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The Meaning of your Name in Egyptian Numerology

The Meaning of your Name in Egyptian Numerology – Sacred Oracle Word

Your name has a vibration, sound, a code in which the world responds to.

It is similar to your life path frequency, in the way that it pitches a Universal radar that only you can identify with. Your name is part of your personal legacy whereas your life path responds more in line with a GPS. 

Your first, middle, and last name have separate meanings. It is the energy that you chose to be born with so you could extract the influence of how the universe responds to you.

Your name is a vessel that you use to create and attract the various experiences needed  to advance on your soul journey. 

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Are you curious to what vibration your name resonates with and why you chose this vibration to manifest your personal magic?

Hello and welcome, I am sara bachmeier. The author of Egyptian numerology emergency into the fifth dimension, and the path of a wounded of healer liberation is for the Asking.

The definition and meaning behind your birth name, is relevant to  your ascension journey. The nameology  in Egyptian numerology is a sacred science, dedicated to helping you understand how powerful and omnipotent you really are.

It is a dance between discovering and remembering simultaneously the delicate design you created through the name you were born with and the way it generates energy to empower you through the various adventures of your life.

When we were born, we were all assigned our oracle words. These magical words are our birth names. All words can be magical, according to how much spiritual significance we desire to attach to them. If used within the proper manner, they open up tremendous spiritual wisdom.

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Learning the physical and spiritual powers plus energy inherent within your names leads you to see your reflections of energies, gifts, potential, capabilities, and karma.

Your names give you power to balance your physical and spiritual bodies, awakening your highest abilities and potential. You use your name for energy, beauty, power, love, and prosperity.

These words have unlimited possibilities and are available for those willing to put forth the effort to learn how to use them. Tradition states that when you learn to align your energy and perception with divine energy inherent in and reflected through your name, it opens communication with angelic beings who have chosen to work with you through your creative expression in this incarnation, and these beings are known as our guardian angels.

Some of the key concepts in numerology have to do with frequency, vibration, and energy. Pythagoras reminds us that sound, tone, and frequency carry vibration and are imprinted with meaning, integrity, and influence.

When your names is spoken, it carries a personal resonate frequency. Sound is a direct link between humanity and the Divine. All the ancient mystery schools taught their students the use of sound as a creative healing force, and it is the oldest form of healing, a predominant part in the early teachings of the Greeks, Chinese, East Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians, American Indians, Mayas, and Aztecs.

Your birth name is used in the arithmancy of our charting calculations, but primary, spiritual, nicknames, surnames, and married names additionally reveal much about people.

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I believe our birth names are sacred and each name has a numeric resonance frequency aligned with the soul’s contract. Our names reflect the energy signatures and patterns needed to unfold, expand, and overcome within this lifetime.

Numerology, nameology, and arithmancy are based on the idea that each soul comes into this world to learn certain lessons, achieve specific goals, and experience overall development that propels evolution.

Learning to work with the power in your name released from your soul and into your life, is the purpose of this work. Researching the esoteric significance and use of your name as a tool for enlightenment and attainment was once a part of the ancient spiritual science taught within the Atlantean wisdom temples, and for the new age disciple, it must again form a part of your educational process.

In order to calculate the arithmancy of your birth name, we use the  Pythagorean method of assigning numbers to letters.

In my book, “Egyptian numerology emergence into the fifth dimension,” I have a name and number chart that you can use to calculate the numeric total of all your names. And my Book, “The Path of a Wounded Healer” goes into detail about the meaning of each name.

In this article, I will tell you the arithmancy code to use to calculate the numerology of your name.

Each LETTER is assigned a numeric frequency: Here is the Pythagoras chart… If you have the letter










The three major names we carry in our lifetime are the first name which is considered our social name, our middle name is our Soul name , and our last names is our hereditary name.

Our first name is our social name and indicates the personal and individual lessons we are here to learn and act on. This is the energy we reflect out to the world in greeting and to form relationships. They reflect our strengths, creativity, and personal power. Our first names are how our parents chose to respond to us, and they trigger our social acceptance and even expectations.

Our middle names are our soul names, and they are linked to inner guidance. They are windows to our souls and hold the secret to our healing, enlightenment, and pure essences.

Our last names, family names, or surnames are called the hereditary, genetic, or karmic frequencies given to us at birth and indicate the energies inherited from our ancestors, karma associated with our family, and the qualities most available to us through family heritage. All these contribute and shape the expressions of our individual creative essences.

After calculating the numeric version of your name, make sure you reduce the total to a single digit number unless it is a Master Number 11, 22, or 33.  I am giving you a very brief description of the meaning.

Name number 1: you are –  Independent, Assertive, Intelligent, Creative, and Intuitive

Name number 2: you are –  Creative, Romantic, Diplomatic, Loving, and Empathic

Name number 3: you are –  Social, Expressive, Intuitive, Creative, and Joyful

Name number 4: you are – Honest, Loyal, Meticulous, a Developer, and hold strong Perseverance

Name number 5: is  Friendly, Busy, Inquisitive, an Adventurer, and Service Oriented

Name number 6: is Nurturing, Intuitive, Domestic, a  Healer, and Adviser

Name number 7: is the energy of the Intelligence, Spiritual, Reclusive, Naturalist, and Psychic

Name number 8: is Business orientated, Energetic, Communication is important, Abundance, and is Cautious

Name number 9:  is Compassionate, Reserved, Spiritual, Creative, and a Humanitarian

Name Master number 11: is Intuitive, Creative, a Healer, Psychic, and self- Aware

Name Master number 22: is about Manifestation, Beauty, Connection, and Intuition

Name Master number 33: is a Visionary, Creative, Expressive, and a teacher

So, these are the main attributes of Egyptian Numerology Nameology.

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It is a great way to stay connected to spiritually evolved like-minded individuals and learn the art of Egyptian Numerology and how it empowers your life and those around you.

Thank you for joining me and have a blessed week!!!

Namaste’ Sara

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