June 24, 2024
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Are You Psychic? Use Numerology to Find Out

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic powers? Numerology can be an excellent tool for discovering if you have hidden psychic talents. If you’ve been curious about this, there’s probably a reason. Perhaps there’s been times you’ve been able to “read” other people’s thoughts.

Perhaps you’ve “seen” a future event in a dream, or you’ve had a premonition during a quiet time of contemplation? Whatever the reason you landed here today; it seems to be your destiny to discover your psychic potential! Let’s explore how numerology can help you achieve this, shall we?

Am I Psychic?

These types of questions are becoming increasingly common as society becomes more accepting of the psychic nature of our Homo sapiens species. Psychic gifts and the power of numerology have been recognized since at least early Babylonian times.

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However, in many cultures across time, these powers are hidden behind a mystic shroud of secrecy. Fortunately, for all humankind, this is now changing, at least in the industrial world. The internet has made it much easier to spread information and open people’s minds to the psychic powers of our species.

How Do I Tell If I’m Psychic?

Some members of the psychic community feel that the perception of psychic abilities is changing so rapidly that almost everyone will be in touch with their psychic abilities within a generation or two.

In fact, this vision of the world is seen in many near-future prophecies. Wide-scale acceptance of psychic ability could help us solve many of the problems the world currently faces such as global warming, hunger, devastating weather events, and pandemics.

So, from this newfound perspective, to answer the question, “Are You, Psychic,” the most basic answer is yes, you most certainly are! The truth is that all humans have at least some degree of psychic ability, although few actually realize this or know how to develop and use their psychic abilities.

So, the more interesting question becomes how psychic are you? Do you have exceptionally strong psychic gifts or at least higher-than-average psychic gifts? Numerology can help you discover the relative strength of your psychic abilities.

Natural musical talents

The potential power of an individual’s psychic gifts can be understood by comparing them to a person’s natural musical talents. Almost all humans, including those who can’t even carry a tune, have the ability, at least some ability, to learn how to play a simple song on a musical instrument.

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It may take the right instruction and a high degree of motivation, but most people can indeed learn how to play a recognizable song on a musical instrument. A turtle couldn’t peck out a tune because musical genes just aren’t in their DNA.

But… musical genes ARE in the DNA of the human species and we all have at least some ability to create music. The same is true for psychic ability. All humans can use what’s stored in their psychic genes if they really work on it. You don’t need numerology to know this because it’s programmed into human DNA.

BUT…. think about this…. some people, even as children, don’t need any instruction to make beautiful music. They can just sit down at a piano, for the very first time, peck around a bit, and end up playing a song all on their own.

They may even have the ability, right from the start, to move another person’s emotions with the special way they play a tune. It’s really a magical thing to see and hear. That innate musical gift inside a musically talented person just flows out from their soul through their fingers with no instruction at all.

Of course, their natural musical gift can be developed even more into a great talent through practice, especially if they have the guidance of a person with more experience.

Other people, those with less musical gifts, can still learn to play some type of tune but they may be stuck on simple tunes like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” forever and never be able to give their music the same kind of feeling that a musically inclined person can do.

It works much the same with psychic ability! Some people have exceptional innate psychic gifts and others do not. Some people have above-average psychic abilities and others below average. We all have some psychic ability but some of us have extraordinary psychic gifts. Numerology can help you discover if you do.

Sometimes, psychic talent can be stifled by society and other environmental factors. It’s true that some people may be harboring such an exceptional psychic talent, but nothing in the world could hold it back, not even a strict parent who forbids it or societal norms that constantly constrain them.

However, a lot of psychic talent is still kept hidden deep down inside people unless they go intentionally looking for it and learn how to recognize it and allow it to flourish.

Occasionally, the world is blessed with a psychic that is so incredibly gifted, she is the equivalent of a psychic Mozart! While numerology, is not a perfect science, it can be uncanny in predicting how strong one’s psychic potential may be so it’s definitely worth exploring this avenue if you’ve ever been curious about your own psychic abilities or perhaps the psychic abilities of someone close to you.

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Do I Need To Be An Expert In Numerology?

No. To use numerology to determine how strong your psychic potential is, you only need a very basic Numerology Chart, also called a Numerology Birth Chart. You can get this done professionally online by consulting with a numerologist or a psychic who specializes in numerology.

However, you can also do the most basic Numerology Birth Chart yourself by learning some very basic numerology, Numerology 101 if you will 😉 There are also smartphone apps and website tools that can calculate your Numerology Chart on the fly once you feed in some basic information. Whichever route you go, you’ll need to provide:

– Your exact date of birth.
– Your full legal name as it appears on your birth certificate.

Here’s the Key

To use numerology to predict your psychic potential, there are two main numbers you’ll need to ascertain:

– Your Life Path Number
– Your Soul Urge Number, also called your Heart’s Desire Number

Don’t worry, both of these numbers are easy to calculate on your own but you can also use one of the many numerology apps available or have your Numerology Chart done by a professional.

It’s also a good idea to determine your Birthday Number, your Expression Number, and your Karmic Number (also called your Destiny Number) all of which are relatively easy to calculate.

Other numbers on your Numerology Chart can also be considered in searching for hidden psychic talent but they’re not as important in determining your psychic potential as the numbers mentioned here, especially the Life Path Number and the Soul Urge Number.

Certain Numbers Indicate Strong Psychic Abilities

Now, let’s cut to the heart of the matter. How can numerology predict if you have strong psychic abilities? By looking for certain key numbers in your Numerology Birth Chart!

If you have one of these numbers, especially as your Life Path Number and or your Soul Urge number, chances are good that you have above-average psychic ability, perhaps well above average. If you have two or more of these special numbers, your chance of having a strong psychic ability that could be developed into an amazing psychic talent is very high.

If both your Life Path Number and your Soul Urge number is one of these special numbers, then you very likely have exceptionally strong psychic ability, even if you don’t know it yet. If this is true, and you haven’t yet “accidentally” discovered your psychic talent, try to allow yourself the emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom to let this natural-born psychic energy out.

You will be amazed at what can happen once you allow your natural psychic ability to blossom and flourish! Remember, numerology doesn’t lie. It simply follows the steadfast mathematical principles of the universe.

Please note that the appearance of these special numbers will only give you a general idea of whether or not you have above-average to very strong psychic potential. To better understand the exact type of psychic ability you have and to put that psychic ability to best use, you’ll need to study numerology in more depth and or get a psychic reading by a psychic who uses numerology in her methodology.

What Numbers Indicate Strong Psychic Ability In Numerology?

The three main numbers in a Numerology Chart that indicate strong psychic ability are:

– 11
– 9
– 7

If you have one or more of these numbers, especially as your Life Path Number and or your Soul Search Number, this is a great indicator that you have above-average to exceptional psychic ability.

The number 11 is a master number in numerology, one of only two or three master numbers (in most numerology systems) and that makes it a very special number to find in your Numerology Chart. The number 11 is thought to represent a doorway or bridge between the mundane world and the spirit world.

The presence of an 11 in your chart may mean you have the extraordinary ability to send and receive messages between these two worlds, the mundane world, and the cosmos. The number 11 itself looks like a door, and if you turn the 11 over, it could easily serve as a symbol for a bridge on a map. Numbers started out as pictures, so this is very significant.

The number 9 is considered a highly evolved number in numerology. People who have a 9 on their Numerology Chart often come across as being “old souls,” wise well beyond their age.

This is because they are thought to have lived many lives and can draw on their experiences in other lives to give them great wisdom. If you’ve ever been told you’re wise beyond your years or you’re an “old soul,” you should not be surprised to find a 9 in your Numerology Chart.

The combination of an 11 and a 9 in a chart can give you a very powerful psychic gift that can truly help other people! In fact, those with a 9 on their Numerology Chart often have a great desire to do something in their life to help all of humankind. They think big and they view themselves as serving people on a grand scale. You could say they have a call to a noble purpose to live a purpose-driven life.

Now, where does the number 7 fit into this? People with a 7 on their Numerology Chart tend to be deep thinkers and introspective. They tend to crave solitary time where they can sort out their thoughts.

They also tend to be really good at deep meditation, allowing them to more easily commune with light beings. While these traits don’t make you a psychic per se, they do give you the skills to see things most others would never see. The skills a 7 tends to give can bolster your psychic abilities in certain ways should you choose to use your psychic gifts to help others.

If you have an 11, a 9, and a 7, perhaps more than once, in your Numerology Chart — WOW! Your psychic potential is very high, perhaps extraordinary, and definitely worth exploring!

There Are Some Caveats to Consider

– For the purpose of this article, we are assuming Pythagorean Numerology. This is the most practiced type of numerology today but it is not the only system practiced now or in the past.

The “Y” Issue

When calculating your Soul Urge Number, you or your numerologist will need to use the vowels in your full legal name printed on your birth certificate. There’s no disagreement that a, e, i, o, and u are vowels. However, there’s a raging debate over whether or not to count “y” as a vowel.

Some numerologists say always count them. Other numerologists say never to count them. Others have rules about when to count them and when not to count them. For example, some say if the “y” is the only vowel sound in a syllable then you count it….. otherwise, don’t.

Obviously, counting some, all, or none of them will make a difference in the Soul Urge Number you obtain. The best thing you can do if you have one or more “y” in your full name is to calculate a Soul Urge Number using all possibilities and then see which one fits you best and which one fits the rest of your Numerology Chart the nest. Numerology is very powerful but it’s not an exact science.


You should always use your full legal name, including your middle name, when determining your Numerology Chart numbers. However, please be advised that some psychics believe that using nicknames has the effect of altering, at least to some degree, the characteristics associated with your personal Numerology Chart.

It might be fun to calculate an alternate chart using your nickname and compare the two, especially if you’re one of those people who tends to use a nickname for everything. You may also notice a more potent psychic call if people start to use your formal name.

Name Changes

If you change your name, for whatever reason, some numerologists believe this can affect your psychic abilities. However, this is debatable. You could also have a situation where your name changed at no doing of your own.

For example, if you immigrate to an English-speaking country, your surname can sometimes be anglicized. This could have also been true for your parents or ancestors when they immigrated. Like with nicknames, you can try preparing an alternative Numerology Chart with the original name and see if that fits you better.

Misprints On Your Birth Certificate

On rare occasions, birth certificate mistakes do occur. If this is the case, most numerologists would say to use the name your parents intended to give you.

However, some numerologists would recommend using the name printed on the birth certificate, believing that mistakes happen for a reason, i.e. it wasn’t actually a mistake but the universe making sure you stayed aligned to your true self. Again, you may want to calculate both and see which number fits you and your entire Numerology Chart best.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your Numerology Chart, your psychic destiny is not cast in stone. You CAN change the current course of psychic potential. In fact, people often find conflicts within their numerology chart with one part steering them in one direction and another part pulling them off in another direction entirely.

This is especially true when the life Path Number and the Soul’s Urge Number are not compatible and seem to pull you in different directions.

If you do come across a conflict in your chart, you can decide which part of your Numerology Chart you want to lead you. You may also want to seek professional guidance from a psychic who can help you read your ENTIRE Numerology Chart. Sometimes considering the entire chart can help sort out what seems at first to be a conflict.

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