July 14, 2024
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Angel numbers provide us with specific spiritual insight and guidance. These numbers may appear to us at certain moments in our lives to deliver a message.

The message is that you may be on the right path and heading in the right direction. The message will align with the ascended master connected to the number.

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It is also possible that the divine number resides in your birth date or birth name. If so, you will have evidence of your connection to the divine in a way that can guide you and attract others to you.

You may have more than one divine connection; and therefore, several different roles and tasks.

888 Meaning and Symbolism

The eighth Archangel number is 888, the number 8 in triplicity. The angel Michael embodies this number. While angels are “technically” androgynous, Michael is depicted as male.

He is God’s Justice, and the Angel of Courage and Right Action, who helps us understand the expectations of God. He connects us with the power of God, which makes him the ideal representative for the number 888.

The number 8 represents power, leadership, and worldly status. It does not have a master designation in numerology, so the duplicate number 88 is mundane.

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In triplicity, it becomes the divine number 888, which adds up to 24 and reduces to a 6, which is the divine energy of service.

Because of his role as God’s Justice, he is an angel of consequences, cause/effect, and responsibility. Michael appears in your life when you need to understand the importance of what must be done to uphold integrity and goodness.

He is the divine sword that cleaves through any doubt, reminding us that God’s divinity expects us to live righteous lives. We grow through our interactions with power and powerlessness, decision and indecision, and responsibility and irresponsibility.

Angel Number 888 Divine and Mundane Message

When the number 888 appears to you and you take notice of it, Michael is sending you a message about the need to act for the right cause, make a key decision, and embrace responsibility.

You want to acknowledge that you are here to learn about power through your life interactions and journey. Life is an effort to understand your spiritual nature through efforts to do what is right in the face of obstacles, and the number 8 represents God’s power to take you through adversity and struggle.

If you do not feel aligned with your best, most authentic self, then the appearance of this number wants you to learn about yourself through leadership, following a cause, and duty. One of the best ways to do self-discovery work is by engaging in service to a cause as its defender and leader (the 6 quality of 8+8+8).

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Whether you are in a relationship or single, if romantic concerns are foremost in your thoughts or demanding energy in your life, then the appearance of this number encourages you to think about what is necessary to attain abundance and take material care of relationships in this world.

What is the status you have or want from this life?

Relationships cost money and we must work to establish status. We are here to learn the lesson of gain, achievement, and commitment for our spiritual growth. 

If your current, most important challenge or struggle happens to be in your career and 888 appears, then Michael encourages you to take the lead at your work or in your career. Time to “step up”!

You want to lead in an important, necessary, or profound way through work and the best use of your skills. This number, related to your career, is about the need for your work to teach you lessons about who has power and why, both your power and the power of others.

Family relationships can consume as much time as romance or a career. Applying Michael’s message to your family means solving and understanding the spiritual purpose of providing for your family.

You need to be willing to see your family as a responsibility and duty you must care for. You may discover that your biological family is not worthy of your effort and you may have to direct your duty to a family you create.

Friendships form the network of support we enjoy in the world. Since 8 and 888 both represent degrees of power and achievement in the world, it is important for you to seek friends who help you achieve your goals and realize success.

You want to know how your friendships “promote” you and you “promote” your friends, so you can feel the divine revelations of being in charge and committed to others in this world.

Archangel Michael number

We can reach out to the Angels; we do not have to wait for them to send us a message. If you wish to ask for Michael’s help, take a piece of paper and write the number 888 on it when you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night.

Fold up the paper and keep it safe in your possession or place it under your pillow before you go to sleep. You can go about your day or your dreams.

You can be open or you can ask a specific question related to the energy Michael rules. Angels do want to help, so it is important for you to have clarity and conviction about your need and the purpose of the request.

You also want to be sure that Michael is the best angel to get you the result and help you want and need. If Michael decides to answer you, you will see the number somewhere in your day or your dreams.

If you do, concentrate on what you were thinking about at that moment and plan to act with the divine “8” energy that Michael represents. Once you invite and spot angelic numbers in your daily life, you will begin to see them more frequently and with greater intensity.

If the number for Michael is in your birth date or name, then he is one of your Archangels and you are part of his divine spirit. You can seek and provide illumination and wisdom to others through your leadership.

If you live and act authentically regarding power, Michael will make an effort to support you.

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