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Luckiest Number in Numerology

What is The Luckiest Number in Numerology?

Numbers are one of the gifts to mankind, if they aren’t beautiful, then nothing is. Every single number has its own significance, from scientific to spiritual, from historical and ancient occurrences to futuristic approaches, numbers are everywhere. To really understand numbers, one must look at their relationship with each other and its impact because if the role of a number is changed, it only enriches silence.

Today the numbers pi, Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, the comma of Pythagoras, pyramid number every single one is the basic numbers from which the complex and curling patterns of astronomy and music are derived. However, there is something more important to it, the question of which is the luckiest number. Can we really find our very own lucky number?

Lucky numbers (0-9) and their meaning

Here we will go through the first 10 numerical digits and discuss what these numbers alone mean and their importance in different cultures and traditions.

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The number zero is the most important number of all. Its importance can be known from the fact that it either means ‘all’ or ‘nothing at all.’ It symbolizes infinity. In numerology it means wholesomeness, it is a composite of everything that is which exists. It also signifies infinite potential and possibilities. It is undoubtedly the luckiest number since its reflection is divine.


One sure seems to be the loneliest of all numbers, but it carries an amount of luckiness with it, not so alone after all. Number One signifies the beginning of everything. The start of something new. The primary force with which all the numbers are put forth into perspective. The reflection of number one shows how it’s upright, standing straight with pride like an arrow pierces through hurdles and obstacles in front of it.


Two signifies synergy. It is believed to be the most feminine of all numbers in many cultures. It is not looked upon but contributes to power and strength. It’s an invaluable asset. The Egyptians upheld this number in various jewelry to highlight a two-fold path of human completeness, i.e. knowledge and wisdom.


Three is the official lucky number universally. It’s a sacred number through every culture or ethnicity. It can be a lucky number if one uses it as a point of focus. Anyone with the lucky number three can attain happiness easily.


It reflects stability and masculinity at some point which is why a person whose lucky number is 4 will likely be more secure against hurdles in life and will possibly be more energetic to deal with them. People with a military career often have 4 as their luckiest number.

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In Chinese tradition 5 holds a specific place. Since the five blessings which are wealth, luck, health, life, and peace are what resonate with the number 5. Alchemists and astrologers often use the five-pointed star for protection. In the times of David when he faced Goliath, it was his fifth stone that downed Goliath. Since then it also holds its significance.


Lovers card in the tarot and the planet Venus are the few things associated with the number 6. It incites love and harmony. This number is found mostly in teaching healing and counseling which makes it their lucky number in their respective fields.


It signifies intelligence but doesn’t necessarily make it obvious to see. For example, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. The number 7  is usually associated with introverted people, but its significance in luck is through the intellect it highlights in a person.


This number may be the most misunderstood number of all, it signifies power but also drags money with it. It’s an equalizer, which creates and destroys. People with the lucky number 8 are usually found in big corporations.


It’s a number with philosophical importance, the number 9 appeals to global consciousness. The number 6 also reflects it, but 9 makes it even more. But it has a downfall since it’s easy to fall to the dark side with the lucky number 9, but those who prevent it are leaders.

Some Luckiest Numbers around the Globe

Every digit has its own significance but what happens when they come together? Does that alter their essence or make them more powerful in their effect? That’s a question that needs to be addressed, and hopefully, it has been shown how different numbers and their occurrences have made it to the top of the list of the luckiest numbers.

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It’s more common to have 3 as a lucky number in Asia.


Number 9 is considered a lucky number in Japan.


The number 3, 5, and 666 is considered as luckiest numbers in China.


Russians usually consider odd numbers as lucky and even unlucky; they even buy flowers in odd numbers.


Italians have a fear of the number 17 and consider it unlucky. But number 4 is considered lucky in most of Europe. It also symbolizes the four leaves of a clover which means hope.

Arabic culture

The number 13, which is regarded as unlucky in the USA and many other countries, is actually a sacred number in Islamic culture. It signifies “in the name of Allah.”


In India, the number 8 is considered unlucky while 1,3,7,9, and 13 are lucky. They believe it brings prosperity.

Luck in The Lotto

According to the different credible resources, the luckiest lottery numbers, which have been drawn out more than half of the rest, are 26, 41, 16, 22, and 42.

Powerball luck

In Powerball, the numbers with the most probability to be drawn out were 20, 6, 29, 2, and 18.


The luckiest number isn’t necessarily one of the above-mentioned, but every number has its own essence in its respective cultures which considers them as lucky. For example, 666 is the devil’s number in Christianity, but in China, it is considered as lucky. Similarly, 13 is lucky and sacred in Arabic culture.

But some numbers are universally considered to be lucky of which 3 is the only number that repeats in every culture and country making itself the luckiest number.

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