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Career Questions and Answers Using Tarot

Career Questions and Answers Using Tarot

As a professional tarot reader, clients often contact me for many different reasons, but the top two concerns I address most often are relationship and career. Tarot and oracle cards can prove surprisingly helpful when asking questions and seeking answers about your relationship and your career. This article will focus on career and how to ask the most helpful questions and get the most insightful answers.

Choosing a Deck

In truth, any deck can be used to answer questions regarding career, but some decks lean into questions about career more than others. One deck I enjoy using and clients appreciate is the Law of Attraction Tarot. This modern deck is visually accessible, so messages are very clear for the reader and the client. Below are some sample cards from this deck:

Law of Attraction cards 1
Law of Attraction cards 2

All tarot decks have cards that deal with the material world, finances, and work, in the suit of the coins or pentacles. So, working with a deck that appeals to you is what is most important.

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Asking the Questions

I know, from experience, that clients often want to know a future outcome more than the spiritual work of a situation, which is why people often sit down across from me and ask, “will I get a promotion?” or “will I get the job I applied for?” Practically speaking you should ask that question to your employer or the person hiring you. When a future outcome is in the hands of another person, if they are not drawing the cards with you, then your question is “spiritually inappropriate”.

However, there is a way to ask a question about a promotion or getting hired that is spiritual in nature, making the cards the perfect tool to provide you with a helpful answer. If you reframe the question and ask, “what do I need to know if I get promoted?” or “what do I need to know if I do not get promoted?”, then the cards can provide you with useful insights. Perhaps you have been offered a job somewhere else in the world, making your question, “should I take the new job in Texas?”

A Three Card Reading

One of the most basic reading spreads is a 3-card reading based on a card for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. I am going to suggest modifying this spread using a series of three questions, “What do I need to know now?”, “What is my challenge?”, and “What do I need to know going forward?”

Question 1: Should I take the new job in Texas?

The cards drawn are the following:

3-card reading question 1


What you need to know is the 5 of Coins, which is a card about doing what you love. Do you feel passionate about the opportunity? If so, then you should take it. But if not, then probably not. Your challenge comes from your relationship. For one person this card could mean that they have to leave someone behind to go to a new job. For someone else, the card may mean their lover is pushing them to take a job that does not excite them. The guidance going forward does favor taking the job because there is a need to change your current circumstances. Overall, the answer is yes, take the job in Texas.

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Question 2: What do I need to know if I get my promotion?

3-card reading question 2


The first card selected for what you need to know now is the 5 of Scrolls (Wands), indicating you should be patient and methodical as you make the transition into your new role. Your challenge is the Queen of Swords, indicating the need to come up with a winning strategy once you assume your new role or start your new position. Lastly, going forward, the Star has been drawn and you should use this promotion to keep on the path to your next goal in your vision of your career path.

Question 3: What do I need to know about my career?

This question is a good general question to ask about your career from time to time. Here are two different readings.

3-card reading question 3 a


What you need to know now is how to make the most of your current situation, what effort you put in will affect what results you get out. Your challenge card indicates that you should enjoy your success by making sure you are saving extra money as well as enjoying what you earn. Your guidance going forward is a warning card. If you were to lose your job or face a difficulty, are you prepared? If not, then you should make more of the challenge to save and make sure you have the ability to weather any storms in your career path.

Another reading of the same question with three different cards would be:

3-card reading question 3 b


What you need to know now is not to be worried about what is being projected unless you know the source of what is casting the shadow. Look beyond the obvious and to the source of your concerns, not your assumptions. Your challenge involves putting the ingredients for success together in the right mixture and stirring them properly. If you do the work correctly and patiently, then you can see a future where you are both very successful and recognized for your success.


As you can see from these sample readings, each set of card combinations offers different insights around questions about career. If you add more cards, you will add more information. Always remember that you are the agent of your life story, even when others are part of the story, and they hold more power than you (your employer, the market, and so on). Use the tarot to help you be more conscious about your career path and how to succeed, when to make changes, and how to feel more empowered about your goals and staying on the path to achieving them.

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