July 17, 2024
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“It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction.”

 Charles Hammel (July 12, 1930 — April 9, 2015), American congressional aide.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be really lucky while others do not? (Case in point: you…)

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This question has puzzled many great men and women since the dawn of time, and many of them failed not only to solve this problem but also in most of their attempts to draw luck to them.

Most people think that luck is only meant for… the “lucky few”! That luck is something that randomly falls on your lap, and that when you are out of luck, there is nothing that can be done about it!

They even convince themselves that, in their own case, they will never be lucky at all, that misfortune will stick to them like glue for the rest of their life.

Consequently, unbeknownst to them, these very thoughts are the main source of their own misery, as they actually ensure that they will never get Lady Luck’s favors!

How can you make your own luck??

What if all these beliefs were wrong? What if you could generate luck at will? Get rid of this misfortune that is always lurking around and that you have pretty much accepted as a constant companion?

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What if you could draw luck to you at any time, even on a daily basis, to grant all your wishes in every domain?

Do you want to have more money and get out of the financial insecurity that has been sapping your life on a daily basis, instead of being able to treat yourself to any material goods you might like?

Yes Check It can be done!

Do you want to find love, be successful in your seduction attempts, be in a happy and stable relationship, finding satisfaction for any intimate desire?

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Do you want to find a job, or change your current job for one that you genuinely like, where you can blossom and grow, have decent pay, and truly active and team-oriented colleagues…?

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Would you like to be in good health, safe from any illness, in great shape, or to lose some weight…?

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Would you like to go on a trip, even just a weekend, to break away from your daily routine and truly let yourself go?

Yes Check It can be done!

Would you like to make all your dreams come true, fulfill all your wishes? To fill your existence with more pleasure, laughter, and joy?

Yes Check It can be done!

Anything else?

Yes Check It can be done!

You might tell something like,

  • “Yes, I would love all of it, or part of it, and more, but this is a fool’s dream!”
  • “I made so many efforts in my life to do so, but I never managed to achieve my goals”
  • “Or it did not last, and I soon returned to my unsatisfactory existence! This was even more frustrating because all the happiness I experienced was merely fleeting! I won’t get fooled again!”
  • “Luck is not meant for me! It only favors a handful of people or strikes randomly!”
  • “Yes, I already heard it all before, but I made a fool of myself believing all these promises! It does not work!”
  • “There must be some kind of curse or evil spell keeping me stuck in this life I do not like! There is nothing that can be done!”
confused person

Well, if this is the way you think, if you have adopted even one of these ideas, or if you have some kind of similar prejudice, you will never change, and you might miss out on your true existence!

You could change it all with the Law of Attraction!

It is obvious that if you are currently leading an unsatisfactory life, it is not by choice or out of pleasure. You rather have to endure this existence because you have not managed to set yourself free from it, sometimes in spite of considerable efforts to that effect!

But unfortunately, you have never experienced any change so far, or just little alterations that never lasted long!

And yet there is a simple way to change it all, to lead the life of your dreams and access all your desires!

It is even easier to claim it since thousands, or even millions of people all over the world have used, are using right now, or will eventually use this cosmic principle to alter their existence!

You might have heard about this cosmic principle, or maybe you have heard the name without really understanding what it truly meant! What if luck was something genuine, that was called “Law of Attraction”!?

You will now discover all about it, but most of all you will need to put this Law of Attraction into practice because it might turn your existence upside down!

Once again, don’t be content with a simple intellectual read-through of this page before moving on to something else, or – which would be even worse – putting this book aside and forgetting about it! Do not merely enjoy learning about a new and appealing theory… without putting it into practice!

This would be a waste of time and a huge wasted opportunity!

Be careful, the Law of Attraction is not a magic wand!

You might have read or watched the Harry Potter series written by the famous English writer J.K Rowling about the adventures of a young wizard.

wizard with magic wand

Harry Potter reached international fame through his magic tricks and all the extraordinary changes he could summon with his magic wand, which let him alter reality at will!

You might have seen these movies, or other feature films or television series about sorcerers and magic: but don’t think the Law of Attraction works like a magic wand.

It will not offer you everything you want with just a snap of your fingers or with any magic wand! But it has been effective since the dawn of time for anyone who practices its principles. So, there is no reason why it should not be the same for you! Once you have learned its principles, you will need to follow a specific strategy to put it into practice.

Indeed, in any field of expertise, just like any other method, if you dive in headfirst into the use of the Law of Attraction without a specific plan, aimlessly, just following some impulse or hope to change your life… you will soon lose all your resolve.

Without any personal strategy, you will spread yourself thin in every direction, wasting your time with useless distractions… Unable to see any result, you will blame the Law of Attraction and believe that it doesn’t work!

You will give up your preconceived notions about attracting luck, or even make a point to avoid any new attempt to use the Law of Attraction or any new personal development solution!

You might then fall back to your previous difficult situation, or even worse: to bear the burden of an existence that you do not like for the rest of your life!

The Law of Attraction sends you a strong sign, so do not miss out!

Unable to pull through with your improvised use of the Law of Attraction without organization, you will condemn yourself, unfortunately unbeknownst to you, to an existence that will only get harder and harder.

The Law of Attraction follows great cosmic principles that defy the laws of science and time.

It manifests as positive vibrations that are currently materializing into your life through the book you are currently reading.

The Law of Attraction is sending you a strong sign, so do not miss out on it!

Basics to understand the Law of Attraction

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Michael Jordan, American basketball player

The core principle of the Law of Attraction is very simple, in and of itself: Anything you can think of can materialize.

You will draw words and actions into your life that are of a similar nature to those you are generating. In other words: You are what you think you are. If you have a negative opinion about yourself, you will have some problems related to your own negative thoughts.

You will then meet people that are a poor match for you, and experience events that will run against you, what is usually called problems, troubles, delays, issues, etc.

If you do not lead the kind of life you want for yourself, it probably means that unbeknownst to you, you are already practicing the Law of Attraction… but in a negative way!

Under these conditions, this so-called luck that anyone would like to have can never be yours, because you cannot manage to attract it, or you have already tried but in the wrong way so far!

Indeed, all the bad things that have happened to you so far were not due to a stroke of bad luck, to any evil spells cast on you or any other kind of curse, but they have simply been generated by… you.

Granted, this often happens involuntarily. Unfortunately, in these cases, since you do not know the basics of the Law of Attraction, you persist with your bad habits and apply principles of life that are not suited for you, but with no idea how to get rid of them. You are entering a hellish vicious cycle!

We are our own worst enemies!

According to the Law of Attraction, the secret of a successful life is that “you are, or you shall become, who you think you are!”

This has been said by many spiritual masters and experts in personal development like Dr. Wayne Dyer (1940 – 2015) who wrote a book with a compelling title: “Change your thoughts, change your life”.

As for Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), the famous physicist who fathered the theory of relativity, he was also a great philosopher and he wrote: “You cannot solve your problems in the state of mind that contributed to create them in the first place!”

This is even more accurate for the Law of Attraction! If you want to successfully use it with efficiency, and if you are not satisfied with your life, then you first need to reverse the way you think, opposed to the way you reason, and rely on a brand new set of core values!

Likewise, when faced with a problem or trouble, breakup, illness, lack of satisfaction… the common knee-jerk reaction is to find the guilty party and the solution itself outside of your own mind.

When you practice the Law of Attraction, you will understand that both the cause and the way to solve that problem reside within you.

Instead of looking for some outside culprit, turn your gaze on yourself in order to better understand the problem, even if you are not at the source of the said problem at first sight. In this case, the way you think, speak, or actions might have been the root cause of the problem. We are our own worst enemies!

You will see that starting from this principle, if you change your state of mind you will be more creative, you will find a solution to your problems, and you will learn something from it for what comes next.

Indeed, even if you are (apparently) not the source of something terrible like a failure or problem…. It does not mean that you cannot solve it, however. If you cannot do it, it means that maybe you are not relying on positive values.

How not to draw luck to you!

losing luck

Imagine that you have some problems and that you never manage – or to infrequently to count – to get all the money you need, the love you crave, the health you want to enjoy, the job you have been dreaming about…

In such cases, you might think that it is not your fault, that it is just fate, that things will never change no matter what you do, and that you will never receive Lady Luck’s favors…

Have you noticed something in this litany of reasons (I would even say “excuses”) regarding your lack of luck? All these beliefs are negative! And so, logically, if you are having negative thoughts, how do you want to have positive thoughts and find a favorable issue to a situation, get rid of a problem, get rich, draw luck to you, find love, be in great shape…!

So far you knew how not to draw luck to you. You will now master its mechanisms thanks to the Law of Attraction!

There is a mathematical principle that can be used here.

When you add + and +, you always get +. So, 3 + 2 = (+) 5.

Conversely, if you add – and –, you will get an even more negative result. So – 3 – 2 = – 5!

This is precisely what is happening when you are in a spiral of negative thoughts. They pile up and generate even more negative thoughts and you get deeper and deeper until you drown!

So, you now understand the principle of negative thinking and how this principle applies to the Law of Attraction.

When you think in a negative way, you will draw negative vibrations from the universe to you. They will materialize as negative thoughts, words, and actions, usually named: problems, troubles, issues, delays…

What if you started using the Law of Attraction in a positive way?

Putting the Law of Attraction into practice will not be complicated on principle. You will simply need to generate positive thoughts while thinking about what you would like to have, own, fulfill, get… in any possible domain.

The Law of Attraction will consequently materialize swiftly into your existence!

To do so, generate positive thoughts that are aimed towards the improvement of your situation, no matter what it currently is!

Rather than lamenting or complaining about your misery or the problems that this person or that event has brought you, you should rejoice!

It seems weird, or even shocking, but there is nothing masochistic in this reaction!

This is the only way to invert the situation in your favor and see the silver lining by playing the Law of Attraction to your advantage!

To that end, you can use a generic sentence such as, “Thank You for what is happening to me!”

This “You” can be anything you want, according to your beliefs. You might believe in God, or in many gods, or in the Bright Light, in a Great Supreme Master, in the Great Architect of the Universe… it doesn’t matter!

If you do not believe in anything, that is not a problem either.

Just send your request to the universe, where an infinite number of positive and negative vibrations come together and mingle.

This statement, “Thank You for what is happening to me!”, will draw positive vibrations to you that will erase your mistaken thoughts from your mind and turn it into positive ideas that will, in turn, generate words and actions that will be to your benefit.

This constructive mental and physical attitude will be at the root of radical upheaval in your life, even if sometimes you might need to wait a little while for it to happen.

This change will occur more or less fast depending on how strong negative thoughts are rooted in your mind, just like some weeds are hard to eradicate depending on how long their roots are!

Remove all the weeds planted in your mind

You probably have already tried to remove weeds or parasite plants in a yard, but sometimes it is much harder than it seems at first sight! You have rooted or climbing plants that you believe will be easy to eradicate, but sometimes they are so deeply rooted in the ground or in cracks in a wall that they have spread over.

Sometimes you will need to dig deep in the ground or reach within the cracks to have a chance to get rid of them.

The swiftness of their disappearance depends on the tools and efforts that you will provide to achieve this work.

The same thing happens with negative thoughts. Some almost disappear on their own, while others require hours or even days of efforts before they disappear.

In truth, everything depends on your motivation and your outlook about life. If your motivations are clear and if your belief in the power of the Law of Attraction is strong, then you will swiftly achieve your goals.

Now everything depends on you!

everything depends on you

Make your own reality!

As you will see for yourself, with the Law of Attraction you are what you think. So, if you think positively on a regular basis, you will eventually become this positive person, and be as successful as you want to become. But first, you need to want it.

So, your core mantra should be:

“I am a positive person that succeeds in anything I undertake!”

Even if that is currently not the case, it doesn’t matter! Just focus on these thoughts as hard as you can; visualize yourself as a successful person, feel the emotions that go along with it, and it will accelerate the replacement of your current mistaken ideas with motivations that will push you in the right direction.

And so, little by little, you will create your own reality that will get increasingly real as time goes by!

So, starting now, or as soon as possible, change the way you think. In the same way that using patience the ocean can erode the biggest granite cliffs, you will eventually shatter the think and dark walls of your negative thoughts to replace them with majestic, solid, and bright walls of positive thoughts.

Just like your current thoughts used to generate, or still do, negative words and actions, your positive thoughts will unfailingly generate positive words and actions in turn.

This process will get you anything you want, from benevolent people to favorable events in a steady flow of positivity.

Ready for action with the positive practice of the Law of Attraction!

In order to turn your current state of mind around, because it keeps you on the wrong path leading to a destination that isn’t a good fit for you, you should think in the opposite way from what you are currently thinking…

You are not the source of this negative situation, alter your thoughts to match those below. Of course, these thoughts are just examples. You can naturally use them, elaborate your own thoughts, or mix and match.

Regardless of the ingredients, you use in your mental cooking session, what matters is that the final recipe (the life of your dreams) will be delicious!

Let’s get cooking (your mind)!

Imagine that you are having problems and seldom or never manage to meet your goals. For instance, you cannot: have all the money you want, the love you are dreaming about, the health you want to nurture, the job you are aiming for… Now you need to turn it around and think positively!

Reverse the negative flow of your existence… Now!

If you are currently in a situation similar to one of those described above: if you want to turn this around, you should think positive thoughts about the problem (or problems) currently tormenting you!

For instance: with conviction and regularity, tell yourself that being poor, in bad health, or leading some unsatisfactory life, is not some inescapable fate. Things can always change no matter how hermetic or insolvable any situation might seem to be!

There are no problems, only solutions!

You can also tell yourself that you are not to blame for the situation, for any failure, or for the issue or problem at hand, that you have done your best according to the circumstances, to your state of mind, and to what you knew at that moment!

Convince yourself that it is never too late to change, that just because you cannot currently see a solution does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

cleaning a window

Imagine that you are in the same kind of situation as someone standing before a dusty window. Thinking positive thoughts will be like an invisible towel wiping the dusty window of your currently confused mind, removing your negativity and letting you catch a glimpse of a potential solution.

Move from – 3 – 2 = – 5 to (+) 3 + 2 = (+) 5!

So according to your own goals, you might imagine (your choice) that:

  • You can have all the money you want!
  • You have a chance to find true love!
  • You can work at the well-paid job you crave!
  • You absolutely can be in great health!
  • You can make all your wishes come true (if you have any specific wish, you can write it down and describe it in order to hasten its fulfillment)

Have you noticed anything in this list of reasons? All these statements are positive!

And so, logically, if you have all these positive thoughts or others of a similar nature, you will generate positive thoughts and:

  • You will find a favorable outcome for any situation,
  • You will get rid of a problem,
  • You will get richer and draw luck to you,
  • You will find love and will be in great shape…
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