June 16, 2024
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2024 Is The Best Year To Manifest And Here’s Why

2024 is going to be an incredible year for manifesting your deepest desires and watching them come to fruition. This is because 2024 is in 8 year in numerology, so let’s explore what the number 8 means and why this is the perfect year for getting exactly what you want.

Global Year Numbers

In the world of predictive numerology the start of a new year is also the start of a big global shift. Numerology is based on the principle that each of the numbers 1-9 has a specific vibration which can be witnessed in nature since numbers are everywhere and in everything!

So, the numbers in any given year can give us a lot of insight into what will transpire in the world as well as in our own personal lives.

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To find out 2024’s number we add the numbers together like this: 2+0+2+4=8. This means that 2024 is a global 8 year.

8 is the Number of Manifestation

Turn the number 8 on its side and what do you see? The infinity symbol, sometimes called a lemniscate, is a great visual cue for what the number 8 represents in numerology. This number represents energy, power, karma, reciprocity, magick, and manifestation.

Any time we are in an 8 year it’s going to enhance our powers of manifestation. This is because we are more tuned into the energy around us, and we send out more powerful signals regarding our desires. It’s kind of like we all turn into little magnets pulling the things we desire into our sphere.

This does require us to get clear on our goals and true desires though! There will be months that are better for manifesting, others that bring on challenges and lessons regarding our manifestations, and months where we should be focusing on cutting the fat in order to make space for more.


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Which Months are Best for Manifesting?

Each month has its own energy as well! When working with predictive numerology it’s important to keep in mind that a year number is always most important since the energy will be present for the entire year. However, month numbers help us clarify how the year number will show up in each given month.

February will be a 1 month which means it’s an excellent time for fresh starts and new beginnings. This 1 month in particular has beginner’s luck, so this is a great month for going out on a limb and trying something totally new to you.

March will be an 11 month. 11 is a master number in numerology which means it brings challenges and lessons to be learned around your ability (or lack thereof) to manifest. 11 is known as the Master Teacher or Inspirational Leader, so this is a month when you are gaining elder wisdom.

May will be a 4 month which means it’s a good month to clear out some space in your life in order to make room for more of what you truly want.

June will be a 5 month which is best used to adopting new habits that help you be your best self.

August will be a 7 month where you’ll learn some harsh truths about what you’ve been manifesting. If you’ve been building upon faulty foundations, it will come crashing down this month.

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September will be an 8-month meaning that this is the best month for manifesting because of the double 8 energy from both the year and month numbers! September is always the most pivotal month in predictive numerology because we are collectively honing the lessons and blessings from both our personal and global year numbers.

October will be a 9 month which means that this is the month where you can expect to see the fruits of your labor come fully to fruition. 9 is the number of completion and so the seeds you planted in February will be fully formed in October.

November will be another 1 month, and since it comes near the end of the year it brings with it a higher level of knowledge. This means that this is a month for educated new beginnings, where beginner’s luck isn’t needed quite as much as acute knowledge and skills.


Why is 2024 considered the best year to manifest?

Because this is an 8 global year and 8 is the number of manifestation.

What is the significance of the number 8 in manifesting?

8 rules over things like energy, karma and magick. It’s the idea that the energy we put into something is often the energy we get out of it. When we focus our sights on a goal during a period of time that vibrates to the number 8 we are far more successful in our aims.

How does Pythagorean numerology play a role in understanding 2024?

Pythagorean numerology is one branch in the practice of numerology. Its most basic principle is that the numbers 1-9 have a specific vibration that can be witnessed in nature. 2024 has 8 energy.

How does astrology contribute to the understanding of 2024’s energy?

Astrology and numerology work hand in hand since numbers are everywhere. 2024 is a global 8 year and the 8th house in numerology rules over things which create energetic bonds with one another. Things like sex, inheritances, loans, death and rebirth fall under this house and therefore will likely play a large role in your life this next year.

How can I make the most of the energy in September 2024 for manifestation?

By September you should be clear not only with what you want to manifest, but also how you want to feel once you’ve achieved what you’re looking to achieve. Tapping into that feeling is the quickest way to manifest!

How can I make the most of the energy in February 2024 for manifestation?

February is a month for trusting in the Universe. Be more bold and take a leap of faith! You’ll want to try as many new things as possible since this is a month for planting seeds that will likely come to fruition in October.

Is there any connection between tarot and the energy of 2024?

Yes! The tarot cards which represent this 8 global year are Strength and the Star. Strength is about the balance of our more wild self and our civilized self and how when they work in tandem we can weather any storm. The Star card is about times in which we search for hope by returning back to our true nature.

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