July 15, 2024
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Tarot for Love

Tarot for Love

If you want to know how to find love, with the help of tarot cards of course, then you’ve come to the right place. Love can be a difficult concept to understand, even when we believe that we know what we’re searching for. The human mind and soul are so complex that we often find ourselves confused by our own desires and actions. That’s where Tarot for love steps in!

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the simple approaches you can use during a tarot card reading in order to find your true love. You could even call it a true love tarot reading. We aren’t going to look at the cards themselves, such as The Lovers or The Moon. Instead, we’re going to look at the basic you should be asking the cards on your journey to find true love!

Tarot for Love and a General Love Reading

Before we explore the questions to ask tarot cards about love, we want to consider a more general approach as well as explore some questions you don’t want to ask. Some people are tempted to ask ‘Will I find love?’ or want to know about how to find love through a tarot spread (e.g. a 3 card spread or a 5 card spread). The truth is, there isn’t such a thing as a when will I meet my true love tarot spread, as the tarot cards are left purposefully open and their symbolism is open to interpretation.

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Most people, when taking part in a tarot card reading, will have a topic or question in their mind. As we will see in a moment, there are certain questions that will help you discover how to find love. However, you can take a more general approach. Rather than thinking of a question or even a thought at all, instead, feel an emotion. Let love flow through your heart, body, and soul. This love energy will flow into the cards when you touch them and will help focus their energies.

However, learning how to find love through tarot cards typically involves a more direct approach so let’s look at some of the questions you could ask to direct you to true love.

What Do You Really Want?

It’s important to understand that just because you think that you want to find love, it doesn’t necessarily that you want to or are ready to. We will sometimes search for love when another area of our life is lacking. For example, if we lose someone close to us, we may search for love in unusual places in the hopes of find comfort. Similarly, if we are working a job that we hate, we may feel that love would make our lives feel complete: if we find love then the boring job would be worth it.

Love isn’t a ticket to happiness and shouldn’t be used as such. When you search for love, you want your heart and soul to be ready to feel the reciprocated love of your partner. As such, we need to be ready for it and so before you search for true love, determine whether or not it’s actually love you want or whether there could be another solution, one that sounds a little less romantic but may be more practical. After all, you don’t want to rush love.

What Is Standing In Your Way?

Another question you may wish to ask the tarot cards is what is standing in your way? If you haven’t found your true love yet, then there must be a reason, right? Assuming that you are actually ready to find love, there might be an obstacle that you must cross first. You could consider this a test that the universe is placing in your path.

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This could be a problem that is personal to you e.g. insecurities, fears, or a spiritual imbalance. It could be that you hold onto the past and so there isn’t yet room in your heart for the love of another. Allow the tarot for love to guide you toward an answer. Once you know what is holding you back, you can face your demons, conquer them, and then begin your journey to love.

What Are You Working With?

If you want to know how to find love but the cards have revealed an obstacle as a result of asking the above question, you may need to assess what you’re working with. This is particularly true for those of you with insecurities. If past relationships or experiences have left you emotionally or spiritually scarred, then understanding the depths of the damage is essential before any healing can begin.

This question can be a hard one to ask: mainly because people are usually afraid to hear the answer. What if we are too damaged to find love? What if our pasts are doomed to haunt us? What if true love will forever remain out of our reach? These are questions you need to put to the back of your mind. Just remember: what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! You may feel like you’re at rock bottom but with some patience, you can come back from anything.

What Is The Truth Of Your Situation?

When it comes to questions to ask tarot cards about how to find love, this one may be the most insightful or the most confusing. For those of you who are in a relationship but just don’t feel like it is true love, there may be a reason for that. Similarly, if you’re attracted to someone who you believe to be your true love, but they seem uninterested, it may be time to better understand the situation.

We can often become blinded by affection, infatuation, and a whole list of other emotions and our souls, minds, or hearts can become confused and begin to believe that we are in love when we’re not. Asking the tarot cards for truth is the best solution to this. They won’t give you answers but they will hold a mirror up to your life and let you see it through the eyes of another. Hopefully, now you know how to find love! Good luck!

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