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Aquarius and Leo are both zodiac signs known for their ability to woo a crowd and grab people’s attention, especially the attention of the masses; however, they both go about it in different ways. As fixed signs, they are both quite stubborn and set in their ways and will not change themselves and their habits one bit for anything, not even their lover. Luckily, Aquarius has a diverse and open mind and will generally be open and accepting of most of Leo’s quirks. Aquarius is able not to take the criticism they receive from Leo personally, which results in a relationship with minimal conflict and mutual understanding.

Aquarius is eccentric and somewhat different from anyone you have ever met or will meet. Their abstract, progressive, and unconventional nature is what draws people to them, and they attract people by behaving in unusual ways. Leo attracts people through personal grace, generosity, and magnetism. Everything about a Leo is alluring. Their appearance, their hair, their aura, and they possess a natural flair that gets the crowd moving and roaring!

Leo loves to receive external attention and appreciation for being who they are, and Aquarius likes to gain recognition for their innovative ideas. Together this is a strange, however harmonious union, as this combination creates quite a shocking yet compelling couple!

Aquarius and Leo: Magnetic Personalities

Aquarius and Leo are opposite to each other on the zodiac wheel, which represents the 7th house of love and marriage to them. This creates a 7-7 pattern, and it will generally result in a mutually cooperative and beneficial relationship.

Both Aquarius and Leo love attention from other people. Aquarius can talk for hours sharing their magnificent ideas and concepts, and Leo can go on for days about how fabulous and fantastic they are. Together, they can create quite the show! They will attract considerable attention towards themselves, and as a couple, they will both bask in the glory of the appreciation they receive from others. They will both do what they can to make sure they are always the center of attention, and they will be somewhat of a royal couple!

Aquarius does not find Leo’s vanity overbearing but finds it to be rather alluring. Aquarius loves to have a sidekick by their side. As the sign that represents friendships and community, Aquarius usually does what it takes to ensure a friend or lover they value stays in their life. Leo will adore the attention Aquarius gives them, and Aquarius will usually be willing to do what the Leo asks of them, as an Aquarian has a subconscious need to feel wanted and needed. Leo will always make sure that Aquarius never feels taken for granted or left out. The Aquarius will never feel like they are unwanted, and this will lead the Aquarius to devote themselves to Leo truly.

Aquarius and Leo: Sexual and Dating Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo are both daring, passionate, and courageous, and this is what will cause an attraction between them. Leo will be incredibly attracted to the depth of the Aquarian’s mind, and the Aquarius will be attracted to Leo’s ability to take charge and lead the masses. Each of them will be incredibly appreciative of the qualities of the other, as the qualities they appreciate in the other will be what they lack themselves. The 7-7 opposition generally results in unusual, yet balanced relationships. They will each see each other as the ideal marriage partner.

Leo can have a superiority complex, and Aquarius generally is accepting of most people, regardless of their quirks and annoying habits, and will be accepting of Leo’s need for constant praise. Aquarius is one of the only signs that will fan Leo with giant leaves while they sit on their throne, and because of this, Leo will always appreciate the Aquarius.

The Aquarius will just generally be on board with whatever idea the Leo has, as long as the Leo can provide the throne and giant fan leaves! Leo will be eternally grateful to have such a fascinating person by their side. They both make each other feel appreciated, loved, and needed, especially for what makes them unique and different.

Aquarius is easily charmed by the regal and graceful nature of Leo, and they enjoy the social grace and dignifying aura that Leo possesses. The sexual attraction between the Aquarius and Leo is potent. Aquarius can get Leo to step down from their royal throne and serve them in a sexual relationship, which few other signs can do. Aquarius will provide Leo with an out of this world kind of love that they cannot find anywhere else, and it will keep them hooked. Together they will have a mutually serving relationship where each of them feels that their partner is meeting their needs.

Aquarius and Leo: Romance and Marital Life

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Leo rules over the 5th house in the zodiac wheel, which represents self-expression and creativity. Symbolized by the Lion, they are incredibly loyal and protective toward their pack, as well as their partner. Like the Sun, Leo brightens everything and is incredibly warm and affectionate. They are incredibly giving when they feel they are loved and appreciated.

Aquarius is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of change and innovation, and Aquarius rules over the 11th house, which represents friendship and community. They are attracted to originality, and it can be challenging to get their attention if you are not interesting enough! A Leo can stand out from the crowd and truly grab and keep the attention of the Aquarius for a lifetime, which other signs can find challenging to do.

Leo’s love to have fun, and they possess a childlike innocence and a sense of teenage romance. When in love, they want to share fun experiences along with the good side of life with their partner. Aquarius needs to feel part of something, and Leo makes the Aquarius feel loved and valued and that they are an essential part of their life. Leo can provide much abundance to the Aquarius.

Aquarius will be showered with gifts and live a luxurious lifestyle. Many friends and family will always surround Leo, and they will feel like the king or queen of the castle when surrounded by all the loved ones that Aquarius invites over.

Aquarius can allow themselves to feel vulnerable in front of Leo, as Leo provides them with a kind of unconditional love that can be very hard to find. Leo can open up about their weaknesses in front of Aquarius, as Aquarius will never make the Leo feel inferior.

Aquarius Man & Leo Woman Love Match

The Aquarius man will have a happy go lucky, “go with the flow” approach to life. They love to joke around, and sometimes they can make jokes that offend the stature of their highly regarded Leo woman. Usually, he doesn’t mean to offend anyone; however, his lighthearted banter can be misperceived by his Lioness. Sometimes, the Aquarius man can take away the grace and poise that the Leo woman is attempting to exude and rain on her parade.

Even though they can have these hiccups, at the end of it all, he will provide her with unconditional love that will spark a fire in her heart, and she will forgive all the clowning around. He will never understand why she spends so much time on her appearance when she is already one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen. The Leo woman will find the Aquarius man more irresistible than a man of any other sign. He will allow her to feel more free and alive than she has ever felt.

The glitz and shininess of her adornments will usually attract him like a moth to a flame, and the smell of expensive perfumes and royalty will keep him hooked on her. She will awaken emotions in him he never knew he was able to feel and will be given the safety and assurance to explore them by his Leo woman.

Aquarius Woman & Leo Man Love Match

At first, the Leo man will pretend he is not interested in the unusual, yet alluring personality of the Aquarius woman. She will generate more interest in him than any other woman, yet he will keep his cool to ensure he does not appear weak to her. The Leo man will, non chalantly and subtly, be attentive and observant of the Aquarian woman’s interests. He will then go and find out more about these topics and return and try and impress her by pretending he knew about it all along. This woman will keep this man guessing for the rest of his life with her foreign interests and quirky habits, and he will love every split second of it.

The Aquarius woman will complement the Leo man’s ego by displaying to the world the unique person that he can attract and court. He will remain unposed by all the surprises she brings to his life, but deep down inside, she keeps him guessing all the time. The Leo man will never truly know the Aquarius woman, and she will always remain a mystery to him. This can be an interesting relationship where the Aquarius woman attempts to get a reaction out of the Leo man; however, he forever remains to appear unshocked by her behaviors. Deep down inside, he can not fathom how such a magnificent person can exist.

Aquarius and Leo: Trust

As both fixed signs, when there is a disagreement about something, it can be challenging for them to find resolve. Neither Aquarius nor Leo will want to back down and will stand their ground no matter what. In the end, one of them will have to swallow their pride, which will usually be the Aquarius, and over time resentment can build.

Most of the time, the Aquarius is aware that they need to adjust themselves to suit their partner, and it is usually the Aquarius as Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, is more willing to bring change and compromise than what the Sun is, which governs Leo. The Sun is, after all, powerfull and essential and has a destiny and purpose to fulfill, one that Aquarius needs to adapt and submit to eventually, as they need the power of the Sun for their survival.

It will be important for the trust between these two to never be broken, as they might be too stubborn to open up and forgive after the trust is lost. As soon as either party’s sense of pride in the relationship is lost, it will be challenging to gain it back. It can sometimes feel that because they are so different from each other, that they do not know each other truly, yet this is when it is essential to stay in constant communication.

Aquarius and Leo: Communication

It is essential for Leo to feel or be treated like they have the first choice, first say, and that they set the rules and precedence in the relationship, or they could get infuriated. At the beginning of a union between an Aquarius and Leo, there might be power struggles when the Aquarian realizes they have to step down, or Leo will leave. The Aquarian will eventually recognize that taking a backseat and allowing Leo to have their reign is beneficial toward the relationship. After Leo has said their say and blown off steam, then Leo can be incredibly caring and provides the Aquarius with much abundance in many areas of their life.

They do need to realize that each of them can be admired and adored by others, and it is not a threat to the relationship. When Leo is in love, everyone will know it. Leo is open and expressive regarding their feelings. The Aquarius must avoid playing guessing games with Leo and be upfront about their feelings. There will always be secure communication between them in a romantic relationship, as a lot of conscious thought and effort will go toward ensuring the relationship works.

Aquarius and Leo: Values

Aquarius has a “free love” and “accept everybody” approach to life. They are much more reserved and open-minded when it comes to whom they allow in their life, and who not. Generally, an Aquarius will be friends with everybody. Leo tends to be somewhat selective over the people they let in, and have a very “prove you are worthy” approach. Leo can get frustrated when Aquarius is bringing home new friends they just made on the commute home and shares drinks and dinner with them. To Leo, you first need to prove you deserve to be in their presence; then, you need to prove that you deserve their drinks and dinner!

There can be significant disagreements regarding their values of giving and sharing love and appreciation. Both Aquarius and Leo are both very protective over those weaker than them; however, Leo needs to know that those weaker than them have integrity before they consider protecting them, whereas Aquarius doesn’t mind playing superhero regardless. Leo lacks the humility to admit that they, too, have faults, where an Aquarius has a humble spirit that can eventually realize it. They both are incredibly unique individuals.

Aquarius and Leo: Shared Interest

Leo represents creative expression, as represented by the 5th house, and what is a creative expression without the appreciation and recognition of the peers and community, as represented by Aquarius and the 11th house. The main shared interest between these two is their love to be the center of attention.

They are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, which means their personalities and interests will generally be somewhat different. Very few mutual interests will exist in this relationship; however, they must compromise on their differences and reach a state of unison between their opposing forces. Eventually, they will come to a mutual realization of how each of them can benefit from the qualities the other possesses that they do lack.

All in All

Aquarius demands equality, whereas Leo demands exclusivity. Aquarius knows how to accept everybody, and Leo wishes they possess this trait. That is why Leo will be attracted to the nobility of Aquarius. Aquarius needs to be sure always to complement their Leo and make them feel loved and adored; this is vital if they want to ensure the overall happiness of their Leo. The Aquarius won’t need as much reassurance and compliments, and the overall warmth and devotion Leo offers them will be enough. They both need to learn to break free from the constant need to be recognized by others. Shifting their focus from themselves to the community and improving the world as a couple will bring them ultimate fulfillment.

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