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Numerology of Joe Biden

The Numerology of Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette Biden (November 20, 1942) “is an American politician serving as the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009” (wiki).

This article will explore his numerology to see how he expresses his numbers and will be leading the United States through one of its most difficult periods in its development. 

Life Path Number

The Life Path is the total of a person’s birthday (mm/dd/yyyy).  Biden’s birthday was November 20, 1942, so 11/20/1942, which totals 1973, which reduces to 20, which reduces to a 2.  If the numbers are added sequentially, the total is 20, which reduces to a 2.

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An individual that has a Life Path Number 2 is a natural-born companion to others. Therefore, they have the passion and energy to connect with and support others. Their personality develops through their interactions with others.

As relating people, they embrace communication, partnership, and commitment as their highest ideals. So, they become successful through teamwork. Since they relate to others to succeed in life, they overcome challenges thrown in their way by being or getting a helping hand.

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Biden’s calls for unity are not hyperbole, but whether or not the reality around him will make it possible to achieve meaningful connections with those who think differently than him is part of his current struggle.

Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is the total of the full birth name.  Joseph Robinette Biden is his birth certificate name, so his Destiny Number is the total of his first, middle, and last name, which adds up to 98, which reduces to 17, which further reduces to 8.

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An individual that has a Destiny Number 8 attracts driven and high-achieving people. Therefore, they encourage those people who want to succeed in the public eye, set and achieve high goals, and lead others.

They intuitively know how to bring out the power of another and put that power into the world. As goal-oriented people, they show others the merits of hard work, long-range planning, and leadership.  Destiny wants them to lead others to become leaders!

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If you consider the historical significance of the Presidential election that Joe Biden won, facing a country divided, and in the middle of a pandemic, he will need every bit of the leadership energy symbolized by 8 to have any hope of charting America forward in a positive way.

Within the Destiny Number are several key numbers: the Active Number, the Heredity Number, the Soul Urge Number, and the Personality Number.

Active Number

You lead into life with your first name, which is why its numerical value is your Active Number. Some people use their given first name, some take on a nickname given to them by a family member or peer, and some people choose a nickname or even an alternative name. Joseph Biden commonly goes by Joe Biden.

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The “true” active number is the given birth name. Even if you legally change your first name, the core Active Number is the birth name given to you by your parents. A legally changed name and the numerical value is more powerful than a nickname. But any name used to identify a person in the world is an Active Number.  In Biden’s case, his Active Number is 1, the number for the individual (Joe reduces to 3, the hard worker).

An individual that has an Active Number 1 is a natural-born maverick. Therefore, they like to go first, try the ride before everyone else, and take the first bite! This person will speak up and stand out.  A person with a 1 first name will take off towards something they want or head in a different direction than the rest of the group. 

Hereditary Number

Essentially, you inherit numbers from your parents. Most often, the father’s surname is the one that dominates and is known out in the world. The mother’s surname commonly becomes her middle name after marriage, when she assumes the surname of her husband.  Biden totals 25, which reduces to 7, the Mystic or Spiritualist (and is also the Hereditary number for Abraham Lincoln).

An individual that has a Heredity Number 7 inherits spirituality from one or both parents. The person must determine how to understand the number 7 energy through the influence of the parent with the 7 last name.  That influence may manifest as support or suppression. 

In other words, the child gets encouragement to find his or her own spiritual path or must believe and practice what the parent believes.  Either way, the child learns the lesson of belief from the parent or despite the parent with the last name that is the number 7.

Biden was 29 when he was elected as a Senator for the state of Delaware in 1972.  He was re-elected six times before leaving the Senate to serve as Barak Obama’s Vice President.  He has spoken often about the importance of his faith (Catholicism) as an underpinning of his beliefs and how he conducts himself in the world.

Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge Number is the total of the vowels in a name, specifically the full birth name. The Soul Urge is like an energy charge within the numerology of a person. The number of the Soul Urge “powers” the Destiny Number.  In Joe Biden’s case, his number is 50, which reduces to a 5.

An individual that has a Soul Urge Number 5 draws energy from exploring and conflict. Therefore, they operate with a need to challenge themselves and others to generate energy.  These individuals are often playful, competitive, and fearless. Accepting that they need to be unafraid of what is new to get what they want and to get things done will help them be more successful in their relationships and endeavors.

Biden will experience tremendous pressure on this aspect of his numerology, considering how volatile times are in the United States and around the world.

Personality Number

The Personality Number is the total of consonants in the name, specifically the full birth name. The Personality Number is how people encounter someone and interpret them. It is like the clothing you choose to wear to go out in public, which causes people to react to you a certain way. For Biden, his number is 48, which reduces to 12, which further reduces to 3.

An individual that has a Personality Number 3 presents as creative to others. Therefore, others see them as either artistic or “out there”.  People who like imagination will expect a Personality 3 to fulfill the artist role in life.  Do not be surprised if people treat them as someone who can create on their own, even if they can only draw stick figures.

Biden does have a playful streak in his design with this number, giving him a sense of humor and the ability to understand and connect with people in “everyday” life.

Soul Purpose Number

Your Life Path Number reveals your numerical engine; it is the energy that drives you.  Your Destiny Number reveals the numerical energy the world wants from you.  When you combine them, you get your Soul Purpose Number, which reveals the “why” of your existence in this lifetime.

In Joe Biden’s case his Soul Purpose Number is the total of his Life Path Number 2 plus his Destiny Number 8, which totals 10, and reduces to a 1.  With a 2 + 8 combination, he is here to “assert power with the help of others”.

An individual that has Soul Purpose Number 1 is individualistic and pioneering. Therefore, they have the passion and energy to be a beacon in life, leading by example and achieving at higher levels. Their personality develops through their efforts to be profoundly unique and authentic.

As people, they embrace single-minded focus, devotion to their calling, and intense individualism. So, they become successful through leading the way as an excellent and stand-out example. Since they act with Destiny’s blessing, they overcome challenges thrown in their way by willpower and decisive action.

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