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Zodiac compatibility is one of the most popular topics being explored all over the world right now. This is thanks to all the astrologers throughout the centuries who have produced countless accounts of how each zodiac sign will tend to behave with another one. This quest for finding one’s zodiac love match has been in place for centuries. When it comes to Aquarius compatibility with Cancer, a lot is on the stake. Astrologers use the two most basic methods known to astrology to determine the feasibility of Aquarius and Cancer together. Let us comment on these first before we go on discussing the dynamics of this relationship on an individual level. It is just as important to know what causes the making or breaking of zodiac compatibilities.

What is behind Aquarius and Cancer?

The first factor that decides the dating compatibility of any two signs are the planets in their respective positions. These are directly affected by the zodiac calendar. So, in effect, if one was to find compatibility between Aquarius and Cancer, they would have to look at Aquarius dates first. As it goes, the positions that the planets take during Aquarius dates do not really match those of Cancer dates. This is the first step in declaring that a lot of effort needs to be put in by the individuals if they intend to make an Aquarius with Cancer relationship work.

Aquarius and Cancer: The Second Reason

The second reason is even more impactful than the dates in the zodiac calendar because it involves something that forms the very foundation of astrology; zodiac elements. For astrologers to declare a compatible relationship between two zodiac signs, there needs to be an agreement between the elements that rule over these signs too. One may wonder how difficult it must be to remember which element favors which. It is pretty easy, let us tell you. Element compatibility works in the same way as one would expect the elements to behave in nature. So, in essence, water signs sit well with earth signs, while air signs sit well with fire signs. Unfortunately, the elements at play in the case of Aquarius and Cancer are air and water. These two do not get along in astrology, just like they do not get along in nature.

The reason behind this is that water supports calmness, tranquility, and following the path that destiny has forged for it, whereas air wants to run free in every direction, try everything as it comes, and generally just have fun in life. This conflict leads to Aquarius and Cancer not being very cozy with each other in terms of a loving relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility: Is it gender-specific?

We feel this is a question that needs a special mention because many people get confused when it comes to zodiac compatibility in terms of gender. It is indeed very important for you to provide your gender when getting your birth chart made, but that is about it. When finding an Aquarius best love match, or any other sign’s for that matter, astrologers compare the two birth charts. This does not mean that it affects the results if one gender is on one sign’s side. To make it clearer, an Aquarius man Cancer woman couple will have the same relationship dynamics as an Aquarius woman Cancer man couple.

Aquarius and Cancer – Sex and Intimacy

Before diving deep into the details of any relationship, what astrologers judge for compatibility is how better two people understand each other in bed. Unfortunately, sex keeps Cancer away from the list of Aquarius compatible signs. The general reason behind it is that it causes stress for both the partners. The zodiac elements become the root cause of this. As we mentioned earlier, air tends to affect sex in its own freedom-loving, libertarian way. It wants to explore newer positions and try out exciting stuff every night. But the influence of water provides a counter when it wants to adopt more traditional methods when having sex. A general disagreement about what to do during sex is never good for any two signs’ compatibility, and this is what drives Aquarius and Cancer away from each other in bed.

Aquarius and Cancer Communication

Communication enters the mixture as a face saver. And quite frankly, if there ever was a declaration that Cancer is the most compatible with Aquarius, it would solely be based on communication between the two signs alone. Although it is far from perfect, it still provides a very respectable countermeasure in bringing the two signs together to form a loving relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer Trusting Each Other

Moving on, trust is again something that both Aquarius and Cancer find very hard with each other. But there is an interesting twist to it. Just like one cannot predict the next reaction of a human in times of distress, these two also tend to trust each other when they fear the wrath of their partner and cannot really place where their anger will take them. But this sort of conditional trust does not last very long, as expected.

Aquarius and Cancer need to work a lot together if they are to gain each other’s trust. Cancer needs to realize that the wild and carefree nature of Aquarius is nothing to be apprehensive of and it means no harm to their personal self. Aquarius also needs to realize that it is not that bad to stick to one’s own methods simply because they are tried and tested. Rest assured, while most couples finally do get along if given enough time, these two need a lot of that to form a working relationship, and even more to translate it into a loving one.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility
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