July 17, 2024
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8888 angel number is no different than other angel numbers.  FYI, Angel numbers provide us with specific spiritual insight and guidance.

These numbers may appear to us at certain moments in our lives to deliver a message. The message is that you may be on the right path and heading in the right direction.

The message will align with the ascended master connected to the number. Besides the 9 Archangels who provide special links to the divine energy of God, there are 9 Angelic Orders, also represented by repeating angel numbers, this time in quadruplicity.

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They are ranked lowest to highest, in terms of their “proximity” to God.

Cherubim, the 8th Order

Cherubim are two Orders from God and eight Orders from humanity. These angels, along with the Thrones (of the 3rd Order) and Seraphim (of the 1st Order), meet directly with God.

They send praise to God, honoring his role as the Divine Creator and source of Love and Truth in the universe. Symbolically, they represent spiritual leaders, who work to remind us that we need to appreciate our souls and our lives, since both are gifts from God.

They, along with the first and third orders, represent ideals or roles reflected in humanity and do not intend to connect with humanity in the way the first three orders can and will.

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Spiritual meaning of 8888

Like other angel numbers, if you see 8888, then you need to consider your spiritual appreciation for God and God’s works. The first, second, and third Orders all relate to heavenly matters more than earthly ones.

Therefore, you will want to understand the power of your spiritual connection to the divine source, God. While human existence puts us, purposely, far from God, we are still part of the divine essence.

The Inner Circle

Because they reside between the Thrones and Seraphim, and all three interact directly with God, their appearance in your life through 8888 indicates a greater focus on your spiritual understanding of your personal relationship to God.

Once you embrace your connection, then, how do you enact God’s grace as a spiritual being having an incarnated life?

Part of your spiritual work involves reminding others to appreciate the life God bestows on them as you appreciate your own life. In many ways, this number appears to have you engaged in the spiritual work fully acknowledging God’s Greatness while standing forth as a beacon for others.

The Cherubim work to keep sin, evil, and negativity from God’s Presence so love can shine forth without any interference or diminishment.

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Recording All the Universe

Another task of the Cherubim is to record all thoughts and actions in the universe. They keep the Akashic Records, which hold all the knowledge of everyone and everything that has existed, currently exists, and will exist.

As separate beings, humans represent the knowledge learned by being incomplete, limited by time and three-dimensional perspective.

The Cherubim collect every bit of information so incomplete beings, with proper effort, through intense meditation or life-between-lives hypnotherapy regression, can access knowledge to make important or key decisions in life.

They can access this knowledge to deepen their understanding of their purpose on earth or the lessons they have experienced, but do not fully grasp.

Acknowledging the Power We Have to Affect Others

The mundane number 8 relates to power and leadership. In triplicity, the number represents the Archangel Michael, who is the Power of God.

The quadruplicity of 8 is the essence of power that finds particular manifestation in you as an individual, and part of the divine. The closer we are to God, in our hearts, minds, and souls, the more powerful we will feel in the appropriate and balanced way.

Part of our Power is tied to the effect we can have on others who wish for us to lead them and show them our wisdom. How do you affect the people in your life? Do you bring them joy or sorrow?

Do you feel powerful or powerless? This energy should grow with us as we grow, so long as we act consciously and deliberately.

Calling on the Cherubim

You can request energy from the Cherubim when you know you need help remembering God’s Gifts and your role as a recorder and disseminator of God’s knowledge and truth.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to determine how to lead others to spiritual awareness, the Cherubim are the ones you seek to guide you.

We are all tasked with the work to find our place in the world. For some that task is leading others and helping them appreciate life, even in dire circumstances. Life is a gift from God.

Some people can attain a Cherubim role in life, so their guiding angels are the ones who sit between the Thrones and Seraphim, surrounding God and facing God’s Grace.

Cherubim Angel energy is the second tier of energy in direct contact with God, which delivers praise to God for his blessings and goodness, which help the entire universe.

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