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How to Calculate Your Name Number?

Calculating the Destiny Number depends on which numerology system you choose to use. There are three systems in common use at this time: Pythagorean, Gematria, and Chaldean. While each one assigns number values to letters, they vary with some letters. For example, A is 1 in all systems. Q is 8 in the Pythagorean system, 4 in the Gematria system, and 1 in the Chaldean system.

Therefore, the Destiny number of a man named Quincy would add up from the following numbers:


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8 3 9 5 3 7 = 35 = 8


4 6 5 1 3 2 = 21 = 3


1 6 1 5 3 1 = 17 = 8

As it happens, the Pythagorean and Chaldean Destiny is 8, while the Gematria Destiny is 3.

Pythagorean calculation method

What is the Destiny Number of Your Name

The single digit number of your name reveals the energy you attract from others and the world. Knowing your Destiny Number helps you understand why people want you to play a certain role in life.

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The Destiny number works in concert with the Life Path Number. When combined with the Life Path number you get the Soul Purpose Number.

Unlike the Life Path Number which drives the individual, the Destiny Number is the pulse of energy that turns people in their direction for a specific reason, related to the number meaning of that Destiny.

The 55 as Your Destiny

Other seek out the Destiny 55 individuals because they prefer to interact with the people who are unafraid of the future and comfortable with chaos. Destiny wants them to lead progress by putting visionary people into their lives.

The 55 and Career

Destiny 55 individuals can feel frustrated by the burden of “taking care of everything” because others expect them to succeed all the time. While they do love producing, they can begin to feel that nothing they do is “good enough” because the expectation is to do something greater with each new effort.

The 55 and Love

Their partners may pressure or pursue them to make long-term commitments and may end up meeting a string of lovers who want to “trap” them. While it is true they will eventually want to move on and through relationships naturally, the process can accelerate with a clingy partner, which their energy will actually activate in someone that another number would not.

55 and Family

All family members will likely want more time with them and from them than they may be comfortable sharing or desiring themselves. Also, there ability to achieve highly will encourage parents in the healthiest situation to support the 55 in their special interest. On the low side, the parent may see to opportunity for the child to succeed at something the parent always wanted to do well and push for that direction, which will only lead to conflict.

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55 and Health

There can be an expectation that the 55 will take great care with health or be left alone to figure out nutrition and well-being on his or her own. This is a number that is extreme and causes extreme reactions in others.

Other Numbers and Their Importance

You also have other numerology numbers that are important and that refine your Destiny Number. No one is the pure embodiment of a number, but the Destiny Number is a foundation number (along with the Life Path and Soul Purpose numbers).
Other important and truly significant numbers include an identity number assigned by your society, like the social security number in the United States. Numbers that form your daily life are important, like your phone number numerology, or the address of you home.

How to Use Numerology in Your Life

Once you become aware of the numbers of your life, you can use them to help you succeed in your career and your relationships. If the 55 is your Destiny Number, then realize that other people will sense you as a 55 and react to you accordingly. We are all pulsing with certain energy that acts on the world and causes the world to react.

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