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How to Calculate Your Name Number?

Calculating the Destiny Number depends on which numerology system you choose to use. There are three systems in common use at this time: Pythagorean, Gematria, and Chaldean. While each one assigns number values to letters, they vary with some letters. For example, A is 1 in all systems. Q is 8 in the Pythagorean system, 4 in the Gematria system, and 1 in the Chaldean system.

Therefore, the Destiny number of a man named Quincy would add up from the following numbers:


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8 3 9 5 3 7 = 35 = 8


4 6 5 1 3 2 = 21 = 3


1 6 1 5 3 1 = 17 = 8

As it happens, the Pythagorean and Chaldean Destiny is 8, while the Gematria Destiny is 3.

Pythagorean calculation method

What is the Destiny Number of your Name

The single digit number of your name reveals the energy you attract from others and the world. Knowing your Destiny Number helps you understand why people want you to play a certain role in life.

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The Destiny number works in concert with the Life Path Number. When combined with the Life Path number you get the Soul Purpose Number.

Unlike the Life Path Number which drives the individual, the Destiny Number is the pulse of energy that turns people in their direction for a specific reason, related to the number meaning of that Destiny.

The Number 11 as Your Destiny

Others seek out Destiny 11 because they feel the Destiny 11 sets an example as the best version of a behavior, skill, or belief. As children they may be left to their own devices without much supervision or direction. People will choose to treat them as loners or try to make the conform because they sense that they do not care about fitting in.

The Number 11 and Career

The challenge for Destiny 11 individuals is having the freedom to be authentic in their relationships. People will be drawn to their maverick energy, but this energy is not always best for long-term commitments or a sense of duty about work. Wise employers will astutely surmise that these individuals need to work on their own, and not with a team, except occasionally.

The Number 11 and Love

It is important for 11 individuals to be directly honest when seeking romance. Others view them as selfish or self-centered and they will hope to attract like-numbers, but may find other numbers really want to hem them in. It is easy for them to be “the first” of some kind for the other person, which works fine if the other numbers align.

Number 11 and Family

The parent or child that is an 11 can be the black sheep of the family or the odd one out. Even if they do not see themselves as different or exceptional, the other family members mostly likely will. This exceptionalism can be a blessing or a curse depending on the numbers of the other family members.

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Number 11 and Health

There will be a constant pressure to fit a health mold others project onto this number. Healthy relationships will know to let this person figure it out for himself or herself. But what others will sense is a need to have your own personal health regimen, which may or may not suit the people around you.

Other Numbers and Their Importance

You also have other numerology numbers that are important and that refine your Destiny Number. No one is the pure embodiment of a number, but the Destiny Number is a foundation number (along with the Life Path and Soul Purpose numbers).

Other important and truly significant numbers include an identity number assigned by your society, like the social security number in the United States. Numbers that form your daily life are important, like your phone number numerology, or the address of you home.

How to Use Numerology in Your Life

Once you become aware of the numbers of your life, you can use them to help you succeed in your career and your relationships. If the 11 is your Destiny Number, then realize that other people will sense you as a 11 and react to you accordingly. We are all pulsing with certain energy that acts on the world and causes the world to react.

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