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2023 Predictions from Egyptian Numerology

2023 Predictions from Egyptian Numerology

When I tune into Egyptian Numerology, I am fascinated with the cycles of our lives. Cycles carry a numeric vibration that guides you through your soul’s evolution. The Universe we live in orchestrates through the balance of natural laws and without them, we lose our grounding and equilibrium.

Let’s ponder for a moment about how we use cycles to determine our present-moment awareness. We live in a world of seasons, maturation, time, color, sound, spiritual evolution, weather, astrological events, lunar, and solar etc.… we can predict an outcome by following and understanding the essential patterns governed through the laws of nature.

I am going to discuss the three most important and influential cycles in Egyptian Numerology. They are the Universal Year, Personal Year, and Life Path vibrations. If you can recognize and perceive these governing numeric cycles and how they operate in your life, then you can align and work with the opportunities they create.

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So let me break down the brief meaning behind these three powerful energies so you can get a perspective of how they work independently and together.

In numerology, each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number, which holds a unique energetic influence and imprint. It’s called the Universal Year. This means that it is a collective energy in which everyone on the planet will experience the energy of a particular number during the entire year.

Each number, from one to nine, indicates a set of feelings, opportunities, and challenges that all of us may encounter within the following 12 months.

The year will feel and be experienced uniquely with each individual, but knowing the special attributes of the current Universal Year will give you a better idea of the areas of your life that may need extra attention.

We are currently in a Universal number 7 year for 2023. You can calculate the Universal year number by adding the numbers of the current year.

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For example: 2022 = 2+2+3 = 7.

2022 reflected the collective energy of a Universal number 6. It included an emphasis on nurturing, relationships, following through with obligations, taking on responsibilities, savoring home and family, higher love, balance of the heart chakra, (3 chakras below and 3 chakras above). The number six also represents our sixth sense – which means strengthening our intuition in its various forms.

Our current year – 2023 is a Universal number 7 year emphasizing introspection, reflection, emotion, analysis, intuition, seclusion, research, and trust and faith. It is an esoteric spiritual energetic year requiring you to focus on the balance between logic and intuition.

Life Path Number

The next important energy to bring to surface is your Soul Life Path number. Your Soul chose your Life Path number to experience, explore, and expand your specific potential and qualities regarding the direction of your life journey.  This includes any challenges you encounter, how you connect with the outside world, and all the opportunities that you will come across throughout your life. There are magnetic cosmic forces that are drawn to you in the form of events and circumstances that are all influenced by your Life Path vibration.

Your Life path number is calculated by adding your Birthday, month, and year. Reducing it down to a single digit number unless it is a Master number of 11, 22, 33, and 44.

The Universal Year number and your Personal year number will change every 12 months, but your Life Path number stays the same throughout your entire life.

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When the Universal year number or your Personal year number aligns with your Life Path number, it intensifies your opportunities, challenges, and insights. It strengthens your motivation and encourages you to pursue your goals during the 12 month cycle by multiplying the energy of the frequency within the numeric stratum.

The vibrations of numbers enable you to get intimate with the deeper aspects of your aspirations and it becomes a predictive tool toward understanding the diverse cycles of your life.

So, it is really important to get clear on what you desire to manifest and how best to get organized to complete your innermost desires, goals, and dreams.

Egyptian Numerology is a sacred language revealing how the personalities of numbers give you impeccable vision into your greatest Soul Potential.

Personal Year Number

Every year your personal year vibration changes depending on the numeric calculation of our birth date, month, and the current year. This gives you ample opportunities to align with the Universe and co-create with Spirit. If you were born on September 5th, you would calculate the month, day, and current year to find your Personal year number.

In this case we add 9+5+2+2+3= 21 and then reduce the 12 to a single-digit number by adding the 2+1= 3.

Your Personal Year Number in Numerology provides deep penetration into the individual potential themes and life experiences of any calendar year.  Every personal year is part of a 1 through 9-year cycle, painting your life with opportunities, challenges, and gifts of insight. If you have a life path master number 11, then you will experience an 11 Personal Year instead of the number 2.

Now, this phenomenon happens whether we are aware of it or not, but the more informed you are regarding the personal power available to you, the easier it is to manifest.

There are certain benefits and advantages to aligning with your Personal Year vibration including relationships, abundance, creativity, self-reflection, healing, health, travel, re-location, selling/ buying and so on… when we are in communion with our life path and personal year energies.

The best way to prepare for receiving this energy is to be available mentally and emotionally by spending time in nature, meditating, being grateful, and clearing past wounds as they surface to be healed. Nothing happens by chance; it is all part of the cosmic grand plan. Know that you are prepared. You are ready. Relax and Receive.

Your life Path number is the planetary frequency of the Personal Year Number that you were born into. So, for example, if you have a Soul Life path number 3, the Personal year that you were born into was also a number 3. This is why your life path and personal year energies are related and co-exist to support you in achieving success in all avenues of your life.

Your Personal year number is activated on your birthday. Although, all number vibrations are affected by the seasons, you will find that the vibration of your Personal year Number carries the strongest force during the 90-day cycle around your Birth Date. So, for example, if you were born in June, your focal energy point will be May, June, and July. It is during these months that we have the highest potential to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires.

So, lets get started on the 2023 Predictions for Life Path number one through Master number 11.


This year will bring about new beginnings, setting goals, discovering new aspects, and welcoming change. This is a good time to start a new project, job, relationship, location, and travel. It is the energy for alignment, so you want to align yourself with positive thoughts, words, and actions while following through with your deepest passions.

The number one is a conduit from matter to Spirit when you remain open and clear with your intentions allowing you to become a pure Channel for receiving intuition, illumination, and divine inspiration.

Another attribute for this year is strength and true strength comes from the inner wisdom of belonging to a force bigger than yourself. When you claim that you are more powerful than your problems and don’t hesitate to take action, you become omnipotent and invincible. Strength is courage standing up in the face of fear. It recognizes its enemy and passes up the fight to win the battle.

This year brings divine inspiration and opportunities for creativity. You may feel like the slate has been cleared after a Personal number nine year of completion. This may have unleashed a surge of energy that you haven’t experienced in a long time. This is truly a gift and an opportunity to take this energy and create from your heart because it is in these moments that you are divinely guided into the 5th dimensional consciousness.


In a number two year, it is a time to create and establish balance in every area of your life. If there is  imbalance, this is the time to correct it.  It can be a challenging year but once you understand the lessons, it becomes rewarding.

Partnerships are attracted during this year as well as agreements, and legal action. It can be an emotional time as you discover your feelings regarding your relationships with others. When you begin to honor one another, it gives you the opportunity to mature out of judgment and evolve out of self-centered behavior. This is the year to stop blaming others for your life challenges.

You eventually emerge into a higher love and take responsibility for your life. When you accomplish this, your relationships with others take a compassionate route toward perfect union. You begin to acknowledge your reflection in others and unconditional love becomes possible.

Psychic abilities, creativity, and intuition will be at an ultimate high this year, so take the time to go a little crazy and wild exploring the depth of your imagination and passion.  You may be encouraged to add some creative projects to your daily routine in order to maintain a state of balance in your world. This may appear in the form of writing, painting, dancing or drawing on canvas. Have some fun and surrender to your passions as they surface to be explored, experienced, and expressed.


This is a year for social activity, creativity, and self-expression. It is also about healing your inner child.  It is a time for playfulness, inspiration, and joy and nobody knows how to express this better than your “Inner Child.”

If there is anything blocking you from being able to express your playfulness, it will come up to be healed during this year.

Your inner child longs to direct his/her vulnerable intentions through creative talents and it is necessary to remove all obstacles and explore resistance for you to build a healthy playground in which to explore, expand, and experience.

If you choose not to surrender to your vulnerable and creative nature this year, not only will you be passing up the opportunity to fully live through your passions, the process of not releasing this energy could block you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Social Activity and friendships play an important role in your enjoyment. Is there imagination or creativity involved in your social life, or is it always following the same old routines? Are you living through your own truth or just flowing the crowd? Are you seeking friendship or approval?

If you have a creative talent, this is the year to share it with others and if you’ve wanted to start a new creative adventure, this is your time to glow. Laugh, dance, sing and tell your story because this year charisma belongs to you!


This year will find you on a path to order, construction, stability, and perseverance. If you have a project or projects to get done, organize, clean, or just need the motivation to get started, this is the year for moving forward.

The power behind your motivation is to inject love and service from your higher self and allow it to guide you in every area of your life. Your energy will flow naturally when you are filled with love for any task put in front of you and this momentum will guide you into the right action every time. Putting love first is the lesson for the year Number Four.

Life grows a new meaning in this process. Recognizing and establishing a solid foundation in all areas of your life is crucial this time of year. If you allow love to become the floor in which you build and stand on, whatever you construct becomes significantly strong and powerful.

This year is for building new dreams through the creativity of your imagination. This could be a relationship, career, location or a new health routine that allows you to prosper and grow. Allow your imagination to express itself in daily reality to create new meaning and a different way of living life. Although this year will ask you to form order and routines, there are no guidelines or limits of how far you can go to make your life more exciting in the process.


Healing, travel and transformation are all possible and encouraged this year and gratitude towards all the wonder occurring in your life is the driving force behind your personal power. Gratitude is the ultimate component in the healing process whether you are the giver or the receiver. It has the cleansing flames to burn through any and all diseases including fear, negativity and depression.

Gratitude holds the power of motivation like a wildfire scorching through any obstacles blocking its path and destination. If you desire to travel, change jobs, relationships or move locations, this year supports all these adventures and the fire energy it produces when activated will assist in any change you desire and be your ally in adaptation.

The energy of the Number Five Year can sometimes come on strong by stirring up many shifts and transitions. It may take the shape of a tornado swirling events and circumstances around you and if you don’t center yourself, it may even make you dizzy and a little uneasy.

But, don’t’ let it intimidate you, you have been preparing for this year and the best way to seize the energy is to become the “eye” of the tornado. Meditate and get clear on what it is you want and focus your intentions. Learn to harness this energy instead of letting it control you. When you can do this, everything will fall into place quite nicely and you will be able to direct your path with clarity and momentum.


Speak your highest truth this year. Be mindful of how your thoughts connect with your heart and allow Spirit to guide you. This is the year when your domestic life reflects the peace you have decorated within your soul. The focus will be on your home, family, balance, romantic encounters, and maintaining your connection with a Higher Source.

Allow your romantic dreams to surface during this time and explore new ways to connect with the people you love. When your heart and mind are open, creativity will sprout and flourish in your home life and relationships. Take advantage of your many talents and bring beauty, harmony, and love into every avenue available to you and even leave room for the unexpected.

How can your home life benefit from adding some beauty and color to each room? Is it time to take a cooking class or host a dinner party? Can you plant a garden or start an indoor herb planter? Bringing more comfort into your home this year will be splendid for your daily serenity and uplift your spirits whenever you walk through the door.

This is the year to celebrate your family and all that you have encouraged or invited into your circle of friends. Trust your truth and share it with as many people that you can resonate with by starting a support group, meeting with your neighbors, or attending a community meeting. This is a positive time to enlarge your cluster of companions and share your innate spiritual veracity.


During the Personal Year Seven, be open to your psychic abilities, challenge your intuition, and expand your creativity because the time is ripe for introspection and spiritual truth. “Know thyself and you shall know the Universe”. Exercise your spiritual gifts and don’t take them for granted because if you don’t use them, you will lose them.

Reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going, and ask yourself honestly, “Is this the right direction for me?” Are you keeping up with your devotional practices, making time for sacred space, and allowing yourself to be open to new spiritual awakenings? Make time for silence and listen for the answers to your questions.

Begin to resonate with the elemental and animal kingdom because they hold more truth than you could ever dream possible. Learn to communicate with them by studying their unique qualities and characteristics. They hold messages for us every time we listen because they see and speak with the eyes and words of the Heart.

Practice opening your third eye and believe in your visions and dreams sparked by the imagination that will appear when you do this. This is the realm without reason, and it is prone to a Higher Truth and Wisdom. When your third eye connects with your heart, you create intuition. Learn to trust this oblation. When you think you’ve opened to your Highest Truth, spread your wings, take a deep breath and amplify even more, this is the magic of the Personal Year Number Seven. This is the year of the Mystic.


This year increases your health, wealth and resources. Flood gates open for opportunities to increase your financial status. If you owe any debts, it is time to balance out your flow of income by paying off all your financial deficits. It is a great year to sell or accumulate property, business deals, and savings accounts.

Integrity is the keyword for this year. If you are aligned with integrity while giving and receiving in balance, your resources will flow naturally allowing you to amplify and manifest your material dreams. Keep your well of dreams open by aligning your intentions and motives with the purest and highest good for all involved. It is rewarding to remember that money and finances are the equivalence of energy exchange. This means that what flows in must flow out or else you will create a blockage of resources and abundance.

This is the time for a health checkup. Evaluate your physical health and increase your vitality by maintaining or expanding exercise and a healthy diet. You’ll want to challenge your physical capabilities whether it is yoga, tai chi, vigorous cardio, aerobics, martial arts, swimming, dancing or walking. Celebrate your physical body by adding positive components to your life. The goal is to be able to be healthy enough to enjoy your well of dreams.

The Personal Year Number Eight year is a quest for personal power, inner satisfaction, contentment, and happiness. Within this year, lies the opportunity to finally “Do” what you want to do which will be a journey to obtain the courage to search for what you truly desire to accomplish. If you already know what you want to do, then you will have the advantage to reach it on a much higher level. You want to seize this opportunity and bet big on yourself this year.


This is the year for completion, selfless service, and the hermit. It is a time when you are called in to evaluate all the areas of your life that need some sort of completion. You’ll want to do a spring cleaning and get rid of the old and everything that no longer serves you. It’s not so much of a chore as it is an opportunity to clear the wreckage of your past, make peace with the present, and encourage new beginnings to enter your life. This includes relationships, occupations, and even friendships.

The Personal Year Number Nine year will ask that you be of service to your community on a large scale or a small fraction such as your neighborhood. Helping the less fortunate includes our furry friends and our elemental life as well. This is the number for integrity and justice and will point to finding a worthy cause for you to contribute your time and efforts for the betterment of mankind.

You may feel the desire to isolate this year because it is the time of the “hermit” but it isn’t the kind of isolation that involves separation. It is more of a reflective nature that will rise to the surface and allow you to find peace in quiet solitude. Your soul may crave moments of recluse for you to gather your inner resources. It is a season for you to trust the silence and open to the Divine. The spirit within you needs to blend into the Great Spirit without. It is in these moments of connection that you need to expand to even more heights never dreamed possible.

This is no doubt a year for self-awareness and spiritual evolution. The Number Nine calls out to the visionaries, healers, psychics, and artists to illustrate their Divine wonder and channeling abilities. If you feel chosen to connect with Spirit to follow your calling in any of these fields, know that you are right on schedule and are being asked to reach deep within yourself to pull out the necessary components that will advance your spiritual directive.


This Personal year holds the virtues of intuition, illumination, inspiration, and imagination. These are the underlining magnet which drives you to conquer your challenges and achieve your goals with a driving force of determination, strength, and conviction beyond the average human experience.

Master Number eleven carries a higher frequency, vibration and purpose than those of single-digit years. It will demand that you expand and evolve. Often, that process will be catalyzed by drama, trauma, extreme events, or intensified circumstances but not always.

Eleven is the number of spiritual illuminations. The number 11 visually resembles a doorway, and it acts as a threshold to evolved consciousness. This energy offers deep and profound healing at a core level.

This “healing” might not be apparent from the outside because it serves more as a shift in perspective that changes you from within. This year, you can use your creativity and insight for the benefit of humanity.

Co-dependency will be a major lesson that needs to be overcome. You absolutely must learn to love yourself first and then communicate with others through compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

A part of overcoming codependency is choosing to develop and balance your masculine and feminine qualities. If you are out of balance, you will tend to seek those qualities you are lacking in your potential partners and by doing this, depend on another person to fulfil you rather than seeking wholeness within yourself.

The Master number eleven will bring an interesting paradox to surface between the individuality of the number one and the togetherness inspired by the number two. Here you are being asked to balance autonomy and partnership. The double ones offer twice the pleasure and challenges related to the number one. This year will push you to step into your power, express your individuality, and exert healthy independence while you learn how to play well with others.

The foundation energy from the eleven is all about love, relating to others, partnership, patience, and being supportive. It appears to be a major paradox between independence and partnership but when raised to a higher frequency, it becomes a natural phenomenon that all souls must experience on the road to ascension.

This concludes the 2023 Predictions for our life path numbers. If you want a personalized chart reading, schedule a session with me on my website under Services at www.egyptiannumerology.org

My blessings are with all of you throughout this exciting year to come. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Namaste’ Sara

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