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Not much, to be honest. When it comes to Aquarius and Aries as a couple, these two are basically goals, as the young today would call it. But like every other sign, Aquarius compatibility too has a few issues on certain grounds. These are what basically bring Aries from the most compatible with Aquarius, to just compatible with Aquarius. In case you are new to this, zodiac compatibility is just like life. It is all smooth and light for some, a little challenging for others. However, the challenged people do get a shot at luck at times, and the ones enjoying a smooth ride do face a bumpy road occasionally.

For most of their time together, however, Aquarius and Aries prove to be a complete zodiac love match. This is because of how their zodiac elements are a perfect match for each other. If you notice, these elements of air and fire go along very well with each other in nature too. The little glitches are basically caused by Aquarius dates. Not that the dates in their entirety make a negative impact, it is just that some planets do not find the same level of alignment as others when it comes to Aquarius and Aries compatibility.

Aquarius and Aries Communication

Everywhere in the world, relationships are judged on a few basic factors. A positive score on all these fronts ensures a cooperative relationship by astrologers. One of these parameters that astrologers rate is that of communication between the two people. When it comes to Aquarius and Aries, the two signs enjoy a very privileged status. Their conversations can be so interesting together that the people from the surroundings may want to join in just for listening to the knowledge they are spreading around.

The combination forms with the serious and intellectual talk from Aries, coupled with the wit and humor of Aquarius. As you may have realized, this gives the overall conversation a light touch even when something deadly serious or boring is being discussed, fetching other people’s interests in the driest of subjects. The key over here is for Aries always to stay lighthearted and enjoy the jest as to what it is. Taking the jokes seriously or personally can result in problems, which is why Aquarius is also advised to keep the jokes under a certain limit to not invite unwanted problems.

Aquarius and Aries Emotions

One of the few factors, the hiccups we talked about before, that does not let Aries become an Aquarius best love match, is the factor of emotions. However hard they try, the dating compatibility between Aquarius and Aries remains affected in terms of emotions. Astrologers believe that Aquarius is a zodiac sign that needs a little flexibility when being dealt with. A little boost to their ego can go a long way in them functioning properly within the structure of society. Aries, generally, does not offer any kind of leniency whatsoever, be it their partner or just someone they meet on the street. This becomes a problem for the two to connect on an emotional level.

Aquarius with Aries: Is the compatibility gender-specific?

This is a very important question and one that demands an immediate answer before misgivings start to occur in the minds of people. According to astrology, the gender is only required when making the birth chart, otherwise known as the natal chart, of a person. A compatibility chart is only a comparison of those two natal charts. So, in answer to this question, you technically do not need your gender to be specified. Any analyses that we provide in terms of emotion or communication, or any other factor, stands true for an Aquarius man Aries woman couple, as well as an Aquarius woman Aries man couple.

Aquarius and Aries – Sex and Intimacy

Just fine is how we would describe the sex life between Aquarius and Aries. And this is only because of interference on the part of the Aquarius dates since the elements had fit in perfectly to provide a fantastic sexual experience for the two. But rest assured, it does get Aries into the list of Aquarius compatible signs. These two get along great in bed, with pleasuring each other and making sure they have their share of fun. Intimacy is where the real problem steps in since these two already lack closure on an emotional level. With that being said, it might get hard for the two to fall in love in bed. But hey, they do enjoy themselves!

Aquarius and Aries Trusting Each Other

Trusting comes easy to an Aquarius and Aries couple, and a huge part of it is contributed by Aquarius. This is because Aquarius generally is honest about everything they intend to say or do. Although it is a very strong possibility that Aquarius believes in concepts like those of an open marriage, it is best not to talk to your Aries partner about it because it would break not only their heart but also their trust given how sensitive they are to such information.

Aquarius and Aries Shared Interests

Lastly, shared interests too are something that is an active contributor to the love between an Aquarius and Aries couple. This is simply the result of the elements of fire and air coming together. Since both support freedom, energy, exploring, and all activities of the likes.

With this analysis, we hope you got a better understanding of Aquarius compatibility with Aries, and what to do as well as what not to do when in such a relationship.

This is an indicative score. For a more accurate match it is necessary to do a synastry compatibility calculation.
Amazingly compatible
Spontaneous and adventurous
Trustworthy relationship
Different personalities can cause arguments
Complicated personalities can drift
Sometimes jokes can be taken personally