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How to Calculate Your Active Number and its Meaning

The Active Number in your personal numerology is the total of your first name reduced to a single digit.

You lead into life with your first name, which is why its numerical value is your Active Number. Some people use their given first name, some take on a nickname given to them by a family member or peer, and some people choose a nickname or even an alternative name. Richard is a good example for variations, which include Rich, Rick, or Dick.

The “true” active number is the given birth name. Even if you legally change your first name, the core Active Number is the birth name given to you by your parents. A legally changed name and numerical value is more powerful than a nickname. But any name used to identity a person in the world is an Active Number.

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Consider Diana, using Pythagorean numerology:

  • D = 4
  • I = 9
  • A = 1
  • N = 5
  • A = 1

Total of 20. So Active Number 2.

Then consider Princess Di (for Princes Diana of Whales)

  • P = 7
  • R = 9
  • I = 9
  • N = 5
  • C = 3
  • E = 5
  • S = 1
  • S = 1
  • D = 4
  • I =9

Total of 53. So Active Number 8.

As Diana, her Active Number 2 is about relating; but as Princess Di, her Active number is 8, which is about Power.

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(Pythagorean numerology method used here)


The Number 1

An individual that has an Active Number 1 is a natural born maverick. Therefore, they like to go first, try the ride before everyone else, and take the first bite! This person will speak up and stand out. A child with a 1 first name will take off towards something they want or head in a different direction than the rest of group. Either that or the rest of the group runs along after the child with the 1 first name.

The Number 2

An individual that has an Active Number 2 easily connects with others. Therefore, they like to meet new people, form relationships, work on teams, and support others. A child with a 2 first name will help everyone participate and focus on the emotional connection with other children. First name 2 individuals love to communicate with and help others.

The Number 3

An individual that has an Active Number 3 is creative and dynamic. Therefore, they enjoy learning, problem-solving, expressing ideas, and working creatively. A child with a 3 first name prefers the chance to do creative activities and be active as much as possible throughout the day. When focused, they accomplish amazing feats, but if uninterested, no threat or reward moves them.

The Number 4

An individual that has an Active Number 4 likes to build and establish. Therefore, they conserve and use energy frugally, like to work hard, and want to appear solid and secure to others. A child with a 4 first name will enjoy learning a skill, playing on a team, or form a close-knit group with peers. First name 4 people want to act responsibly and make sure everything runs as it should.

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The Number 5

An individual that has an Active Number 5 is an explorer and rebel. Therefore, they like to travel, go into new places and situations, and test the boundaries of societal norms. A child with a 5 first name will want to try the new and different experience, meet the foreign or new student, or be the new student. First name 5 people move with velocity in life.

The Number 6

An individual that has an Active Number 6 wants to help and heal. Therefore, they understand and enjoy service, can teach what they learn, and tend to be highly sympathetic or empathic. A child with a 6 first name will make sure no other children are left out of a game and want to help with chores. First name 6 individuals spot needs and work to fill them.

The Number 7

An individual that has an Active Number 7 wants to unlock the mysteries of life. Therefore, they like to study metaphysics, religions, and philosophy. A child with a 7 first name will usually stand out as different or out of sync with peers because of more spiritual interests. First name 7 people often feel purposeful in some strong way, beyond the norm of other numbers.

The Number 8

An individual that has an Active Number 8 is a natural born leader. Therefore, they like to take charge, direct others, and set lofty goals. A child with an 8 first name will initiate games, enjoy competing, and look for new challenges. First name 8 individuals appreciate rules and structure as components that help their drive to succeed grow.

The Number 9

An individual that has an Active Number 9 is often wise beyond their years, even their later years. Therefore, they tend to be patient, consider actions carefully, and see the “big picture”. A child with a 9 first name is an excellent observer and comfortable letting others lead and act until invited to participate. First name 9 people act with compassion and soak up wisdom.

The Number 11

An individual that has an Active Number 11 stands out in life. Therefore, they act with confidence, make exceptional effort, and have tremendous focus. A child with an 11 first name will often excel beyond peers and have the strongest sense of self from which to make decisions. First name 11 individuals act in a single-minded way to get their purpose into the world.

The Number 22

An individual that has an Active Number 22 can unite many people. Therefore, they prefer to build relationships that will last, connect the community, and support society. A child with a 22 first name will relate to all groups and not just one group. First name 22 people act on relationships as the foundation for healthy community.

Other Master Numbers are Rare

Getting a total of 33, 44, or 55 is extremely rare and would require an unusually long name with several letters that are 6 and above. If you have a name that is a master number 33, 44, or 55, you should consult a master numerologist for an in-depth explanation of your Active Number.

How to Use Numerology in Your Life

Once you become aware of the numbers of your life, you can use them to help you succeed in your career and your relationships. Your Active Number is your “lead number” since we most often lead with our first names. Find your Active Number and then think about how you push out into the world with your first name!

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