June 24, 2024
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New Beginnings: 1/1/2024 and the Power of Numerology

When the New Year rolls around, you expect new beginnings because the year has changed. However, you often find that is not the case because affairs from the previous years will continue into the New Year. You cannot avoid that reality, but on New Year’s Day 2024, the numerological energies are in your favor to create new beginnings, as you have the opportunity and the power to manifest some great things. Adding the numbers of New Year’s Day of the new year, which is 1+1+2+0+2+4 =10/1, which means you have the numerological support to create some wonderful things. Let’s break down the numerology for 1/1/2024 and then look at why January 1st, 2024, is the day for manifestation and what it means for those whose birthdays are on January 1st.

The Numerology of 2024

If you have noticed that regardless of how each year was for you, there is always a common energy theme with it, and the standard energy theme has to do with the numerological value of the year. For instance, last year, 2023, may have been different for everyone as some may have had a great year, others may have had a terrible year, and some may have had a neutral year. But the one thing that many may see upon reflection is that 2023 was a year that brought out a lot of spiritual wisdom based on situations and lessons that happened, as it was a seven year, numerologically, (2+0+2+3=7). Even if it was not a seven year for you based on your personal numerology, the energies of seven still impacted you on some level from the year.

Since 2023 was a seven year in the collective sense, 2024 will be an eight year (2+0+2+4), which means the energies of the number eight will impact you on some level regardless of your personal numerology. The number eight numerologically is about power and karma, and it can be a number that represents quick movement. Therefore, that means if you feel like things last year were moving very slowly, as that is expected for a seven collective year (unless your personal numerological year was eight in 2023, which means things may have happened more quickly for you), you will find that there will be quick movement and less stagnation in 2024.

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This year, numerologically, you will feel the energy to claim what is yours, and that means you may have to engage in situations that will bring you out of your comfort zone to do that. However, look at those as opportunities to expand your horizons and succeed. You will also find that some significant changes will happen this year as the eight numerology year is the first year in a three-year push cycle. Years with the numerological values of eight, nine, and one are those years, which means you will experience many changes happening this year and next year until 2026.

That means you are leaving behind the energies from the current nine-year cycle, which began in 2017 (2+0+1+7 =10/1), and you want to harness the power of this eight-numerological year for the world to enter a new one when 2026 (2+0+2+6 = 10/1) arrives.

And what you want to do with the energies of 2024 is to capitalize on everything that has occurred over the last seven years while utilizing what you have learned from your lessons and experiences in your actions so you can make the best use of what you learned as you get ready to embark on a new adventure in the next few years. This is the year where you will need to stand on your own two feet and begin owning your power, and New Year’s Day is allowing you to create a fresh start so you can do that!

Why 1/1/2024 Is An Auspicious Day For Manifestation

New Year’s Day is always the best day to create fresh starts as you have the double-one energies numerologically with the 1/1, which is January 1st. One is all about creation and new starts, and when you add up the dates of January 1st, you get two, as 1+1 =2, as two is all about intuition, duality, and balance. Two is a sensitive number, and since it is highly intuitive, this is also why it is an important time to tap into your Higher Self to know what you truly want to manifest.

Therefore, 1/1/2024 is an auspicious day to manifest anything you truly want and need, but it must be something that will best serve your highest good. As you know, when you look at the numerology for January 1st, 2024, it is a day with one numerological energy, and you also have eight numerological energy for 2024. This is a powerful day to manifest what you truly want that would serve your highest good. January 1st is an excellent day of any year to manifest something extraordinary into your life, but the eight numerological energies from 2024 will make it much more powerful.

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However, for it to manifest, you have to set an intention to take action on what is that you manifest, and you need to begin immediately. The Capricorn energies will also influence that too.  Otherwise, it will not bloom. And you do not want to waste a fantastic opportunity to manifest something that could come quite quickly into your life. Let’s talk about a manifestation ritual you can do for 1/1/2024 to bring a dream into your life and make it a reality.

The 1/1/2024 Manifestation Ritual

The first thing you must do when it comes to any manifestation ritual is to banish any self-doubt that you have, as you do not want it to get in the way of you bringing what you want to bloom into reality. You want to get into a calm mode to envision yourself with the thing or situation you want to manifest, whether it is more clients for your business, better health, a trip, a relationship, or anything else you feel is best for your highest good.

You want to cleanse your energy to increase your vibration, and one way to do it is by having a spiritual bath, where you can put herbs and flowers of your choice with Epsom salts. If you do not want to do that, you will want to go into a quiet space where you can meditate. Either way, you need to cleanse your energy to increase your frequency, and you will want to light white and green candles; one is associated with white, and eight is associated with green, as white is about purity and green is about success and fertility.

Whether you light the candles in the bathroom, you are taking a spiritual bath, or in a quiet area where you will sit and meditate, it does not matter as long as you are in a setting where you can cleanse yourself to increase your vibration.

You will also want to have the crystals garnet associated with one, as that gem symbolizes strength and courage, and citrine associated with eight, as that is the gem representing prosperity close to you. You can hold them, or you can place them near you. Those crystals will help strengthen your intention to bring what you want to manifest into your life. You will also want to put a pad of paper and a pen by your side, as you will need them.

As you are getting comfortable in your spiritual bath or your quiet setting, begin envisioning. Envision a white light surrounding you, removing all the negative and stagnant energy you may have stored and then protecting you.

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Then, envision the item or situation you want to bring into your life. Don’t see it as you being in a movie with it. Imagine yourself in the situation, imagine your emotions, and feel them. For instance, if you want to manifest a more extensive clientele for your business, envision yourself being so busy that you are looking for virtual assistants to hire to help you out. Envision yourself looking at your bank balance and get excited that the number is higher than you ever expected because of your success. Think to yourself how amazing it is that this is all happening as you embody the energy.

After you are done with your visualization exercise, you will want to take the next step, which is taking the pad of paper and pen, and begin writing down what it is that you are manifesting and write down your action plan for attaining it. That is a powerful way to send the Universe your message. After you are done, thank the Universe for blessing you with what you manifest, and you can place the paper anywhere you choose. Set your intention to begin taking action as soon as possible.

Now you know how to take advantage of the auspicious energies of 1/1/2024, let’s talk about your personality if New Year’s Day happens to be your birthday!

What It Means To Be Born On January 1st

Suppose your birthday is on New Year’s Day; firstly, happy birthday! Now, let’s talk about how the 1/1 energies affect you. Remember that other factors influence the energies from this day in your astrological and numerological chart, such as your name, sun, moon, rising sign, and different planetary placements in your chart.

However, overall, having a birthday on January 1st makes you independent and a self-starter, as you have influences from the sign of Capricorn. If it was up to you, you could do everything by yourself, and you only like to ask for help if you are in a desperate situation, leaving you no other choice.

You may also be entirely devoted to your friends and family, as you take your work and those who mean a lot to you seriously, as you will make them a priority. However, you will not handle it well if anyone, including those you care about, tries interfering with your ambitions and goals. You can be bold and headstrong. You may encounter many other obstacles when goal-setting, but you do not allow that to bring you down, as your determination is strong.

January 1st, 2024, is a day that marks new beginnings, as not only are you entering a three-year push cycle, but you are also tying up loose ends from the previous seven years while recent changes are starting to manifest. However, this is also a powerful day to manifest your desires that are best for your highest good. As you know, 2024 is an eight-numerological year, and you have the double-one energies from 1/1, which amplifies your intentions to make some fresh starts. When you add up January 1st, 2024, numerologically, it is ruled by one numerological energy, making it the perfect day to set your intentions to turn your dreams into reality.

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