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Aquarius and Scorpio are considered to be a very weird combination, the Mad scientist with the dark lord. Both zodiac signs are a complete opposite to each other exactly like that of the day and night which is why Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio does not seem to be appealing.

Strange attraction

There is a very strange intrigue and attraction that exists between Aquarius and Scorpio which cannot be defined. The endless curiosity of the Aquarius tends to love the terrifying beauty of the mind of the Scorpio whereas, the Scorpio adores the Aquarians need to save the humanity, no matter how pointless they think the effort is. This makes this couple the best zodiac love match.

In fact, Aquarius and Scorpio are so different from each other that they become complementary. Aquarius inventiveness and Scorpios detail to create things of wonder including fulfilling and lasting relationships. Which makes them an ideal couple and defines their zodiac compatibility. Because one thing is for sure that a relationship of Aquarius with Scorpio has a great tendency to do wonders together and because of their different nature they can still make an amazing couple.

Trust between Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio both are the people who are insanely honest and straightforward. So how is it possible that both honest and straightforward people have to face the problem of trust when in a relationship. The problem here triggers in when both Aquarius and Scorpio get too close to each other.

The moment when the Scorpio partner assumes that the Aquarius belongs to them and should be a tamer this particular situation will result in a strong counterattack and forceful rebellion of their partner. However, there are also high chances that the things get out of their control if in case there is any manipulation that takes place. And since both the signs do not give justifications so there are very high chances that the unspoken tendencies might tear them apart.

Aquarius woman Scorpio man

When we talk about the relationship that exists between an Aquarius and Scorpio we see that there are chances that this particular relationship does not work out well, however, there are equal chances of this particular relationship to become a super hit. So, it is a very unpredictable match, and nothing really could be said about it.

When an Aquarius woman falls in love one thing is guaranteed that she will listen to her heart and follow her feelings for as long as she is not restricted and can be free to be herself. However, she possesses an unconscious fear of losing herself which is why this often makes her vulnerable to any expectations and molds her into something which she is not. But once she enters a relationship and gets committed you will not come across any other sincere partner but an Aquarius woman.

On the other hand, when we talk about Scorpio man we see that when a Scorpio falls in love, he might get really attached to his partner and often come too close to her. To the best of knowledge, the relationship of a Scorpio with someone is defined as a relationship with “the one” or not, and the Scorpio partner will never settle for anything less than what he knows is right for him.

Scorpio’s emotions are extremely deep and are very difficult to change once they are there for someone so in case if his partner sparks his heart, then there is a greater chance that this intense love will transform directly into hate than fir it to disappear or to fade away.

Both Aquarius and Scorpio are very loyal partners who will remain sincere to each other this is why they have the tendency to have a compatible relationship which is same for Aquarius man Scorpio woman

Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio in a relationship

Scorpio is the zodiac sign which is born under the element of water, which means that they are sensual creatures who give high priority to security and trust on which they build up their relationships and move forward with them. Aquarius however, is born under the element of air hence it demands change and chaos to thrive they are not the ones who can stay long in one place as they require a frequent change in their life.

On the real grounds, both these opposing signs might clash, but the Aquarius loves the fact that Scorpio remains a mystery and they are still willing to settle down as there is still a lot left to explore. Both Aquarius and Scorpio share amazing dating compatibility since both the partners are fond of going out on dinners and because of the romantic nature of the Scorpio.

They also get super excited about planning a world tour together as both are very fond of traveling and exploring new places together.

More about Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio

Although both the signs Aquarius and Scorpio are completely opposite to each other yet Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio can turn out to be superb after viewing the Aquarius dates. But still, it is believed that this particular couple will face a lot of problems and will have to face a real tough time in order to make things work for them. But because they are so opposite that Scorpio can be considered as Aquarius best love match.

However, apart from Scorpio Aquarius compatible signs include as that of Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra as these signs are considered to be most compatible with Aquarius.

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility
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