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7_7_2023_What to expect from the power of the triple 7

7/7/2023: What to expect from the power of the triple 7

Now it is July; it is a time to slow down in the summer, whereas people are slower at work because it is a time to go on vacation. Kids are out of school, and many are in summer camp. Therefore, it truly is a time to recharge and slow down unless you are working at a summer job that entails a lot of action, such as at a theme park or ice cream shop. However, there is one day in July when you will have the urge to slow down, be still, sit with your actions, and ponder things that will come. It is not a day to take action as it is a day to evaluate your action steps instead. What is the date that you will feel the urge to do that? It is July 7th, 2023.


July 7th, 2023, Is a Triple Seven Energy

The number 7 in numerology represents gaining wisdom and slowing down as you do so, as it is a time when you take the time to evaluate what is in your life alone. It is not a number that represents material wealth, relationships, and high energy to the point of taking action. Seven is the number of calmness, stillness, and finding spiritual peace as you gain wisdom.

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And when it is July 7th, 2023, that is a triple 7 energy (July= 7, the day 7, and 2+0+2+3 = 7) which is why the urge to be still so you can evaluate your actions and life is strong. That will be the day to focus on your thoughts and be alone, as instead of going to a cafe with your friends, you may want to do that on your own so you can take the opportunity to be still and evaluate your life.

In fact, a cafe may be noisy for you to align with the day’s energies. Even though the triple seven has a loner vibration, it also provides a spiritual vibration. Therefore, you should take the day to head to somewhere natural such as a park, or to take a walk outdoors to do the necessary pondering and evaluation.

How Utilizing The Day’s Energies Can Help You In The Long Run

If you take advantage of the energies of the triple 7 that the day provides, you will realize that you can do just as well as you are with less in your life, whether it has to do with your career or relationships. For example, if you have been working overtime too much, you are suffering and unhappy and not earning much more.

You are working overtime, not because your boss is demanding it. You are doing it because you believe you will get more out of it, which you are frustrated to find is untrue. As a result, you will realize that you don’t need to work so much overtime as you slow down with your thoughts. You will wonder why you felt the need to work so much overtime before, and you may discover that you threw yourself into the extra work to escape something unpleasant in your life. Maybe your family life adds stress, or you are unhappy in your marriage. The list can go on.

The triple seven energy will make it difficult for you to hide from whatever you are escaping, as you will become curious about it and work through it to gain wisdom the more you ponder it. These energies also encourage you to look into therapy or support groups so you can delve into the issues that are plaguing you as you can work through them so you can get to a point to find a resolution and some peace. Now, let’s look and see how the day will affect your relationships and work.

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How The Energies of 777 Will Affect Relationships

The triple seven energies are not the ideal one to utilize when it comes to forming new relationships because it gives off solitary energy. July 7th, 2023, is a Friday. Does that mean if you usually hang out with your friends on Friday nights, should you forgo enjoying a dinner or movie out with friends that evening? Not at all. If you need to spend the night with some close friends, then by all means. However, you may likely have the urge to only go out with someone with whom you feel you have a strong connection, whether it is your partner, a best friend, or a close family member, or you may decide to spend the night at home or on your hammock in your backyard if you have one for alone time.

You may end up spending time alone on that day and evaluating your relationships since the 7 energies give off the vibe of spiritual wisdom. You may have a nagging feeling on that day about limiting your time with specific people as you will begin to feel that they are not serving you the best in life. Based on some of their actions, you may realize that they are treating you like a friend with benefits. Therefore, you will likely see that they are taking advantage of you, and when you make that realization, you will have to determine how to handle those individuals from there on.

That is also a day where you can find your identity outside of those in your friendship circle, as the triple 7 energies give off the energy pertaining to self-improvement. Even though you are free to do what you choose on any day, you may feel the urge to stay alone to get to know yourself better and evaluate your relationships. Now let’s see how the day will affect your work.

How The Energies of 777 Will Affect Your Work

If you work from home, you will be glad to do so on that day because of the solid solitary energy. However, you may dread going to the office more than usual if you don’t. The day is not ideal for having a meeting. It is the best day for you to work independently and do some analytical and detail-oriented work, as the triple seven energy will support that.

The triple seven energy is also associated with writing, which means it is an excellent day to brainstorm some new pitches for your work or begin to draft a manuscript if that is something you want to do. If you are looking for a job, that is a good day to update your resume. If you utilize the energies the triple seven gives you, you can accomplish much in one day. But it would be best if you were in tune with it to make the most of it.

To sum up, the energies you will face on July 7th, 2023, will be spiritual, solitary, and calm because that is what the triple seven energies give off. You will not have the urge to be with many people, and you will have the desire to evaluate your relationships and work independently whether you work at an office with others or at home. The triple seven energy gives off the vibration of peace of mind and intuition, and it is a day that will encourage you to get in touch with your inner self so you can raise your consciousness about what you need and desire in your life. Therefore, it is the best day to pause, slow down, and gain spiritual wisdom.

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