July 25, 2024
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Dream Tarot Spread

The Best Dream Tarot Spread for Exploring Your Dream Job

We all have dreams: Some of us dream at night, others dream during the day and imagine their dream job, but many of us do both. Dreams can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, playing on our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds in ways that we may not even fully understand. So when we have a dream (whether it be consciously or not), how can we best explore that dream in order to understand what it means?

In this article, we’re going to explore that exact question. We’re going to start off by taking a look at a dream tarot spread you can use. We’ll cover three of these, with each exploring your dream and its impact on your job in a unique way. Once we’ve established which tarot spread is the best fit for you, we’ll move on to manifesting dream job goals and aims. So, let’s start off by looking at the importance of choosing the right tarot spread.

Dream Tarot Spread

You may be wondering what a dream tarot spread actually is. Well, this simply refers to the card layout you choose to use when performing a tarot card reading. You’re probably familiar with the most common spread: the 3-card spread, but we’re going to touch on another two as well, each of which is designed specifically for exploring dreams and dream jobs. Let’s take a look!

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3 Card Spread

The 3 card spread isn’t typically viewed as the one you would use for understanding dreams, but it’s certainly one that can be used for better understanding your dream job, particularly in relation to how to achieve it. For those of you unfamiliar with this spread, it typically involves asking a question at the start of the reading, usually before you transfer your energy to the cards.

From there, you select three cards. The first card represents the past, the second card represents the present, and the third card represents the future. This means that anyone card could have three different meanings, depending on the order it is selected in.

When exploring your dream job, you’ll typically find that the past represents something that is holding you back: perhaps a trauma or negative experience. The present card represents your current situation and why you may not be content with it. The future card is usually the one most open to interpretation. It can represent your dream job or what you need to do to achieve it, but it can also be a warning of what will happen if you don’t.

3 Card Dream Spread

While the above card spread may not be your best option for interpreting dreams, particularly those related to your dream job, there is a modification to the 3-card spread that makes it better suited. This 3 card dream tarot spread replaces the past, present, and future cards with 3 stages of dream interpretation.

The first card you select will reveal the relevance of your dream to your life. It may do this through highlighting a connection or it might remind you of a specific detail of your dream that helps to make things click in your mind. The second card highlights the lessons you can learn from your dream which could be anything from courage to determination, which may be aspects necessary for achieving your dream job. The third card will tell you how to apply these lessons to your waking life. Being courageous (for example) might only apply to a specific situation.

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Dream Interpretation Spread

The third and final dream tarot spread we’re going to look at is a much more focused and detail-oriented spread. It involves choosing a total of 7 cards, each of which will answer a specific aspect of your dream and will even detail how to apply this knowledge to your waking life. So let’s take a look at each one.

The first card highlights the origins of the dream. Was the dream just a dream or does it serve a higher purpose? The second card gives us a bit more detail by letting us know who or what sends the dream: was it our own minds, was it God or was it something else entirely? The third card reflects the role that our minds did play in this dream. Even when a dream is sent to us, it’s still the role of our subconscious mind to tailor the dream to our own life experience.

The fourth card explores the essence of the dream: what is the dream telling you? What messages are you missing? What details should you take away from the dream? Once we have our answers to these questions, the fifth card will reveal what we should do with this knowledge. The sixth card will highlight what you should learn from this experience before the seventh and final card reflects how you can apply this knowledge to your waking life.

Dream Knowledge

Combining dreams and tarot readings can allow for a truly educational experience. The dream itself can make you aware that something in your life isn’t right. This could be your job but it could also be anything else. Assuming that you decide that your dreams are reflecting that you need a new career, what next?

By asking the cards, we can establish not only the aspects that need to change but how we need to change them. Is now the time to take action or is patience a better approach? Should you consult your friends or focus first on planning your next movement? There are a lot of choices that need to be made and it can be difficult to think with a clear mind. Using a dream tarot spread can help us focus in on our dreams and establish the important aspects.

A Darker Reason

There is another aspect to consider: what if some of the people in your life don’t want you to achieve success? We all want to believe that we can trust our friends but sometimes jealousy and envy can create divides. It’s possible, although hopefully not the case, that someone you go to for advice has been leading you astray. It could be that only through reading your cards that you’re able to find this problem and address it.

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