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The zodiac love match between Aquarius and Gemini will have a complimentary intellectual mindset; both signs will be able to get inspired by the other’s presence. Aquarius and Gemini will have an endless list of topics over which they can have long conversations; it will allow them to grow closer to each other. The dating compatibility of Aquarius and Gemini works well due to their mutual interest in the intellectual and the curious; it allows them to share mutual passions and personal experiences without any ramifications.

Bond of friendship

An Aquarius with Gemini will also have a strong bond of friendship that can make them have a closer mental connection with their partner, which many other zodiac pairings lack. Aquarius compatibility with Gemini also works due to their aloof natures, neither of the partners is particularly interested in becoming emotionally present, it allows them to look at and experience the world in a practical way. Not that the Aquarius and Gemini couple would lack any companionship, rather, they will build their world through their own unique passion and interests that would make them attached to each other.

The Romantic and Dating Life of Aquarius and Gemini

When an Aquarius dates a Gemini, they will find that they are not willing to sacrifice their independence for their partners, which is fine with Gemini. Gemini also wants to maintain their independence and freedom in a relationship, they understand Aquarius’s similar needs, which is why they are most compatible with Aquarius among other pairings. Aquarius and Gemini can enjoy an unbothered life in an unconventional way as neither of the partners will blink when faced with disdain about the situation from their friends and family. Rather, both signs will be amused and sip on tea as they enjoy the reactions.

To understand the compatibility that you can have with this sign, the first step is to be fully aware of the emotional needs of your sign.

Aquarius compatible signs should be wary about the suspicious nature of this sign; they will become annoyed if they find their partner is lying to them. The good thing is Gemini finds lying a cumbersome hobby; they don’t usually rely on lying unless they are pushed to a corner, and their freedom is at stake. Being unfaithful is not a trait that Aquarius and Gemini sign like, otherwise, their story-telling skills and conversations would be considered as lies as well.

Marriage and Sex Life of Aquarius and Gemini

As much as both signs like to be free and naked as they cut themselves loose from any social limitations, they lack a well-needed push to start their sex life together. Aquarius best love match needs to have a sexual assertiveness as they don’t invest much time in it themselves, it would be hard to start any sexual interaction if someone with the same interest dates them.

Gemini with Aquarius would rather want to have verbal connection rather than a sexual one. Not that their zodiac compatibility portrays a horrible sex life, rather, they have a mutual disinterest in sex. Aquarius and Gemini can become interested in sex if their partner is witty enough to coax them into having a sexual encounter. Gemini, in this case, would act a bit childish; however, Aquarius intellect would quickly handle the situation to make it mutually satisfying.

As life-long companions, Aquarius and Gemini will love to talk with each other; they will be fascinated by the arguments presented by the other. Gemini, as a mutable sign, can accept the point of view of their Aquarius partner, who may not back down in a debate. The assertive and passive natures of Aquarius and Gemini complement each other as they can advise the other in situations that might need specific traits.

Compatibility of Aquarius man and Gemini woman

The Aquarius man Gemini woman combination has a lot in common; they are both independent souls seeking for an intellectually appealing partner. Aquarius man and Gemini woman would be drawn together due to this intellectual magnetism and will be fascinated by the differences. One of the biggest traits that could cause this smooth sailing relationship in troubled waters is the jealousy.

Aquarius man needs their independence, but they also want to know everything about their partner’s life. Gemini woman does want to be chained, neither does she want to put her independence at risk. It may take time and patience for the couple to become attached to each other and let go of the little nuances that their partners prefer in their life.

Compatibility of Aquarius woman and Gemini man

The relationship of an Aquarius woman Gemini man love match has a quirky and unconventional nature. Both signs are attracted to each other and understand the need for freedom in their lives. Aquarius woman may allow their partner to openly roam about as they do not hold any qualms about keeping their man close. She trusts that the Gemini man is a social butterfly and needs his own space to be sane. Aquarius woman and Gemini man enjoy an open-minded relationship that can shock their friends and family, as they themselves enjoy an intellectual meeting of minds in their relationship.

A Sensual Affair of Minds

Aquarius and Gemini have a good chance at forming a compatible relationship, if not as quickly as many other magnetic relationships. Aquarius and Gemini compatibility has a distinct nature that allows the signs to become form bonds of companionship through their mutual interests that enjoy in each other presence. This couple can live apart for a long time and still be insanely attracted to the other, as Gemini and Aquarius compatibility only increases with time.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility
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