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1st of May 2023, the Portal of Light Activation

1st of May 2023, the Portal of Light Activation

The 1st of May, 2023, the energy in the cosmos is building to a momentous event: the Portal of Light.


What is the Portal of Light Activation?

The Portal of Light is a powerful astral event. It is a gateway that connects our physical world to the spiritual realm. It is a time when the veil between the two is lifted, allowing us to access higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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The wave of the Portal of Light began to be felt on March 23rd when Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time in over 200 years. Aquarius will reach its maximum intensity tomorrow, May 1st, as Pluto will retrograde before gradually disappearing until June 11th, when Pluto will once again exist in Aquarius.

What to expect from this Portal of Light?

During the Portal of Light Activation, the cosmic energy surrounding us will be amplified, making connecting with our higher selves, the divine, and the universe easier. This energy influx can help open our minds and hearts, allowing us to tap into our inner wisdom and intuition. Indeed, a flash of cosmic love energy will come from the M87 galaxy in the Virgo supercluster.

The Portal of Light is said to be particularly potent. It is a time when the energy of the universe is aligned in such a way as to create a powerful portal that can facilitate profound spiritual growth and transformation.

How to take advantage of this powerful Activation?

Tomorrow, we invite you to do a specific meditation session.

  1. Relax, take deep breaths.
  2. Set your intention: to open the Portal of Light. Tell yourself what you hope to gain from the experience. This could be anything from gaining clarity on a particular issue to connecting with a loved one who has passed on.
  3. Invoke the Violet Flame to create a circle of protection around you during and after meditation. Ask it to repel anything that does not serve the Light.
  4. Visualize a bright white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun spreading throughout the galaxies and entering all beings and celestial bodies until it reaches the center of your body and the Earth. The Light heals everything in its path, erases pain, and brings happiness and abundance.
  5. Visualize the new cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius, bringing pure Light, Love, and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Maybe you will also want to meditate, practice yoga, or engage in other spiritual practices in the following days. This will help quiet your mind and prepare you to receive the energy flowing through the portal.

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Above all, it is essential to approach the Portal of Light Activation with an open mind and an open heart. Trust that the universe has something in store for you, and be willing to receive whatever it may be.

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