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March 12, 2024: Creativity and New Beginnings

Numerology is the belief in numbers’ mystical significance and influence on lives and events. The focus will be the numerological energies of March 12, 2024. The way you can find that out, you would add up 3 (March)+1+2+2+0+2+4 =14/5. As you know, 12 becomes three, and you may think that the numerological energies are the same for March 12th as they would be on March 3rd. Even though there are many similarities in energies, 12 carries significant differences from the root number three. Let’s explore the numerological meaning of 12, break the numerology of the day further, and look at how someone born on March 12th impacts them.

The Numerological Significance of 12

The number 12 is all about growth and evolution from the physical and spiritual realm, and the opposite applies. That is because one is all about new beginnings, two is all about development and patience, duality, and three is growth, optimism, manifestation, and creativity. Three is also completion, and therefore, 12 represents completion. You can look at the human lifestyle synchronizing with 12.

When you think about it, 12 does play a significant role in your everyday life. You have two sets of 12 hours in a day and night. There are also 12 months in a yearly calendar. In religion, you have 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles, and 12 days of Christmas.

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The other significance of 12 is that it is a sign to let go of something to allow something else to take place for new beginnings. Look at the Hanged Man in the Major Arcana, as that is the 12th card, which symbolizes suspension in time so you can develop a new perspective for a new awakening to happen. That is why there is a numerological difference between March 12th and March 3rd.

The Numerological Difference Between March 3 and March 12

You are facing similar energies on March 3 and March 12, 2024. When you add both dates, you end up with the Master Number 33, (3+3) 33/6, (3+1+2) 33/6. And you end up with a daily energy of 14/5 on both days. However, the significant difference between three and 12 is that 12 is a higher octave of 3, as 12 holds a higher consciousness over three. Three in itself is all about creativity, optimism, and completion. However, 12 represents sacrificing something or letting something go so you can allow a new beginning. The end result is the same as the three: creativity, completion, and the new beginning, which would give you a sense of optimism. Therefore, you will be able to manifest something you want and need.

You also have the energies from Master Number 33 on March 12, the same way you did on March 3, and that is a higher octave of six, which is all about creating balance, harmony, and being responsible. This Master Number is all about healing, teaching, and guiding others.

Therefore, on March 12, you may make sacrifices and let go of what is no longer suitable for you to help others or set a good example.

March 12 Is a Great Day to do Cleansing Before Manifesting

Three, numerologically, is excellent for manifestation. Therefore, since you have a lot of three energies, you can use this day to manifest what you want. However, because the 12 energy is a significant part, it will only work once you do some cleaning up. Letting go of what no longer works for you is something you must do on this day before doing any manifestation ritual.

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Therefore, that can mean many things. If you know you need some inner work done and are struggling with self-doubt, that will get in the way of anything you attempt to manifest. March 12 is the day to remind you that you need to do some shadow work. Do some journaling, which will help you release anything that is causing you a lot of worry and self-doubt. You can also pull a few tarot cards for self-reflection and discover the core issue.

Since 12/3 is also about creativity, you can be creative regarding how you do your shadow work. You can express it through creative writing, poetry, painting, drawing, crafts, music, etc.

You will not be able to get this done in one day, but as long as you hold on to your intention to manifest anything you choose on any other day, as long as you do enough shadow work beforehand, the Universe is on your side.

Sometimes, a physical cleaning is what you need to do before you can bring some new things into your life. March 12 may be a great day to do spring cleaning if you still need to do so. That way, you will have more room in your home to bring anything that can bless you in the spring. Look into your closet and see what needs clearing or your basement. Whatever may be taking up space in your home will create an obstacle when manifesting new things. Therefore, you will want to clear that up so you no longer have that as a blockage.

You may have plenty of usable items you no longer need as you clean. In that case, you can sell those items, donate them to charity, or give them to friends, coworkers, or family. It does not matter what you decide to do with them as long as you clear them out of your space so you can allow new beginnings to come into your life. You can also do a cleansing ritual on this day, opening your world for manifestation.

A Cleansing Ritual Before Manifestation You Can Try

Here is a cleansing ritual by Triluna that you can try on March 12. It can help you cleanse what is no longer valid for you so you can bring better things into your life. The first thing you want to do is to choose a space in your home to do the ritual and cleanse it with sage or palo santo. You will want to have a crystal known to help support cleansing, such as amethyst, selenite, or clear quartz, with you. You will also want a white candle representing purity, incense, pen, and paper.

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Before you start the ritual, write everything you want to manifest into your life with your pen on the paper. Then light your candle and spark your incense from it, and with the incense, walk around the room while tracing each corner, pretending you are creating a seal.

When you are done, put your incense on something non-flammable or an ashtray if you have one (you may want to get one for this purpose). You can either look directly at the candle flame or close your eyes so you can slow your mind, taking in three deep breaths. Ensure you breathe into the belly before releasing it. Envision everything you want to manifest into your life as it pushes away all the junk that no longer serves you. Watch the junk that no longer serves you as smoke, and just by doing that, you will feel lighter.

After that, take the paper you wrote and read it several times, envisioning it again in your life without any obstacles. Place the paper somewhere safe as you vow to clear away anything that no longer serves you. That even means cutting out toxic relationships (or limiting them if you are unable to do that entirely). Finally, the other numerological energy you face is 14/5 from the day because of the year.

March 12, 2024, is a 14/5 Day

When you add March 12, 2024, you get 14/5 (3+1+2+2+0+2+4), which is 14/5, so you face this type of energy throughout the day. So 14/5 consists of three independent numbers: 1, 4, and 5. Self-reliance, originality, and leadership are associated with the number one.

The ability to start anew, self-assurance, and willingness to take charge are all associated attributes. Practicality, stability, and hard work are associated with the number four. Solid foundations, organization, and attention to detail are implied. Lastly, the number five represents flexibility, freedom, and versatility, making it a core energy.

Together, the energies represented by the numbers 1 and 4 form 14. It adds a sense of adaptability, versatility, and freedom to the number. Besides representing change, adventure, and freedom, five also represent specific energies. It represents a desire for variety, new experiences, and adaptability.

Therefore, March 12, 2024, will bring you an opportunity to make a change for the better, and if you have yet to do enough cleansing for a while, this is the day to do it, which will lead to positive changes. Consider things through today, as this number can lead to impulsivity and poor decisions. Now, is March 12th your birthday? Let’s talk about how it affects you if so.

How the Numerology of March 12 Affects You If It Is Your Birthday

Is March 12 your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday! How does being born on that day affect your personality? You must remember that numerological energies can only affect you so much from this day, as your entire horoscope also affects you. That means you could be entirely different from your birthday twin. However, you are likely the creative and versatile type, supported by having a Pisces sun. If you are not an artist or writer, you may be into or have an affinity with the arts.

If you do not have many fixed signs in your natal chart, you have a high chance of adapting to any circumstance that changes around you. You may have an easier time letting go of things, which can help you move forward. However, your moods can be unpredictable, too, and you may tend to get impatient. You may also prefer to be with people you are familiar with, as it can take a lot of time to warm up to new people.

When you look at the numerology of March 12, 2024, you will see that you are dealing with a day that involves letting go of what no longer serves you so you can move forward in your life and embrace new beginnings, manifest anything you choose, and do it optimistically and creatively. It would be best if you were adaptable to embrace any changes coming towards you. That is an excellent day to do spring cleaning and shadow work while focusing on anything you wish to manifest. This is the best day to clear the old while bringing in the new!

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