July 16, 2024
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There are many mystical, spiritual, and religious accounts describing auras. Many works have been dedicated to it, with different visions of the number of energy layers that form it, its colors, and their properties. You can learn here how to better understand your aura, purify it, and use it to practice healing (aura healing). 

If there is one concept shared by Oriental and Occidental traditions, it is that of the aura, even if the explanations and meanings of the term vary greatly from one vision to another.

The main difference between the two concepts (oriental and occidental) is that in the western version, the aura is an attribute reserved for saints and is situated around or above the head.

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In oriental vision, the aura encloses the entire body, and all human beings possess one. This concept has been adopted by numerous spiritual and esoteric traditions in the West.

What Is the Aura in the Human Body?

Globally speaking, the aura can be described as a luminous halo composed of a number of layers. It is also called the subtle body, etheric body, or energy field. The halo resembles a rainbow according to those who have seen the layers and their different colors.

Auras radiate around the physical body. The state an aura is in can provide vital information about the physical health, psychic vitality, and spiritual level of a person. In its optimal state of harmony and perfect functioning, auras resemble the one in the photograph above.

Most of the time, however, an aura will not be as luminous as the one in the photograph because of imbalances that appear regularly between people and the external world, depending on a person’s inner psychic, spiritual, and physical states.

There are many auric therapies designed to preserve or restore this energy field that is the real limit of our being, the physical body being only its visible part.

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Your Aura: An Invisible Protecting Shield

An aura can be compared to an invisible protective shield, our ultimate line of defense against all forms of physical, psychic, or spiritual aggression.

protective shield

Your physical body and your mind are in constant interaction with your aura. If your aura is in good shape and functioning harmoniously, your physical body and your mind will be at their best, and perfectly fulfill their respective roles. If your body and mind are functioning at their full potential, your aura will reflect the benefits of their positive effects.

The interconnection of your aura, body, and mind explains why you can have a positive effect on your aura by working on your body and mind. Anything you do to improve them will have repercussions on your aura, and vice-versa!

Your aura is the veritable guardian of your being. It protects you against external harmful actions, and helps you benefit from all goodness around you!

Your Aura: A Relay Network for Subtle Energies

Your aura is also a sender and receiver of subtle energy that helps you with your spiritual progress, and in developing extra sensorial abilities. Acting as a relay between the worlds of spiritual energy at work in the universe, your aura transmits its positive vibrations to your physical body.

This energy is transformed into physical substances that improve the functioning of your entire organism. That benefits your brain, your heart, your nervous system, and all the other processes at work in your body.

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In addition, positive vibrations received by your aura from the outside enable you to unblock and start using all your hidden possibilities.

Why Is My Aura Unbalanced?

Your aura is the veritable reflection of your general state of well-being and a warning about problems that are present or coming soon. It warns you by launching an alert signal.

All the problems you encounter affect your aura. The etheric fields concerned by such disturbances change in color, vibrate at a lower frequency, become unharmonious, and do not fulfill their function of protecting your physical and psychic bodies, and accelerating your personal development.

unbalanced aura

In these cases, you need to rebalance your disturbed aura so that your physical and mental functions become coordinated and work in harmony once again.

If you feel good, if you are confident and have positive thoughts and feelings, if you are experiencing success and your projects are working out, then your aura will be brilliant, clear and pure.

A pure aura spreads harmony, composed of beautiful vibrations, colors, and brilliant light, all around you. You feel you are in great shape, your mind is quick and clear, you’re dynamic, creative and express your full potential.

On the other hand, if you feel bad, if you lack self-assurance, if your thoughts are negative and pessimistic, your emotions negative, and if you go from one failure to another and never seem to attain your goals… then your aura will be dull, unbalanced and cloudy.

It will be reduced, restricted, and confined. Its vibrations will be weak and irregular, and only radiate dark shades of color.

Aura Healing

Since your aura, body, and mind are interdependent, you will not be in the best condition. You may even be ill or weak, your mind is often confused and cloudy, and you can’t seem to make the right decisions.

But all that is not irreversible. To extricate yourself from such a vicious circle, you need to act on your body and mind to restore the harmonious functioning of your aura so it can once again fulfill its role of protector.

One effective meditation to cleanse your aura of negative energy

You can cleanse your aura when your general state of being is negative, when you are not in good health, or when your plans and projects fail.

The best thing is to prevent future problems by purifying your aura now. That way you can avoid much unpleasantness, and make your dreams become a reality much more rapidly.

aura cleansing meditation

Starting now, you can practice a type of meditation that strengthens your aura healing process. It may not enable you to see your aura (who knows, maybe it will!) but it will go a long way toward helping you restore your aura’s balance.

  • Isolate yourself in a quiet place where no one will bother you for 10 to 15 minutes, either indoors or outside.
  • Sit on a chair, with your back straight, arms on your thighs, and palms facing upward. If you are outdoors you can simply lean against a tree, standing or sitting with your legs crossed.
  • Breathe in and out naturally. Your breathing will become deeper on its own, increasing your state of relaxation and enabling you to access a higher level of consciousness.
  • Stare at the image of the aura you found at the beginning of this article or close your eyes and visualize it. The choice is yours.
  • Now transpose the visualization over your own body, by seeing yourself enclosed in an aura of the same form and colors.
  • Keep concentrating on this visualization, and don’t think of anything else. Just let your thoughts pass through your mind without trying to hold on to them.
  • Observe (or intensely visualize) the energy fields emitted by your aura, starting with the outermost ring, and then continuing inwards, one by one, towards the center of your being.
  • Remain in this state of intense concentration for 10 to 15 minutes, and then gradually resume your day-to-day activities.

After practicing this meditation, you should feel better, have more vitality, be physically and mentally relaxed, and be more optimistic. Or you may experience pleasant sensations that are completely your own.

You can take that as a sign that you have successfully rebalanced your aura since all pleasant sensations and emotions depend on its health.

This meditation of strengthening your aura by entering into contact with it, if done regularly, will have a beneficial influence on your entire being.

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