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soul life path number 1

Soul Life Path Number 1

Your soul life path number is the total of your birth date, birth month, and birth year reduced to a single digit. It describes the direction your life will take, what challenges you will encounter, and the opportunities you will come across. It tells you what your life journey will look like and how you connect with the outside world. This number represents the traits and talents that you were born with. There are magnetic forces that draw to you various vibrations, events, and circumstances throughout your life, and all of these are influenced by your soul life path number. Let’s dive into Soul Life Path Number 1.

The Eternal Drum of Life

Your path is sounded by the eternal drum of life the moment we are born. The drum is symbolic of the circle of life representing vitality, wholeness, completion,  perfection, the sacred void, Alpha & Omega, the ouroboros of reincarnation, the infinite representation of Source. And although it is beyond time and space, the closest we can imagine being present within this circle would be a feeling of unconditional love. The fifth dimension is a state of love and light that some would refer to as nirvana. This is your natural state of being, without the concept of time and space. 

The personified energetic blueprint you create through the birthing process is called your resonance frequency. It is the vibration the Universe recognizes to ignite the fires of your living breath, burning a path that forges and sets the direction for your life’s mission. I believe that we all were originally born out of the center of this sacred zero and decided to experience and express life through the numeric vibrations of our birth dates and names. Everything involving numbers starts and ends with the number zero.  Each number has its own frequency, with defining qualities, personalities, characteristics, and potential,  but we were all meant to ascend back to the comfort of this defining zero at the end of our journey, and for some of us, it has taken many lifetimes.

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Every numeric Path has a unique energy pattern that embodies your identity and is represented through symbols, images, or the personal logo of your soul. It is called an archetype. On a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level, we are all multidimensional beings, and these archetypes make it easier for your guides and angels to work with you.  When you tap into your signature archetype, you trigger your imagination, the realm between time and space, which becomes the sacred meeting grounds between worlds. 

Result of Your Past Life

Your current Life Path is typically decided as a result of your past life. Although it is not necessary to know what your past lives entailed in order to move forward today because you are living your past lives at this very moment. Everything that completes you at this moment, includes all of the components from your past lives combined. You don’t need to find out who you were hundreds of years ago in order to find yourself today. Those past lives are just stories… many, many stories containing different people, places, and circumstances.

Your Soul Life Path Number 1 is your resonant frequency. It is the vibration you signal to the Universe to attract and deliver everything that you need to develop your own archetype or Inner Hero and become the best version of yourself moving forward.  Your “Inner Hero” is your higher self-beckoning you toward your true calling in life, your purpose, and the reason why you are here. Now, nobody else can hear this voice but you. It is your calling and meant for your ears only. 

Nobody will offer you your life purpose on a silver platter or give you the golden map to follow your soul life path.  That is your job. You must find your inner voice again and again and learn to listen. 

Heroic stories have been a part of every culture throughout history. Our human exploration is a journey from beings who long to attain power in the physical world to beings who attain empowerment from within themselves. Our heroes clearly demonstrate how to awaken that inner wisdom. A hero endures life, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities only by exploring and using this inner intelligence. Your calling insists that you learn from these experiences and apply these lessons to your growth and spiritual evolution.

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Your inner hero and calling in life are the path and purpose that make the most sense to you. Now, this is where people can get lost if they follow other people’s advice on what they should be doing with their life rather than listening to their inner voice and tuning into their heart center.

Too many people waste their lives searching for their path rather than living it.

Get Back in Tune with Your Core Energy

Egyptian Numerology helps you get back in tune with your core energy and shows you how to equalize the vibrating relationship with the Universe and get back on track with living your highest purpose.

There is a Universal sacred order to life. It requires that you walk your authentic path before you pursue your life purpose. When you are on the right path, it ultimately leads you to your purpose.  Your job is to make sure you are in alignment with the right path designated specifically for you.

Your soul wants to be in alignment and send clues and nudges when you struggle to find that balance. Unfortunately, sometimes you may manifest a wrong turn and find yourself experiencing divorce, unemployment, illness, and depression.

You are given several chances to get back on track once you miss your mark, but ultimately, your lessons and life will not make sense if you reject the path you have previously laid out to follow. Your life will feel just off, and you may become restless, irritable, depressed, or bored. No matter what you choose, your soul learns from every experience, even though the journey back home may take a longer route. There is nothing ever wasted because your soul ultimately uses every experience advancement, and in time, all is used for your highest good.

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The universe, angels, guides, and your higher self will use all means necessary to lead you back to alignment with your soul-life agreement because, in essence, this is your road map, GPS, and North Star to what makes sense to you vibrationally. There are obvious signs to witness when you are in or out of alignment with your sacred treaty..

Becoming aligned is not a goal but rather a by-product of right living. Spiritual fitness is a conscious choice you make daily. What you think, do, and say determines a whole series of events. If you lack clarity, direction, and understanding of your path and purpose in life, you risk becoming distracted and falling out of alignment with your soul-life mission. Being and staying true to your soul-life agreements is possible and achievable. We are changing lives every day.

Therefore, Egyptian numerology is so important because it navigates your soul to your highest vibration and allows you a clear path back home—and back to the alpha and omega, which is the essence of Divine Energy.

Soul Life Path Number 1

The number one is a direct line from the earth to the sky, making a clear conduit or channel for focus, awareness, intuition, creativity, and independence. Your expression is that of forming your individuality and personal attainment in this lifetime. You are learning to be strong and stand your ground. You tend to be physically healthier and mentally stronger than most people are.

One can be a lonely number because of the independent and self-sustenance drive you follow deep in your DNA since birth. You have creative inspiration and possess the enthusiasm and drive to accomplish a great many things, and you will be less lonely when you share your knowledge, creativity, and interests with others. Your drive and potential for action come directly from the enormous depth of strength you have. Staying focused on your interests and not allowing yourself to be derailed or distracted is one of your challenges.

You are gifted with a deep need to focus and pay attention to fine details, patterns, and synchronicities, which feeds your fascination in the fields of science, research, mathematics, music, art, and the role of being a leader. Ones are often blamed for having control issues, but actually, they can focus so intensely on what they’re interested in that they just don’t know how to let go.

The number one agreement finds combined creativity and confidence as an important expression vital to the path. Creativity and innovation require a willingness to be on the cutting edge of originality; this means being, acting, and often feeling different. Most ones have intrinsically different ways of looking at and experiencing life. They focus on that which is unique. They may manifest this quality as early as infancy or as late as middle age.

The summit of the mountain path for number one is a joyful, passionate, and confident expression of personal magnetism and productivity that borders on magic. They can excel in any form of work that involves some form of healing and creativity. At the highest levels, they become a pure and non-resistant channel, a clear conduit through which an unlimited amount of creativity flows into the world.

Life path number one serves as a conduit between Spirit and matter using electrical currents when connected to Source. The power of this energy is known to be innovative, creative, and strengthens intuition. It is the protector of free thinkers, guardian of the people and environment, and the inventor. It seeks authenticity, confidence, laser focus, and deep concentration. Number one is like a straight arrow that reflects willpower and precision. It embodies the qualities of individuality, self-discovery, and self-empowerment. Unlike the energy of the zero, which is feminine and receptive, the number one has masculine and willful energy. One symbolizes leadership, creativity, strength, and confidence. The higher attribute for this frequency is interdependence.

You know everything about the Soul Life Path Number 1.

Your life path is only one element of your Soul Life Agreement. There are 8 core levels of your life contract. Egyptian Numerology helps people get into alignment with their energy including who they are in Spirit manifesting vibrational form and why they incarnated here on earth at this time. To learn more, visit my website.

Blessings, Sara

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