May 30, 2024
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MASTER NUMBER 11 and Human Law vs. Divine Law

Master Number 11 – Human Law Versus Divine Law

Master Numbers come with gifts and challenges to encourage you to master your life from within. May 2022 was the month of the Universal Master Number 11, and this energy extends out to all sentient beings.

Hello and Welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology. The number 11 is a mystical, magical, spiritual, potent, and powerful energy. Those of you who carry it in your birth chart know firsthand how fortunate it is to align with this vibration and also how distraught it can be to be challenged by it.

Master number 11

Actually, anyone with a Master Number could use this alignment to their advantage since all Master Numbers are a multiple of the 11 but nonetheless, we are all under the influence of May dynamic’s cosmic force.

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The Master number 11 carries the frequency of great mystery and paradox. Because this is the energy of duality, you must choose what realm to be plugged into and create from.

Do you resonate with human law or Divine law? Most of us on a spiritual path, have one foot in each. It wasn’t too long ago that only saints, priests, priestesses, and shamans knew about and practiced within the laws of the divine.

But we have been witnessing the veils of illusions lifting rapidly to reach the masses and we are given choices more frequently than ever before to raise our vibration to meet with spirit in the corridors of our personal sanctuaries.

Human law is created by your tribes, the people you are plugged into since birth. It is established by society, our school system, and your religious doctrine.

Divine law is created by your relationship with Source and established by your own personal experiences with energy that is experienced beyond your 5 senses.

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In other words, human law comes from what you can see and perceive before your eyes, and Divine law comes from what lies behind your eyes.

What we see with our eyes was originally created by divine law to serve as a symbolic reminder of what lies behind our eyes but for most people, the interpretation got lost in translation due to contacting the soul illness of fear.

Fear is a soul sickness and can be a fatal illness if left untreated. Divine law can only be reached through surrendering fear and living in faith. Both fear and faith ask us to believe in something we cannot see. When you choose faith, then fear can be treated like the sickness it truly is and cured with self-love and compassion.

That is why Buddha says the world is an illusion. If you cannot connect the physical world as a symbolic gesture of your internal world, you will not understand or grasp the reality of this statement.

Human law versus Divine Law

Human law depends on having to establish and follow orders. The seasons, planets, numeric system, time, and chronological development all follow a systematic and symbolic order.

The logical mind thrives on putting puzzles together and understanding the natural laws of the universe. It lives in the realm of time in space.

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Divine law lives in the corridors of miracles, magic, alchemy, and spirit. It defies all natural systems and order that the logical mind depends on for safety and security.

It knows that all-natural law reflects divine law, and it is not subject to follow human order or systems.

There is no time or space within the world behind your third eye. Divine law compensates the natural connection to the world of unreason by manifesting through pure intention.

You can bend natural law within Divine law including time, age, and space.

Human order thrives in having to understand why things happen and not being able to move forward until all the pieces fit in a linear fashion and we are satisfied with the outcome.

Divine law is knowing that we are all connected. You have faith that everything happens for a reason even if you can’t see the whole picture within your mind’s eye.  You trust and move forward regardless of what makes sense in the moment.

We often believe that knowing our Destiny helps us to create order in the world.

But the Truth is ….  there isn’t an order to the Universe. Our divine destiny is written in scripture on the very delicate pages of our hearts. You must turn inward to align with your ordination, your true calling, and your reason for being incarnated at this time.

It will not succeed to follow any secure pathway; divine law never comes through the front door. Never comes with the flashing neon lights, burning bushes, billboards, or big promotions.

It travels in a paradox …It comes to us in humble disguised versions of glory trumpets. What looks small is big, what looks complex is simple, what is expensive is priceless.

Like the birth of Jesus in the manger.

There are 2 edges to the sword of Destiny…

One is to fulfill it or to keep on searching. Divine law lies in the truth that we are energetic beings inhabiting a physical body. Human law believes that we are physical beings ruled by the cause and effect of our environment.

Human law believes in karma and Divine law orchestrates through Grace.

When you align with Divine law, you perceive the truth in all things. All of your 5 senses are turned inward, and you are able to see, hear, speak, and acknowledge a higher wisdom.

There are no distortions or distractions clouding your judgment. In fact, there are no judgments of any kind. All is revealed as perfect exactly the way it is.

For instance, When I work with people, I don’t work with individuals who have problems, are wounded, or are victims of circumstances.

Although these occurrences may show up in your energy field, I see and perceive you as whole, complete, and perfect.

I visit with your higher self and the contract you made before birth. I feel your superpowers, I see your hero archetype, and I translate your personal legacy.

I perceive you in the victory of the present moment and the current chapter of your life unfolding within you.

I share with you my vision, insight, experience, compassion, and understanding.

This is why I say that I help people remember because my readings uncover your history so you can re-discover your truth, authenticity, and higher self.

May asked that you visit the paradox between human and divine law. It encourages you to connect with the mystery, magic, and power behind the symbolic reflections in nature and remember the true miracle that you are.

If things appear a little fuzzy, unclear, and hazy for you right now, I can help you get grounded with clarity. Schedule an appointment through my website at

May your days ahead be bright, your path be blessed, and your heart remain open!

Namaste’ Sara