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What’s Your Life’s Purpose Numerology Can Tell You!

What’s Your Life’s Purpose? Numerology Can Tell You!

“What am I here for?” “What is my purpose?” These are the questions you ask yourself time and time again when you’re feeling lost in life, but what if I told you that the secret of finding those answers lies in numbers? Yes, numerology can easily tell you what your purpose is in life! Are you meant to be a pioneer discovering and inventing new things at every turn, or are you destined for love in its many forms to be the driving force in your life? All you need to know is your birth date and the secret of your life path will become clear.

What is a Life Path Number?

When it comes to numerology, the Life Path number is the foundation of your whole life. Everything in numerology is very aptly named, so this is the number that sheds light on what your greater purpose is in life.

In Western cultures we often assume that there is a definitive mark to be made on the world, that each and every one of us is here to do something specific and meaningful. I want you to take a moment to think about the indigenous belief that we are simply nature, not here to do anything greater than exist as a tree and rock does (though, admittedly, trees and rocks do some incredible things when given enough time).

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Your Life Path number won’t tell you which company to work for, who you’re going to marry or if you’ll be rich, but it will tell you what the overall drive and focus of your life is.

Finding Your Life Path Number

Finding out your Life Path number is simple, all you need to know is your birth date. So, write your birth date out on a piece of paper, adding a plus sign in between each number. For instance, if you were born on August 13th, 1995, it would look like this:


Now add all those numbers together. For the person born on August 13th, 1995, the solution to their birthday addition sentence would be 36. Most people will get a double-digit number like this, so now you have to add the numbers within that double digit number together until you get a single digit number.

It’s easy enough for our example person who got the number 36 because 3+6=9. However sometimes you might end up with a number like 19 which adds up to 10 when you add 1 into 9. If you get another double-digit number, simply keep adding them together until you get a single digit.

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Master Numbers

Sometimes something magical happens when you add up all the numbers in your birth date. For instance, if you were born on January 10th, 1991, your calculation would look like this:


When you get a repeating number such as 11, 22, 33 or 44 that is a master number. Master numbers hold a bit more weight and responsibility to them. It’s kind of like the universe is pushing you beyond yourself and into doing something more impactful for your community and beyond.

You always want to stop adding numbers together when you get to a master number. For instance, if you added up the numbers of your birth date and got 38, then you added 3+8 and found out it’s 11, congrats! That means your Life Path number is a master number.

What is Your Life’s Path?

Ok, now you’ve got your Life Path number, but what does it mean? No worries, I got you covered, just scroll down to your number and read what the path of your life is meant to be.

1 the individual

You are here to carve out a new path and step to the beat of your own drum. The lessons of your life are focused on gaining crystal clear insights into who you truly are. Your strength is in your ability to think for yourself and go boldly where others only dream of. Your weakness is in your lone wolf mentality, learning to be a part of something bigger will help keep you balanced.

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2 the relationship

Love and relationships rule your world. Your lessons have to do with trusting your gut and listening to your body. This is because your greatest strength lies in your observational skills and your ability to intuit information seemingly out of thin air. Your weakness is your lack of impulsivity and action. You are so wise, but what good is it if you don’t use it?

3 the student

Your life is one of learning, creating, and socializing. Your lessons in life have to do with time and energy management since you’ll have more hobbies and friends than you truly know what to do with. Your strength is in your ability to stay positive and open to new things. Your weakness is your lack of follow through (not everything in life needs to see the finish line, but somethings do).

4 the foundation

Life is a journey of rooting down and grounding. Your lessons have to do with figuring out your core values, as well as how to maintain a sense of comfort and security. Your strength is in your loyalty. You see every relationship as something that could potentially be in your life forever, and so you treat them as such. Your weakness is your fear of change–most things do not last forever!

5 the artist

Your life is a hedonistic journey of joy and self expression. Your lessons have to do with consumption, vices and limitations. Your strength is your never-ending joie de vivre, you love to live life to the fullest and you bring that same spark to the lives of the people closest to you. Your weakness is addiction and obsession. Too much of a good thing can certainly be a bad thing.

6 the healer

Life is about love and helping others. The lessons you learn in life often have to do with relationships of all kinds. Your strength is your generosity and your giving heart. Your weakness is the same thing! You will have to learn to not pour from an empty cup, put yourself first as a means of preservation, while also understanding that people will sometimes take advantage of your kindness.

7 the philosopher

You ask the big questions and you’re here to find some answers along the way, whether it be through science, spirituality, or both! Your lessons in life have to do with faith, logic and the opening and closing of one’s mind. Your strength is your wisdom and intelligence (yes, those are different things). Your weakness is your superiority complex. Don’t start believing you’re a god just because you often contemplate the existence of one.

8 the magician

You are here to master energy in some way, whether that be through the rise of power and gain of money, or perhaps through magic and mysticism. Your lessons have to do with understanding the subtle energetic shifts that lead to big changes, understanding the flow of the universe. Your weakness is powerlessness, which will try and rear its ugly head time and time again in your life.

9 the explorer

You are here to explore, discover, learn, and break the boundaries and bonds you were born into. Your lessons in life have to do with world travel, higher education and foreign or alien things. Your strength is your ability to adapt to any situation. Your weakness is your wanderlust and lack of commitment.

11 the inspiring leader

Your life will be a storied one with many winding paths to meander down. Your lessons are many! Life is full of hands-on learning experiences, but unlike others you know how to turn lemons into gold. Your strength is your ability to learn from past mistakes. Your weakness is your need to be liked by others.

22 the master builder

You are here to build something that will not only support your weight, but help uplift your family, members of your community, and people who will live far past yourself. Your strength is your chutzpah, your go-getter spirit and ability to solve any problem. Your weakness is perfectionism. Nothing can be great without a mistake or two.

33 the master healer

You feel a saintly duty to the earth, its people and animals as well. Your lessons in life will push you towards honing in on your cause, whether that be helping children with cancer, cleaning up the oceans, or starting an animal rescue farm. Your strength is your ability to give more time, effort and energy than most others. Your weakness is other people, don’t get caught up in the haters!

44 the master manifestor

You are destined to become a great witch! Your lessons in life have to do with learning to manifest through understanding that when you focus your mind on a certain outcome it is very likely to come to fruition. Your strength is your ability to learn to manifest and create the life of your dreams. Your weakness is power and ego.

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