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number 9 in tarot

The Numerology of the Number 9 in Tarot

Numerology is the study of numbers as meaningful constructs related to human consciousness. Numbers occupy our lives in many ways, starting with number values associated with the letters of words, especially our names. We have the numbers of our birthday, month, and year. Most countries have a number sequence for citizens (in the United States, it is the 9-digit Social Security Number or SSN). Most of us have a phone number; if we drive a car, we have a number plate. Each word and sequence of numbers reduces to a number between 1 and 9, and each of those numbers has spiritual meaning. This article will explore the cards of the tarot that represent the number 9.

Six Cards Represent the Number 9 in a Tarot Deck

There are five number 9 cards and one card that reduces to the number 9 in a tarot deck. The Hermit is the number 9 card of the Major Arcana and there are four 9s for each of the four suits (cups, pentacles, swords, and wands). The Moon (18) reduces to a 9.

An individual that has life path number nine is generous and compassionate. Therefore, they have passion and energy to help the wider world and take on the largest human problems. Their personality develops through their efforts to see the flaws in humanity and heal them.

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As the people of the people, they embrace charity, altruism, and healing. So, they become successful through networking the disparate parts of society into a whole. Since they choose to lift those who are downtrodden, they overcome challenges thrown in their way by peaceful protest, patience, and forgiveness.

Each number 9 tarot card exhibits some aspect of this energy.

The Hermit

The Hermit tarot card Rider-Waite

Keywords associated with this Tarot Card

Upright: Mystery, introspection, secrets, wisdom, truth-seeking, and sabbatical.

Reversed: Isolation, loneliness, escapism, depression, and withdrawal.

Astrologically, the Hermit card is associated with the planet Mercury and the sign of Virgo.

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Meaning: The Hermit represents our individual pursuit for personal truth in a world of competing truths. The Hermit archetype is the ninth encounter for the Fool, teaching us that sometimes we must detach from the flow of life to discover ourselves, bringing what we learn in isolation back into the world of social connections.

Symbolism: A elderly man travels across a stark landscape with his lamp lighting the way. He travels forward in search of truth. His hood covers his head, and his head is tilted downward, both representing the solemn pursuit of truth. His staff is both for his support on the long journey and defense against any threats. The grey robe symbolizes neutrality and the absence of emotion; he will learn what he learns and accepts the truth no matter what is revealed.

The Moon

The Moon tarot card Rider-Waite

Keywords associated with this Tarot Card

Upright keywords: Imagination, dreams, positive emotions, and soul purpose

Reversed keywords: Delusion, nightmares, negative emotions, and depression

Astrologically, the Moon card is associated with the Moon and the sign of Cancer, but also the planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces.

Meaning: The Moon represents the feelings we need to explore and express. The Moon, as an archetype, is the eighteenth encounter for the Fool, illuminating our deepest feelings so we can understand the emotional framework that gets reinforced, suppressed, and shaped by our family and closest relationships.

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Symbolism: A full moon with a woman’s face inside rests in the top middle of the card, inside of the shining Sun, emphasizing that her light comes from the Sun. The moon sits between two pillars and a dog and a wolf over a waterway leading to a lake. This position indicates our need to balance and navigate our emotions. The lobster is a shelled creature representing our need to keep our emotions protected with a hard outer casing.

Nine of Cups

9 of cups Rider Waite tarot

The Keywords associated with this Tarot Card

Upright: contentment, worldly pleasures, bliss, well-being, and satisfaction

Reversed: smugness, arrogance, selfishness, and self-aggrandizement

Meaning: Embrace and accept what truly makes you happy. Your fulfillment is most important right now.

Symbolism: An accomplished man sits satisfied in front of nine cups, which symbolize the fulfillment that comes with successful work.

Nine of Pentacles

9 of pentacles Rider Waite tarot

The Keywords associated with this Tarot Card

Upright: wealth, financial independence, abundance, female authority or power, and empowerment

Reversed: excessive ego, pride, dissatisfaction, and shallowness

Meaning: Focus on your purpose and use it to attain the wealth you desire; be your best to earn the most.

Symbolism: A mature woman shows the wealth of individual achievement and the positivity associated with a productive life.

Nine of Swords

9 of swords Rider Waite tarot

The Keywords associated with this Tarot Card

Upright: cruelty, warning, need for protection, and despair

Reversed: torment, personal torture, and insomnia

Symbolism: A man wakes from a nightmare with nine swords above him, indicating that he must take care of himself or suffer the fate of the 10 of Swords.

Upright: warning, and foreboding

Nine of Wands

9 of wands Rider Waite tarot

The Keywords associated with this Tarot Card

Upright: defense, loyalty, stamina, discipline, and strength

Reversed: obstacles, martyrdom, disloyalty, stubbornness, and fanaticism

Meaning: You have a duty to uphold; others look to you as a role model.

Symbolism: An injured warrior remains loyal and ready in the face of adversity, resolved to set an example for others.

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