignored.


Sex is one of the best opportunities to perform, role play, and show off.  Leo loves a great love affair and wants to be loud and proud in the bedroom, maybe with the curtains slightly open so the neighbors can see how awesome the sex is next door.  Costumes, lavish dinners out, giving and receiving gifts all help turn the Leo on.

As a result of connecting everything to performance, this sign can turn out to be the most self-conscious and narcissistic when unhealthy.  The need to “keep up appearances” can lead to some unsavory behavior and attitudes about sex and sexuality.  There is a need and value in being praised that can devolve into a need for constant reinforcement and attention if there are sexual problems.


Although the sign of the Virgin, Virgo is an earth sign that very much enjoys sex, but in very particular ways.  Cleanliness and bodily health are important for this sign in their sexual encounters.  Virgo can and wants to be of service sexually through the mastery of technique.  There is an attentiveness in sexual interaction that is second to none.

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That attentiveness can become a need for perfection that can block sex from happening or detract from the joy of the experience.  While Leo is concerned with the criticism of others, Virgo can inhibit its sexual health with self-criticism.


As an air sign, sex is cerebral, connecting with Libra’s ideals of fairness and harmony.  Libra wants you to “get your fair share” during sex and expects you to communicate what you need as it works to also anticipate what you want.  Speaking openly about your desires and how you get turned on is the turn-on for Libra.

On the downside, the effort to give the other person what they want and always find balance can get overdone when the partner wants the Libra to “just go for it”.  Too much “what do you want?” questioning can really kill the mood.


Scorpio is the sign associated with pure sexual desire and lust, fascinated with the power plays and emotional intensity that raw sexual energy opens up.  Consensually, this sign will go further and deeper than any of the other signs.  This is the sign of the femme fatale and the rogue.

This sign also rules sexual taboos and deviations that can be harmful to the emotional health of a partner if they act with unbridled desire.  Because of the intense, fundamental nature and need for sexuality, this sign is the most likely to form unhealthy addictions related to sex and sexuality.


As a fire sign, Sagittarius enjoys the creative energy that the pursuit and enjoyment of sex brings to life.  They want to be worldly and knowledgeable about sex through diverse sexual experiences.  Since Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, sexual encounters are but another form of adventure.  Like Gemini, they want to explore variety, which can be done through travel and engagement with different cultures and customs.

The tireless pursuit of new sexual knowledge can leave many broken hearts behind them.  And negatively, they can become domineering and dismissive to a sexual partner who is not as experienced or devoted to new experiences as they are.


In its pure form, Capricorn is about achievement and constantly improving, using every tool at its disposal to make gains.  Sex can be an enjoyable tool in its pursuit of success and goals.  As the final earth sign, Capricorn enjoys the physicality of sex and pursues vigorous activity.

Negatively, this sign can be one of the most practical about his or her sex life.  If the energy for sex interferes with other, large goals, then they can easily assume the role of the monk or nun, which may not be much fun for a long-term partner or lover who wants to be valued and sexually active with them.


Aquarius is the most scientific of the air signs, meaning that it can be very willing to try new experiences for the sake of the knowledge and wisdom it can impart.  It is also the sign that can be both the most conventional and unconventional about sex because it is idealistic and revolutionary.  Not only will they put themselves in the experiment of sex, but they will also be willing to experiment with you.

As is the case with the study of something, detachment can become extreme and partners can end up at the mercy of Aquarius in a way that feels less like an emotional connection and more like an objective lab experiment.


The last water sign enjoys flowing into and out of sexual opportunities with its willingness to enjoy sex as a way to help others meet their emotional needs through sex.  If you need your sex to be tender or rough, Pisces can adapt and enjoy what you enjoy.  This sign really gets his or her pleasure from your pleasure.

On the downside, all this flowing and adapting can make the sign a cipher, with no boundaries or push back which can make the sex boring and predictable over time.  The willingness to “make love to everyone” and without condition can reach the extreme, leaving partners feeling less than special.

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