July 17, 2024
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marriage questions and answers using tarot

Marriage Questions and Answers Using Tarot

This article will focus on marriage and how to ask the most helpful questions and get the most insightful answers about getting married.

As a professional tarot reader, clients often contact me for many different reasons. But the top two concerns I address most often are relationships (familial, romantic, and friendship) and career.

Tarot and oracle cards can prove surprisingly helpful when asking questions and seeking answers about your relationship and your career.

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The Deck

For this article, I have selected the Good Tarot (see this month’s deck review). The Good Tarot was published in 2017 and I purchased my copy in 2021. The artwork is stunning, another great deck by artist Colette Baron-Reid.

Emperor4 of Air3 of Earth

Marriage Questions and Answers Using Tarot – Questions

I know, from experience, that clients often want to know a future outcome more than the spiritual work of a situation. This is why people often sit down across from me and ask, “will I get married?” or “when will I get married?”.

Practically speaking, you should decide if you want to get married and then intend to make it happen using all available means necessary.

However, there are ways to ask questions about getting married that are extremely useful when pursuing a tarot reading. First, all questions should be self-focused, “What do I need to know if my partner asks me to marry him or her?”

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NOT: “Will he or she ask to marry me?” You might also ask, “What do I need to know if I decide to get married?” As well as “What do I need to know if I decide not to get married?”

A Three-Card Reading

One of the most basic reading spreads is a 3-card reading based on a card for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

I am going to suggest modifying this spread using a series of three questions, “What do I need to know now?”, “What is my challenge?”, and “What do I need to know going forward?”.

Let’s begin with “What do I need to know if my partner asks me to marry him or her?”

Question 1: What do I need to know if my partner asks me to marry him or her?

The cards drawn are the following:

6 of Earth and Asking Marriage QuestionsEmperor and Asking Marriage Questions10 of Fire and Asking Marriage Questions

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What you need to know is the 6 of Earth, Material Success, indicating that you need to be sure you are in the proper financial position to get married. Money issues are always significant in a marriage.

Your challenge is the Emperor, Leadership, reminding you that often one person holds more power in the relationship, be it financial, emotional, or intellectual.

How will you deal with the changing power dynamics that marriage will bring about? Finally, the guidance going forward is the 10 of Fire, Oppression, telling you that once you commit to this path, you must be careful not to take on too much.

Question 2: What do I need to know if I decide to get married?

TowerQueen of Earth3 of Earth


The first card selected for “what you need to know now” is the Tower, Upheaval, indicating that you will need to understand the radical change it will bring to your life, forcing you to redefine yourself in a new and different way.

Your challenge is the Queen of Earth, Management, suggesting that you will have to figure out how to organize your married life, practically and financially speaking.

Lastly, going forward, the 3 of Earth, Hard Work, indicates that marriage will require consistent and persistent effort to make it successful.

Question 3: What should I know if I decide not to get married?

Page of Air7 of WaterChariot


What you need to know now is the Page of Air, Curiosity, which means you will have greater freedom to explore many different types of relationships with anyone that interests you.

Your challenge card is the 7 of Water, Motivations, which is letting you know that you need to understand why this choice is the right one for you, emotionally, if you find yourself unmarried, or not wanting to get married, in this lifetime.

Your guidance going forward is the Chariot, Willpower, indicating that you will probably have to assert why you have chosen this path when others around you persist in suggesting you should get married.

This card can also indicate the need to forthright about your decision or situation, presenting it as something that will help you thrive.

Marriage Questions and Answers Using Tarot – Conclusions

As you can see from these sample readings, each set of card combinations offers different insights around questions about getting married. If you add more cards, you will add more information.

Always remember that you are the agent of your life story, even when others are part of the story. Use the tarot to help you be more conscious about your choices and how to make them successful and happy.

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