What is a Tower Moment in Tarot?

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Myself and many other tarot readers will frequently describe a time of great uproar and turbulence as being a ‘tower moment’.

It makes a lot of sense to anyone who knows their way around a tarot deck.

In traditional teachings of tarot (say that 5 times fast) the tower card represents a time where everything is falling apart. You might unexpectedly lose a job, or get dumped, or have a massive fall out with your family- something of this nature. You might feel at complete despair, completely lost and perhaps even depressed.

Reading tarot helps you to put life in perspective a lot more. You begin to live your life seeing events as cards in a spread, it helps you center yourself and find serenity in the chaotic moments.

Pivotal Moments

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, the card shows a man and a woman falling from a tower which has been struck by lighting and is falling away at the scenes.

What this represents, is that if a tower is built on a rocky foundation, it will crumble.

If you’re living in a way which isn’t aligned with how you’re meant to live, happily ever after, the tower will fall.

It doesn’t have to be drastic to be a tower moment. These are just the moments where you find yourself going ‘wow, this is pivotal. I wouldn’t have seen this unfolding as it has done’.

If we don’t see this situation for what it is, it can really get us down.

Tower moments teach us strength, and they also teach us the power of our own willpower.

Coming Together

These moments don’t mean you got it all wrong. It doesn’t mean that you need to beat yourself up or tell yourself all the reasons why this happened to you. We are always in the right place at the right time, even if it may feel as though you’ve been misled.

It just means that your challenge is to come to terms with it, accept it, and ask ‘what is this trying to show me? How can I make this a good thing?’.

Although it may seem as though your life is falling apart, it’s really coming together. As much as you try to fool yourself, would you really want to live your life on an unstable foundation until your dying day?

If you hadn’t got dumped, would you want to live a life with someone who loved you less than you deserved to be love? If you’d have carried on with your job, you may grow to hate it and become stuck in the comfort of the pay packet, never daring to do more or find the drive to make yourself happy.

Things don’t feel clear when you’re swept up in the hysteria of the tower, but life requires you to have blind faith that the universe is on your side. In retrospect, you will find that it always is.

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