July 23, 2024
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Deck Review: The Darkside Skeleton Tarot by Yury Skorohod

Newly published tarot and oracle decks arrive on Amazon, Etsy, crowd-funding platforms, and in bookstores every month. Today there are literally thousands of decks to choose from, including out-of-print decks as well as published ones. Reviewing a deck is a subjective judgement intended to help readers determine if they want to own the deck. The critical review of a deck for AskAstrology involves looking at the quality and size of the cards, visual accessibility of the art, quality of the companion book or booklet, and potential usefulness in professional practice. This month I have chosen to review The Darkside Skeleton Tarot by Yury Skorohod.

The Cards

The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _The Magician The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _The 9 of Cups The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _King of Pentacles The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _The 2 of Swords

From the publishers’s website:

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Get your messages from the Darkside Skeleton Tarot by Yury Skorohod. This astounding deck has been drawn using stippling/pointillism, a drawing technique in which areas of light and shadow are created using nothing but dots. Mirroring the tarot story first drawn by Pamela Colman Smith, the Darkside Skeleton Tarot captures the Fool’s journey as a skeleton in a skeleton world. This deck is perfect for the tarot enthusiast, collector, or professional. An excellent beginner or professional deck.

About the artist:

Yury (Nickname – Artscore), is a graphic artist. Born in 1986 and based in Minsk, Belarus, he graduated from Belarussian State University in 2009 with a degree in design. From Yury, the artist, “I have been wanting to create some kind of large-scale project for a very long time and I was lucky enough to meet with Anton, the owner of Siren Imports and receive a proposal to create my own deck of tarot cards. Since my drawing style is very suitable for depicting skulls, bones, and skeletons, we decided that a deck of cards would be dedicated to this dark theme. I hope that people will appreciate the final finished version of the deck of cards and will be happy to use them.”

About the publisher:

Our vision is to bring new art to the Tarot community and professional, scholarly content about the decks to our customers. We find talented artists, ask them to create new illustrations for the decks, and then we print these decks using the latest technologies, such as foil stamping and UV coating. We select the finest card stock, like 350 gsm Caidie art paper or other 350 gsm art paper that produces a linen finish, both are great for shuffling and durability.

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Card Stock and Shuffling

Printed on thick card stock, these cards have a matte finish with rounded corners and are easy to riffle shuffle even if you have small hands. The cards flex moderately because the card stock is on the thicker side, and will stick together when they first come out of the box. So, you will need to shuffle them a few times to get them to shuffle more smoothly.

Artwork and the Visual Accessibility of the Deck

The artwork adheres closely to Pamela Colman Smith’s Rider-Waite Tarot designs, crafted with intricate detail using pointillism. Each card features a striking figure illustrating the card’s concept, ensuring visual appeal. However, the cards’ meanings need to be studied through the guidebook, since Smith’s original designs did not always have visual accessibility to make the meanings clear just by looking at the images on the cards.

The Magician

The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _The Magician


The Magician represents choices and creative problem-solving, a connection between imagination and reality. The Magician archetype is the first encounter for the Fool, indicating that we all must make crucial decisions on our life journey. A skeletal magician is in the process of casting a spell. The infinity symbol above his head shows that he has attained elevated knowledge. The wand in his hand, along with the objects of the other suits (pentacle, cup, and sword), shows his command over fire, earth, water, and air.

9 of Cups

The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _The 9 of Cups


The 9 of Cups, often dubbed the “Wish Card,” signifies emotional fulfillment and contentment. This card represents the realization of dreams, wishes, and personal satisfaction. In relationships or endeavors, it indicates joy and harmony. Its appearance suggests a period of celebration and a reminder to appreciate the positive aspects of life, fostering a sense of deep contentment.

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King of Pentacles

The Darkside Skeleton Tarot _King of Pentacles


The King of Pentacles embodies financial mastery and stability. This card represents a person of authority with a pragmatic and successful approach to life. It signifies material abundance, entrepreneurial prowess, and wise investment. The King of Pentacles prompts you to embrace responsibility, showcase leadership in financial matters, and employ a methodical strategy for long-term prosperity.

Explanation of the Cards

The deck comes with in three different versions: a standard version with a digital guidebook download, a foil edition with a printed version of the guidebook, and a premium edition that has a learning workbook. The standard and foil edition guidebooks are straightforward and helpful. The learning edition workbook is outstanding and extremely helpful for beginners. Each contains an explanation for how to read the cards and a sample 3 card spread. The workbook edition has lined pages for notes while you work to learn to read the cards.


The Darkside Skeleton Tarot, inspired by Rider Waite, is a captivating deck crafted for insightful readings. Ideal for those seeking candid guidance, its meticulously drawn cast of skeletons provide genuine insights into daily choices. This deck serves as a pathway to enhance intuition, foster confidence, and establish a profound connection with one’s authentic self. The amazingly drawn scenes of skeletons offer an empowering perspective on life’s intricacies, making the Darkside Skeleton Tarot an invaluable companion for self-discovery and informed decision-making.


I give this deck 5 out of 5 stars. The meanings in the booklet are well-written, and extremely insightful. The artwork is stunning. The card stock is study, so the deck will last for years, even with repeated use.

Where to Buy this Deck

If you like the Darkside Skeleton Tarot by Yury Skorohod and wish to purchase a copy, you can do so on Amazon or at the publisher’s website.

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