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How Can Numerology Help You

How Can Numerology Help You?

Since we were born we are part of a mathematical universe, where numbers determine all aspects of our life, for example, for the hospital registration we are a number, then we belong to the social security number, as children we are part of a school enrollment and so, from statistical data of a country to values ​​of our health are measured based on numbers. It is for this reason that numerology studies the relationships that exist between people and numbers, either from a spiritual level or from a divinatory point of view. However, there is no doubt that the conclusions obtained by the study of numerology are always accurate since there are no errors in the numbers that make up our existence. 

How numerology can help you?

The greatest benefit that numerology offers us is self-knowledge since one learns various personality characteristics that we did not know otherwise and even helps to make better decisions both to run a business, make a trip or move, and even in the loving aspect. Numerology can be considered as a tool that facilitates us to perform an analysis of our personality, in many cases helps the individual finds their true calling and purpose in life. The study can also reveal aspects of the why of your current situation and how to take advantage of the numbers in your favor to improve your economic, loving, spiritual or personal possibilities.

Are numerology readings accurate?

Numerologically it is how the world is formed, and for thousands of years, the study of numbers and their function in our lives has advanced enough so its results are accurate. It can be said with certainty that the numerology is infallible when it comes to analyzing the relationship of numbers with a person or situation. It remains in one to know how to interpret the information obtained by the numbers and use it at the right time.

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How many types of Numerology exists?

Currently, there are two types of numerology and their differences lie in their origin. We can talk about numerology based on its Hebrew roots, which was used for the study and analysis of the Bible, in which each word was given a numerical value, and these were the basis for explaining the value of other words or phrases.

Numerology whose origin is Hebrew is also known as Gematria, where its 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet represented three different aspects: an idea, a number according to its position and a letter. This study is related to the Major Arcana of the Tarot and at the same time, to the 22 paths of the tree of Kabbalistic life.

On the other hand, we know the numerology of Pythagoras, who explained that our purpose in life is described by the combination of our name and date of birth. Pythagoras understood that the name defines what a thing is for or not and this same principle could be applied to human beings and determine what is their purpose in life. Especially to correct bad luck or improve in all aspects that make us up.

The numerology study by Pythagoras understood that life, as well as the seasons of the year, are cyclic so that human beings also have tools to measure the cycles that form us. In this sense, human life has cycles that are measured from 1 to 9. Therefore, numerology effectively helps us to understand through numbers and their combinations, who we are, our purpose in life and how to achieve our dreams.

Numerology and Life Path

The life path according to numerology is the study of the date of birth of a person which through the resulting number reveals the set of potentialities and opportunities that are in our destiny. It is considered the most important number that represents us as a person and helps us control our weaknesses to have a better version of ourselves.

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To calculate the life path number, you must: take your date of birth and add in order each of its digits, until simplifying the date to a single number. You should know in advance that there are master numbers such as numbers 11, 22, and 33 in which if they are presented to you, you must stop and add the missing digits separately because it means that your birth date is composed of a master number. The resulting number is your life path number, so it only remains to research the characteristics and properties of this number for you.

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