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When Aquarius and Sagittarius enter a relationship, they tend to adore each other, and they together have the best adventures and best laughs. However, Aquarius compatibility may turn out to be super amazing with their Capricorn partner in some cases, but in most of the cases their adoration does not equal falling in love, so they must struggle hard in order to generate that X factor which leads both the partners to romance. It is frustrating because Aquarius and Sagittarius are intellectual equals, freedom fighter and those who love to travel the world so why not then include sexy foreplays and bedroom romps.

Are they compatible?

In general when Aquarius and Sagittarius enters into a relationship, some spend most of their life trying to fall in love with someone, some people are lucky enough to enter into a relationship and become a couple but then due to some circumstances this couple reverts back into friendship whereas, some of them decide that the bond without sizzle appears to be strong enough in order to settle down, start a family, raise their children and make an effort to save the world in their free time. However, sometimes the attraction kicks in at that time when they are least expecting it, and this is the sweetest discovery of all and makes this a compatible relationship.

Trust between Aquarius and Sagittarius

When we look at the relationship of an Aquarius with Sagittarius, we see that trust is a major reason that can affect Aquarius compatibility with their Sagittarius partner. Both at times know each other so well that they can read their partner’s mind and create trust in the sense of absolute freedom. Sagittarius is considered to be the zodiac sign which is likely to infidelity whereas Aquarius, on the other hand, loves freedom and wants to be free in order to be available. As they both know these things about each other very clearly, they might start questioning their partner whether if they should trust them or not.


Even though Aquarius and Sagittarius both find their relationships dependent on the level of freedom that their partner gives them, but freedom is something which both would not be able to give each other once they have decided to commit to their romantic relationship. The best solution that can be provided for the lack of trust is that both of them should realize that their relationship is just something out of the ordinary just like other relationships which is not bound and is free from any restraints and is casual.

Aquarius Woman Sagittarius Man

Aquarius woman is exciting and very unpredictable, and Aquarius woman Is not someone who someone would choose to be with. If you want a relationship which is stable free from any emotional challenges or waves, then Aquarius is definitely not the perfect choice to be in a relationship with.

Aquarius is fond of freedom and loves to be free and not tied up by their partner even though an Aquarius woman will do anything for their partner in order to make them happy. However, one of the most important things that should be kept into consideration before entering into a relationship Aquarius woman is that she can only be swept off her feet only by surprise and respect, so this is something that must be taken care of when starting a relationship with Aquarius woman. On the other hand, when we talk about a Sagittarius man they are also not stable in terms of relationship.

However, it may be quite offensive to say that Sagittarius man is not very reliable, but when it comes to his relationship, then he is closest to the truth. Sagittarius us a mutable sign which is why their zodiac compatibility turns out to be relatively good with their Aquarius partner. So, Sagittarius might not be the best zodiac love match for Aquarius, yet Aquarius compatibility with Sagittarius is not that bad. The same is the case with an Aquarius man Sagittarius woman.

Aquarius Compatibility with Sagittarius in a relationship

Aquarius and Sagittarius both are considered to be as commitment-shy, this does not mean they do not entirely enter into a relationship. They will still live together with their partner, travel along with each other and sleep together. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius have over a hundred things on their list, but they are not so good at completing them.

Still, both have a really tough time in syncing chemistry, and most of the time they stay away from each other without craving physical closeness, because of this the relationship seems to be a bit controversial and confusing for the outsiders hence it is for sure that they do not have. A very good dating compatibility.

More About Aquarius compatibility with Sagittarius

According to the Aquarius dates one thing is for sure that Sagittarius cannot be considered as Aquarius best love match as both of them do not share very good compatibility. However, Aquarius and Sagittarius have the tendency to be a great couple in tough times. As they both have the ability to accept and learn from failure but at times this couple can also get super frustrated which is why they are not much compatible.

So apart from Sagittarius, some other Aquarius compatible signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aries. These are the signs with which Aquarius compatibility is just superb, so one should take this into consideration before entering into a relationship as these signs are most compatible with Aquarius.   However, Taurus and Scorpio are considered to be the signs that are least compatible with Aquarius.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility
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