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What Your Tarot Card Says About You In Love And Relationships

What Your Tarot Card Says About You In Love And Relationships

You may be surprised to learn that the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot are quite related to Astrology. There is so much you can gain from knowing which Major Arcana goes with your Astrological sign. This card can give you a better understanding of who you are, and what energy you are working with. The Tarot can give sound advice when it comes to love as well. The Tarot can help you to navigate your love life and figure out where you need to go to get the results you are looking for. It can help you make sense of a situation when we are feeling confused or misdirected, especially in your romantic life. The Tarot can give you power by accepting who you are and the energy you carry into this life. Knowing who you are can give you greater power in attracting romantic love. Are you ready to find out which card represents your Zodiac sign and what you can learn from this card about yourself and your love life then continue reading?

Aries – The Emperor

Aries in Astrology represents leadership, bravery, boldness, and authority. Aries is someone who is a go-getter and knows what they want in life. Nothing can stop Aries once they decide to pursue something or someone. The Emperor card is much of the same energy. The Emperor is all about having power, being a leader, and taking action to get what they want. There is tremendous willpower both Aries and The Emperor have at their disposal. There is a shared stubbornness. When it comes to both these archetypes you can tell that they take no-nonsense and like being in control of everything in their life, including love and romance!

They take action, and aren’t shy to go for the person they want. They want what they want and will do anything to get it. These people are often attracted to power and passion and want a love that feels exhilarating and full of life and excitement. On the flip side, this card can also represent stability, commitment, and loyalty in love. The energy of putting love first. You are in control and know how to take charge with your power.

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Taurus – The Hierophant

Taurus is the Zodiac sign most concerned with longevity, commitment, stability, and security. Comfort is everything to this sign, thus tradition can play a pivotal role in your life if you are a Taurus. You really appreciate the consistency and tend to be an extremely reliable individual. You are dependable to a fault. People recognise that you will be there for them, but you expect this to be reciprocated in your relationships. You want to receive the love you give to others.

The Hierophant would be connected to Taurus because this card represents traditions and dependable structures in society, the backbone everyone else depends on. The Hierophant is represented by a spiritual leader, like a pope or priest conducting an official ceremony, and there is nothing a Taurus enjoys more than declaring something as concrete. The energy of the Hierophant and Taurus represents hard work and dedication to the things they love. A feeling of commitment and being unwavering in your commitment, wanting to build and create a strong pillar for yourself and your community to depend on. The need for commitment in love for a Taurus is only amplified by the energy represented by The Hierophant. It wants a solid, stable and official kind of love. As a Taurus, you probably know you really enjoy the idea of marriage, and if you pull The Hierophant card in a love reading it is often a good omen for this kind of marriage in the future.

Gemini – The Lovers

The lovers card is probably the most desired when it comes to a Tarot Love reading. Who wouldn’t want to see The Lovers when asking about your romances? After all, it is such a good omen when it comes to love and relationships. But, this card is more related to the qualities of Gemini than you might first recognise. Geminis are known for their inquisitiveness and draw towards knowledge and discovery. As a Gemini, you are probably really fond of experimentation, investigation, and experience.  And that is what The Lovers card is truthfully about; duality and seeing circumstances from two distinct perspectives. And that is what a relationship really represents in life. The merging of two points and finding a way to make them work in sync.

The Lovers are often also characterised by having to make a choice, and this is often the case when it comes to love. We have to wake up and decide that we are willing and open to accepting love, and let go of any limiting ideas holding us back. The Lovers as well as Gemini hold quite a strong yin and yang energy and the true magic of love really occurs when you can find the balance between the two. There are two sides to every story and we need to be open to another perspective when it comes to love and relationships.

Cancer – The Chariot

Cancer is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are signs all about action and initiating. These signs are self-starters. Cancers are also known for being fiercely protective of the things they love and will go out of their way to keep whatever they hold dear safe. The Chariot is the card that represents change and forward motion. The connection between Cancer and The Chariot isn’t obvious in the slightest.The sign of Cancer is also represented by the Moon, and the Moon is always in oscillation and incredibly changeable.

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The Chariot is the card that represents needing to acclimate and adapt in order to move forward to reach victory. The knowingness of when to make a change that might lead you to ultimate success and prosperity. When it comes to the love life of a Cancer, the Chariot is there to inspire Cancer to be courageous, bold, and brave and not to fear transformation. It shows the requirement to be communicative and sincere in relationships and that sometimes sacrifices need to be made in love and relationships.

Leo – Strength

Leo is one of the most audacious, heroic, and bold signs in the Zodiac, but being fearless enough to live with courage takes a lot of strength. The Strength card is all about transmuting difficulties, living with faith, and knowing how to tame the beast within. The relationship between this card and the Zodiac sign is fairly apparent due to its illustration. This card is captivating and shows the resilience and perseverance found in most Leos. In matters of love, Leos and the strength card show the readiness we need to have to truly open our hearts and be brave enough in order to love and be loved. Both Leo and the Strength card can be particularly prideful and it can be hard to put our egos away when matters of the heart are concerned. The Strength card should be seen as a reminder to be valiant and patient with the person you are in a relationship with. Love is about looking past the imperfections, and truly accepting ourselves as well as our partners. Love takes a lot of fearlessness and strength to truly master.

Virgo – The Hermit

Virgo is frequently dismissed as one of the most spiritual signs in the Zodiac because they are so practical, sensible, and routine orientated. But it is important to remember that spirituality is quite tied to ceremony and ritual which is such an important aspect of a spiritual journey.

The Hermit card is the portrayal of quieting down and getting to know the inner you through withdrawal and seclusion. Being okay with being alone. The Hermit is a card that represents a critical time in your life where you can really get to know yourself, and what exactly your wishes are in life. Virgos often need time away from others to quiet their mind, and to really get to the heart of who they are. Their solitude can be seen as a self-care ritual, and self-care is so important when it comes to love and relationships. You need to know who you are to be able to open yourself up to love, and you cannot do that if you don’t spend time on your own in contemplation, introspection, and reflection. This is a reminder to make space for yourself in your relationships and don’t just give to others. You also need to give for yourself.

Libra – Justice

Libra is the sign most concerned with harmony and balance, especially in relationships. When something feels wrong or amiss, then Libra will want to fix it and bring it back to order. They want to act fairly and just. The symbol associated with Libra is the scales, so it makes perfect sense that the Justice card would be the card represented for Libra. Everything needs to be out of integrity with both the Justice card and Libra.

In love, we need compromise and fairness, and the energy of Libra and the Justice card reminds us to love your partner with integrity, fairness, and honesty. Relationships can make you really aware of what is right and what is wrong and witness the things we find valuable in a partnership. This can function as a moral compass to treat the people we love with as much consideration and respect as possible.

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Scorpio – Death

The sign of Scorpio is often seen as a sign that is rather dark, enigmatic, and mystifying. There is something seductive and captivating about a Scorpio, but this sign is also powerfully spiritual, healing, and transformative. Much like the sign of Scorpio, the Death card is so often related to a time of culmination, climaxes, healings, transformations, and rebirth. The Death card has some truly gloomy connotations to it, but all it is really doing is showing us that we are on a healing journey and that the life we once knew has now come to an end.

This is just the ordinary and quite honest cycle of life. Scorpios are often quite mysterious and have an enormous amount of sex appeal. And this card serves as a reminder to all Scorpios to embrace the exquisite power that comes through their sexuality. There is so much power they hold, and you have the ability to be exactly who you wish to be, you just need to put your mind to it. The reminder here is that every ending is also a new beginning.

Sagittarius – Temperance

Sagittarius is the wild one of the Zodiac. They have an inclination towards spirituality and always seek the truth in life. This sign has chosen a really special pilgrimage towards enlightenment and is always looking for the answers to the meaning of life. Temperance is the card that means finding peace and harmony after a moment of personal turmoil. The calm after the storm. This card comes up after experiencing excess and needing to take a moment to rest and find the serenity within – sometimes something a Sagittarius can really struggle with because they are always on the go.

This card serves more as a lesson to what the energy of Sagittarius needs to grasp, and that is knowing when to hold back and become still. Too much excess and indulgence can often befall this sign. They can often take matters too far. In relationships, this just means that you need someone who can help you centre and find peace, but knows when to go on an adventure with you. Temperance is all about knowing how important experience is, but also knowing when to sit back and reflect on what the experience taught you. To find the meaning in the experience.

Capricorn – The Devil

Capricorn is one of the most particular and hard-working signs in the Zodiac, and there isn’t a lot a Capricorn wouldn’t do to get further in their life, especially in their career. The Devil card is aligned with this energy. The Devil knows all about being aggressive , forceful, and giving in to primal nature and what it means to truly go after your carnal desire. Capricorn knows how to dream big, but also how to transmute these dreams into reality. Not something everyone knows how to do or master.

This card just reminds us that sometimes we need to give in to our desires and experience the pleasures of what we desire. The energy of The Devil and Capricorn says that it is okay to want to long for something and that lust plays an essential role in society. It is really good to welcome your fantasies and not deny yourself the pleasures of what you truly want in life. Sometimes we have to be a little bit mischievous.

Aquarius – The Star

Aquarius is such a remarkable, community-driven sign. It is also the Zodiac archetype that cares intensely about living up to your hopes and dreams and how important it is to reach for the stars. The Star in the Tarot would be connected to Aquarius. The Star is the card that gives us hope, that enables us to keep on dreaming and visualising the beautiful life we so desire. It also lets us know that we shouldn’t give up and that all our dreams are well within our grasp.

Aquarian energy is extraordinarily unique, but so is The Star. It functions as a reminder that you are one-of-a-kind and that no one could ever replace you. There is really something special you are meant to do here on earth. In a relationship, you need to be appreciated for your individuality and be with someone who is going to uplift you or help you to reach your dreams. You need someone who is validating your desires and lets you know how remarkable you truly are.

Pisces – The Moon

Pisces is the most emotional, yet instinctive sign in the Zodiac. This sign is all about listening to their soul and welcoming their extraordinary and generous creativity. This sign is super wistful and lives in quite a special dream world. All of these definitions could be associated with The Moon Tarot card. The energy is one and the same. When this card comes up in a reading it is often telling us to listen to our gut and stop overthinking a situation.

It tells us that we need to listen to our subconscious and really pay attention to our visions because sometimes we can’t see reality as clearly as we think we can. And we all know how common this is in a relationship. Rose-tinted glasses are real. For love and relationships, this really shows how important it is to feel emotionally sustained by your partner, to feel like you are with someone who can really hear you and see you for who you truly are. You want to be with someone who can connect to your depth and is willing to look further than what is on the surface. Love is a rather emotional experience for you and you need to feel safe enough to be able to be your most vulnerable self.

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