July 16, 2024
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Angel numbers provide us with specific spiritual insight and guidance. These numbers may appear to us at certain moments in our lives to deliver a message.

The message is that you may be on the right path and heading in the right direction. The message will align with the ascended master connected to the number.

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It is also possible that the divine number resides in your birth date or birth name. If so, you will have evidence of your connection to the divine in a way that can guide you and attract others to you.

You may have more than one divine connection; and therefore, several different roles and tasks.

666 Meaning and Symbolism

The sixth Archangel number is 666, the number 6 in triplicity. The angel Azrael embodies this number. While angels are “technically” androgynous, Azrael is depicted as male.

He is the Angel of Death, and the Great Comforter, who helps the soul transition from life on earth to life in spirit and heaven. He provides great service to humankind, which makes him the ideal representative for the number 666.

The number 6 represents service, education, and health/well-being. It does not have a master designation in numerology, so the duplicate number 66 is mundane. In triplicity, it becomes the divine number 666, which adds up to 18 and reduces to a 9, which is the divine energy of wisdom.

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Because of his role as God’s Angel of Death, he is an angel of “between realms”, transitions, and service. Azrael appears in your life when you need to understand the importance of service and how to help others through difficult transitions.

He is the “divine” in supporting and helping others, reminding us that we will all need help at some point or another to get from one state of being to another state of being. We grow through leaving a situation or person/people behind to move towards a new situation and new connections.

Angel Number 666 Divine and Mundane Message

When you keep seeing 666 and you take notice of it, Azrael is sending you a message about the need to serve and help others through change in their lives. You want to acknowledge the need to make sacrifices in order to grow.

Life is cyclical, and the number 6 represents service energy, the need to help others change and move through their changes.

If you do not feel aligned with your best, most authentic self, then the appearance of this number wants you to learn about yourself through acts of service to others, especially those dealing with hardship or loss.

One of the best ways to do self-discovery work is by “converting” your difficult experiences into the wisdom you can share with others in need (the 9 quality of 6+6+6). Take your life lessons and help teach others, so the natural cycles of life can help them learn without being broken.

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Whether you are in a relationship or single, if romantic concerns are foremost in your thoughts or demanding energy in your life, then the appearance of this number encourages you to think about what sacrifices and changes you need to make to help your relationship transition.

Relationships “die” in many ways, so they can be reborn … or new relationships can have a chance to begin. Death and renewal constantly pass the baton of knowledge in an endless forward pattern that applies to our relationships, as well as all of life.

666 Angel Number

If your current, most important challenge or struggle happens to be in your career and 666 appears, then Azrael encourages you to put more effort into serving your profession.

You want to improve yourself professionally and be more helpful to your co-workers, employer, or employees. This number related to your career is about the need for your career and work to transition through the support you provide to those working with you.

Family relationships can consume as much or more time as romance or a career. To apply Azrael’s message to your family means letting go of a family relationship that no longer supports you, or making a sacrifice for your family.

You need to be willing to facilitate or accept a significant change within your family to help it grow. This may be a time to leave the biological family for one you create out of the connections you form with people in the world around you that prove to have special bonds.

Friendships form the network of support we enjoy in the world. Since 6 and 666 both represent degrees of service, support, and sacrifice, it is important for you to be there for your friends.

You want to know how your friendships transition you and you transition your friends, so you can feel the spiritual wisdom of profound service as an act of divine responsibility.

Archangel Azrael number

We can reach out to the Angels; we do not have to wait for them to send us a message. If you wish to ask for Azrael’s help, take a piece of paper and write the number 666 on it when you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night.

Fold up the paper and keep it safe in your possession or place it under your pillow before you go to sleep. You can go about your day or your dreams.

You can be open or you can ask a specific question related to the energy Azrael rules. Angels do want to help, so it is important for you to have clarity and conviction about your need and the purpose of the request. You also want to be sure that Azrael is the best angel to get you the result and help you want and need.

If Azrael decides to answer you, you will see the number somewhere in your day or your dreams. If you do, concentrate on what you were thinking about in that moment and plan to act with the divine “6” energy that Azreal represents.

Once you invite and spot angelic numbers in your daily life, you will begin to see them more frequently and with greater intensity. If the number for Azrael is in your birth date or name, then he is one of your Archangels and you are part of his divine spirit.

You can seek and provide illumination and wisdom to others through your helpfulness. If you live and act authentically regarding transitions, Azrael will make an effort to support you.

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